LA is an amazing city, the home of our favorite celebrities. The city is full of amazing restaurants and establishment. The LA wine bar is an amazing staple among them.

LA Wine Bar: A Los Angeles Staple

SecondBottle presents the most amazing LA establishments to drink wine in. From long and illustrious wine menus to rare and expensive vintages, the LA wine bar has it all. The following establishments are award-winning restaurants and wine bars that cannot be missed. In addition, whether looking for the perfect hangout spot, a great venue for a business lunch, all the options are amazing!

The LA Wine Bar List:

The A.O.C

With the first inside glance, you will love A.O.C. The inside lighting is Instagram worthy – dimly lit with porch chairs and beautiful tables. After taking a seat and one glance at their food and wine menu, it’s easy to understand why the A.O.C is an LA wine bar favorite. From Suzanne Goin, a 3x James Beard award-winning chef, to an amazing wine list; A.O.C is the place to be. The restaurant is renowned for the full menu, low wine markups, new California wine and great LA wine tastings. The wine pricing is fair. The restaurant stays open for 24 hours 7 days a week. This is perfect for LA wine lovers with a craving.

The restaurant serves 30 wines by the glass. These are either French, Italy or California’s.  With your visit, drink, Roberts, Tautomer, Arnott, Forlorn Hope and Broc wine. The expert staff will assist in finding the perfect wine pairing per dish ordered. Furthermore, the A.O.C restaurant offers some great crafted cocktails. It is vital to understand that this is a crowded restaurant. Don’t expect to find an empty seat, therefore reserve a table in advance. The A.O.C is located at 8700 W. 3rd St.

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The restaurant wine list has over 100 bottles perfect for an LA wine tasting experience.


The Babrix is an old respected wine restaurant and LA wine bar. The restaurant has been operational since 1940. If looking for the perfect restaurant where the old meets the new, make a date to the Babrix at 2442 Hyperion Ave. With a diverse wine list that includes unique and rare vintages, some older than 100 years; it is a great experience.  Babrix is renowned as a great nightlife spot and interesting LA wine tastings. Furthermore, it has a happy hour for wine on Thursdays, offering the wine by the glass at half price. The restaurant offers white wine, rosé, reds and other wines. As well, their Savoury orange wines are locally made.

They offer between 300 -500 wine bottles. More than 60 % originate from European countries. Babrix has a diverse food menu renowned for quality. Also, the prices for food and drinks are great and very affordable. Be sure to come early or make a reservation prior to coming. Understandably, Babrix fills up quickly, and is constantly busy; you do not want to be disappointed by being turned away.

Kettle Black

This is an all Italian restaurant that serves Italian and American cuisines. If you like Italian wines, make a reservation at 3705 Sunset Blvd. The Kettle Black’s interior helps to create an amazing atmosphere. The lighting, decor, and overall atmosphere are gorgeous! There are the leather booth and gorgeous wood shelving. It is the perfect spot for a great meal and date. Furthermore, the Italians wines served are to die for. Many are from Aglianico, Nebbiolo, and Negroamaro.

The food menu is just as impressive as the wines. The restaurant offers fresh homemade Mozzarella, pasta, and many regional specialties. For the perfect casual dining experience, date, or business meeting, visit the Kettle Black. Kettle Black also offers different drinks specials throughout the week, allowing you to get your favorites for a discount!

Besides the incredible wine menu and great food, the restaurant offers house and vintage cocktails. For wine lovers, their wine menu features many Sauvignons of red and white varieties, Fiano, Cortese, schiava, and Nebbiolo. The restaurant wine list has over 100 bottles perfect for an LA wine tasting experience.


These are among the best restaurants in LA for wine lovers. Notably, these restaurants have the great record offering stellar customer service. Furthermore, they charge an affordable price for LA wine bars. As well, the numerous happy hour specials allow you to enjoy as much as you’d like without breaking the bank.