Minority-Owned Wineries in California are on the rise, and it’s about time!

If asked to picture the physical description of a winemaker, minority winemakers do not generally come to mind. However, there are many minority-owned wineries in California that are making amazing names for themselves. Many of these minority-owned wineries craft wines award-winning wines, among the best wines in the world. As you can see, their many minority-owned wineries that hold their own in the wine world.

California itself is home to seemingly endless amounts of wineries. From Napa Valley all the way through to the southern and northern tips of the state—there are vineyards everywhere. Winemaking itself is gaining traction all over the world due to its increased consumption globally. This leads to very diverse crowds dipping their toes in the winemaking sea. Not only are they dipping in their toes, but minority-owned wineries are also picking up steam.

For those who do not know, California is wine country. Often times, when one wants to take a wine tour in the United States, California is their ultimate destination. This is due to many different factors. For starters, the entire state is riddled with wineries; even minority-owned wineries. From the North Coast to Napa County, Los Carneros and the Central Coast—there is wine everywhere. Below are some of the top minority winemakers in the state of California.

Minority-Owned Wineries: California

Brown Estate

Brown Estate, located in Napa County, California carved an amazing name for a family-owned minority-owned winery. This location was once an abandoned ranch purchased by the Brown family in 1980. Located in the Eastern hills of the Napa Valley, the ranch was re-done, and vines were planted. For decades they were farmed and then sold to local winemakers. It was not until 1995 that the children of the family got the idea to make their own wine. Thus, a minority-owned winery was born.

The Brown Estate label was officially established in 1996, kicking things off with their delicious Brown Zin. In addition, they also began bottling multiple vintages. As you can see, this minority-owned winery took off like a freight train. As of 2016, they officially bottled their 20th vintage wine! In April 2017 they began offering wine tastings in order to spread the word which has been very successful. Their Brown Zin is the ideal experience in a bottle if you want to support minority winemakers. With your typical zinfandel flavors, this bottle is more complex and darker in color with floral and mineral notes.

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Additionally, it boasts flavors of blueberry, vanilla, plum, and smoked meat.

Wines Served

Most wine festivals focus on one wine, but the case is entirely different in this event. It has a vast collection to choose from, thus making it one of the best wine festivals to grace.

Chateau D’Esclans

Sacha Lichine and Patrick Leon have worked together for over a decade with one aim in mind: the greatest rosé. As such, they toiled hard in the cool hills located in Provence and finally, they succeeded. Their Whispering Angel Rosé 2017 takes the day. It comes in a lovely pink hue and features notes of strawberry and berry fruit. Also, it has flavors of white peach, white cherry, and mango which give it a creamy texture. The finish has an excellent definition, and you will be coming back for more in moments.

G.H. Mumm Champagne

Speaking of rosé s with independent spirits, this is it. It poses a challenge to the conventional ways of making rosé by adding the strength of Pinot Noir. It comes in a salmon pink hue which also has highlights of orange and yellow. With fine bubbles in play, the result is a sparkling mousse accompanied with luscious aromas. Flavors of caramel, vanilla, and strawberry dominate this wine, followed by a powerful finish. It goes down best with red fruit desserts or pink biscuits. However, you can enjoy it without accompaniment.

Three Olives

With this drink, you get to enjoy a combination of rosé and vodka, thus vosé. As such, you need not stop partying when the sun goes down. Featured notes include tart cherries and strawberries. It also has flavors of wildflower, pomegranate, and citrus in play.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional

This drink comes from La Rojena in Latin America and is a show of 220 years of craftsmanship. It comprises 100% agave tequila and is a great way to get the party started. You can mix it with rosé s for a beautiful finish.


If you are looking for fruity flavors to add to your rosé, these drinks will amaze you. They contain antioxidants and have very few calories. As such, you can mix up as many cocktails as you wish with them.

The festival features VIP bars which serve exquisite cocktails that have guests reeling in pleasure. Drinks flow from noon to sunset, ensuring that guests are as bubbly as their drinks.

Music At Pinknic

In 2018, the musical line-up was the same for both days of the festival. It included CMA & Willy Monfret, Great Good Fine OK, Aeroplane, and Elderbrook in the afternoon. In the evening, guests got to enjoy Hayden James and Autograf.  Upon sunset, Klingande took the stage, after which fireworks came on display.

Food Served

Featured eateries included St. Tropez, Bar Gonzo, Mission Ceviche, BXL Zoute, Corner Harvest and Lobster Joint. Also serving the guests were Fortina, Mangia, Choza Taqueria, Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. and Made by Pauline. Guests got to enjoy these foods during the wine tastings.

This festival has attracted many fans, given their selection of amazing wines, it is no surprise. Therefore, it is not surprising that Pinknic is a wine festival favorite among wine lovers in the USA.