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Riesling Wine: The Basics

December 11, 2018
Riesling is an ancient grape that has been cultivated for hundreds of years! Find out about this noble white wine!

Rare Wines: Vintages Collectors Dream Of

December 8, 2018
These amazing rare wines will pique your curiosity and your taste-buds! Find out about the rarest wines today!

Steak Wine Pairing: A Guide

December 5, 2018
The Steak Wine Pairing is perhaps the most classic wine pairing combination of all time. Learn more about wine pairing today!

SecondBottle gives articles on topics such as the environment and how wineries and vineyards are effecting them. Not to mention, the challenges facing the wine industry due to climate change. Moreover, Newsfeed includes financial and health related topics, as well as history and organics. Ultimately, it is a one-stop shop for the most interesting articles to bring you into the world of wine!

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Latest Articles

Vine Mealybug: The History of Vineyards

March 1, 2019
The Vine Mealybug has been a scourge to vineyards for centuries. Learn to identify and deal with the issue before it's too late!

Port Wine: A Comprehensive Look

February 9, 2019
Port wine is a strong, sweet, dark red fortified wine, originally from Portugal! Find out more!

Famous Wines: Movie Characters Favorite Wines

January 18, 2019
Our favorite movie characters have made a point of drinking wines they love! Find out which wines your favorite characters love!

Monk Wine: The Role Of Monks In Wine-Making

January 4, 2019
Wine played a large role in the lifestyle of monks. Monk wineries not only produced large quantities of wine but consumed in large quantities as well.


Oregon Wine: One Day Road Trip

May 25, 2019
Oregon is a very young wine region that is winning awards and stunning competition as of late. Learn more today!

Hawaiian Wine Bars/Restaurants

May 21, 2019
A vacation in Hawaii cannot be fulfilled without a proper wine tasting experience in renowned Hawaiian wine bars.

Vermont Wine: One Day Road Trip

May 18, 2019
Many Vermont Wineries have won prestigious international wine awards, garnering amazing notoriety. Learn More Today!

Romanian Wineries: One Day Road Trip

May 15, 2019
The quality of Romanian Wineries and the Romanian wines produced is rapidly increasing, and the country and world are embracing it!


Honey Wine Lamb Ribs

September 10, 2018
These amazing Honey Wine Lamb Ribs will become an instant classic in your home!

Red Wine Cocktails for Summer

August 25, 2018
Red wine cocktails are perfect for summer, from Sangria to Spritzers, and more! Learn to make our summer classics!

White Wine Cocktails For Summer

August 20, 2018
White wine cocktails are crisp, refreshing, and delicious! They are the perfect summer refreshment! Try our favorites now!

Wine Cocktails: Red Wine Cocktails

August 11, 2018
Good news to all red wine lovers! You no longer have to resort to Sangria when craving red wine cocktails! Learn more!