Frequently Asked Questions:

These are the most frequently asked questions at SecondBottle. Please feel free to contact us if you have others!

Who Are We? 

Secondbottle was started by a pair of wine lovers looking to provide information to the larger wine community. Our goal is to connect wine enthusiasts with producers, wineries, and winemakers. We wish to promote not only the industry, but to expand the healthy curiosity within each of us,  every wine-related topic conceivable.

What Do We Do?

At SecondBottle it is our wish to connect wine enthusiasts and consumers directly to the source. By teaching and learning about wines, not only from different regions, but the uniqueness within each; we can grow and support the industry, fueling our very curiosity. This is as much about us learning, as it is about presenting information for you. We at SecondBottle want to share the knowledge we gain.


What We Can Do For You!

We, at SecondBottle would love to feature your winery, or wine-related business on our website! If you would like exposure for your business, or content featured on SecondBottle; contact us today!


How Do You Get Into Contact With Us?

Do you need to get in contact with us? Do you have information or concerns? Visit our CONTACT US PAGE.

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At SecondBottle we strive to connect customers to your winery or wine-related business. We would love to highlight your winery. Please feel free to contact us.