In order to sample the best Argentinean wines, a La Rioja wine tour is a must. La Rioja lies to the western region of Argentina and features the gorgeous Andes Mountains.

First, this sloped, high and unique terrain makes La Rioja ideal for the cultivation of Torrontes wine grapes. The Torrontes wine grapes are renowned for their ability to produce crisp white wines with incredible aromas. Second, many locals in the area argue that this region was one of the first Argentinean Wine Regions. Importantly, the initial Spanish settlers in the 16th century receive credit for having planted the first vines in La Rioja.

La Rioja lies in the rain shadow of the Andes range, a beautiful sight during a La Rioja Wine Tour. As a result of this, the region suffers from inadequate access to water, and the vines are scattered. Interestingly, the central La Rioja wine-producing area is the Famatina Valley. Besides this valley, there are other vineyard areas such as Villa Union and Nonogasta.

White grapes, and therefore white wines are the most commonly grown in La Rioja. Therefore, white wines will be the most commonly tasted during a La Rioja Wine Tour. However, there are other varieties such as Bonarda, Malbec and Syrah offered at the best Argentinean Wineries. Learn more about the Argentinean Wineries that must be visited while on a La Rioja Wine Tour.

The Essential La Rioja Wine Tour

San Huberto


First, San Huberto has been in the wine business for over seven decades in Argentina. Thanks to this experience, breaking into high-quality wines was not a problem, and they continue to thrive in wine production. At present, this winery exports its products all over the world. In addition, they also hold vineyards in Mendoza!

This winery boasts of more than two hundred hectares located in the town of Aminga, La Rioja. With a south latitude if twenty-eight degrees, this location is suitable for vine growing. The climatic conditions of this area, as well as the fertile soils, make the production of high-quality grapes possible. Varieties found here include Moscato Giallo, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Chenin, amongst others.

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Marcelo Pelleriti is the only Latin American Winemaker ever to be awarded 100 points from Robert Parker.

Santorini 4-Hour Sunset Wine Tour

This is not a Santorini wine bar, but a wine tasting experience. They’re a staple for wine-lovers who want to get the most of their time on the island. Explore Santorini and enjoy amazing wines! This particular wine tour brings guests to three different wineries for twelve tastings. A truly well rounded and unique wine tasting experience!

Tours depart daily at around 4 pm, with hotel pickup available for tourists that want to sample the wines native to Santorini. Complete with expert sommeliers and breathtaking views of the island, participants not only taste but learn about the wines from the experts!

Venetsanos Winery

Venetsanos winery offers unbelievable scenic views. It has become a hotspot for destination weddings and other big events. Furthermore, Venetsanos has truly integrated the natural beauty of the landscape into their wine tasting experience. Serving amazing Greek wines, a mix of tradition, and modern winemaking.

Every flavor of Santorini and Greek-crafted wines are available within the walls of Venetsanos. As well, this cozy and ambient winery serves up authentic local cuisine, paired perfectly with their wines. In comparison to Santo Wines, Venetsanos is less of a tourist location, meaning a little more privacy, and easier bookings. In addition, A trip to Venetsanos guarantees authentic Greek Island wine culture!

Estate Argyros Winery

Firstly, Estate Argyros truly modest stand-out amongst Santorini wine bars! Secondly, the minimalist decor offers a truly refreshing venue.  As well, founded in 1903, Estate Argyros is part of Santorini Wine history. A testament to their amazing wines and service. Furthermore, this is especially true on the wine-drenched island of Santorini.

Amazing among all Santorini wine bars, this family-owned and operated boasts some of the most educated sommeliers you’ll find on the entire island. The Sommeliers are often praised as the best in Greece! From 15 acres of vineyard, Estate Argyros produces amazing wines. Lastly, A trip to Argyros is necessary to truly discover the tradition and excellence they serve in a bottle.


Ultimately, Santorini wine bars and wineries are special places of impeccable flavor and wine-crafting technique. Furthermore, Santorini is full of them. It is an amazing city for wine lovers. However, the beauty and unique wines and can only be experienced firsthand! In the end, a visit is necessary!