The Steak Wine Pairing is perhaps the most classic wine pairing combination of all time.

Steak Wine Pairing A Guide dp

Ancient kings would sit in grand halls, partaking in roasted cooked meats while drinking the finest wines of the age. To relax, and enjoy a meal as ancient kings and queens would is a luxurious idea. However, today, we all do so (minus vegans). Normally, a sommelier will recommend red wines with steaks, depending on cut, cooking method, and fat content. However, this is not always true. Do not be intimidated, the Steak Wine Pairing is not a hard one with a little bit of know-how.

Steak Wine Pairing: A Guide

Black Stallion 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

A Napa Cabernet is the perfect accompaniment to fattier cuts of steak. Look for steaks that are similarly fatty like porterhouse, New York strip and hanger steaks. The perfect steak wine pairing for ultimate enjoyment includes a wine with high tannin. Tannin acts as something of a palate cleanser, which acts against the fattiness that lingers on the inside of the mouth.

Black Stallion’s 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most commercially available cabernets to come out of Napa Valley. At only $60 a bottle, this wine delivers the flavor expected from a pricier vintage. Black Stallion possesses rich hints of blackberry and also has a soft tannic presence that isn’t overwhelming. The combination of this wine and a thick cut of steak is utter perfection.

This small-batch winery pays homage to its equestrian history. Before Black Stallion’s construction, the land on which it resides used to be the Silverado Horseman’s Center. As a lover of horses, this is one more reason to support the brand. It’s my opinion that Black Stallion embodies everything that consumers have come to expect from Napa Valley. Sophistication, quality production methods, and incredible flavor accompany every bottle.

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Strong tones of Black fruits paired with a beautifully balanced acidity make for a perfect steak wine pairing combination.

Château Dutruch Grand Poujeaux 2012 Moulis-en-Médoc

A bold Bordeaux is another classic option for those of us who want a rich wine to pair our steak with. This steak wine pairing is one of my favorites because there are many affordable bottles out there. Chateau Dutruch produces an affordable yet still delectable Bordeaux, which has the perfect level of tannin for enjoying a steak dinner. Strong tones of Black fruits paired with a beautifully balanced acidity make for a perfect steak wine pairing combination.

This winery, constructed in 1850, combines old winemaking techniques with new methods. This combination creates world-class wines enjoyed by thousands. Modern winemaking equipment combined with old-fashioned love and care produces a bottle that’s entirely unique. In terms of Bordeaux wines, few are as appealing as this selection.

Michael David 2015 Ancient Vine Cinsault

Leaner cuts of beef pair best with a light red that has a slightly elevated acidity. Eye of round steak and top sirloin, for instance, call for these bright and flavorful concoctions. Michael David’s 2015 Ancient Vine Cinsault is easily one of the most delicately-flavored wines produced. Cherry and floral tones create a refreshing flavor which is unlike anything experienced in other light reds.

The acidity of this wine is perfect for cutting through the flavor of leaner steaks without being overpowering. For a light steak lunch or dinner, there is no more perfect a red wine pairing option! Great for sipping over a steak with friends and family, this wine is highly sociable and fun to drink.

This Cinsault derives from the oldest vineyards from a winery that has been in existence since in 1886. Michael David Cinsault wines are original in every way that you could think of. The grapes come from the oldest plantings, and the vineyards are over 100 years old. For a truly unique and exciting steak wine pairing, this light red is my best recommendation.

2013 Trapiche Medella Malbec

Is your steak coming fresh off the grill? This calls for an Argentinean Malbec! One would be hard-pressed to find a table serving steak without a bottle of Malbec on the table in Argentina. This 100% Argentinean wine sits in French oak barrels for 18 months. The flavors adopted from the oak pair excellently with the char that flavors grilled steak.

This Malbec is smooth and rich in dark fruit flavors that are sure to please anyone at the dining table. There is even a distinct accent of smoked meat, which makes this wine a no-brainer pairing for a grilled steak. My favorite thing about this wine, in addition to its complementary flavors, is the price point. For around $20, anyone can enjoy an authentic Uco Valley wine with their favorite cut of meat.

It’s no secret that red wine is the golden standard for a classic steak wine pairing. High-tannin, bold reds accompany fattier steaks ideally while light reds with high acidity pair excellently with lean cuts. There is a red wine pairing for every flavor profile.