The Vancouver International Wine Festival attracts many renowned international wineries.

Wine Festival Canada's Best DP

One of the biggest festivals in this regard is the Vancouver International Wine Festival that takes place annually.

Canada’s Biggest Wine Festival

Vancouver International Wine Festival

The Wine Festival

This event came to be in 1979 and following its success it became an annual occasion. Over time, it has attracted wineries and wine enthusiasts from across the globe. Their 2019 event will be the 41st of its kind and is set to be a success. It will take place as of the 23rd of February to the 3rd of March. The board chair Mark Hicken and director Harry Hertscheg will take charge of the arrangements.

This festival is among the biggest and best wine festivals around the world. Thus, many enthusiasts look to it as a premier wine show in Canada. Whether you are a wine drinker or collector or professional in the trade, you will enjoy this event.

The Vancouver International Wine Festival Today

In 2018, the event attracted winery principals representing 173 wineries from 15 nations. The attendees got to sample and discuss various wines at length for eight days. In total, the event attracted twenty-five thousand attendees and participants, a show of how big the festival was. The organizers of the festival make a point to highlight a different country each year. In 2018, most of the focus was on Spain and Portugal. However, in 2019, the emphasis will be on wineries in California. In this way, attendees get to sample wines from across the world and expand their knowledge of wine-making.

The Majority of the festival revolves around the international festival tastings which take place at the Vancouver Convention Center. Here, guests get to enjoy over 750 wines from across the world. Additionally, there are 160 wines available at the trade wine tastings. Supposing the theme revolves around Spain as was the case in 2018, the nation gets special privileges. As such, the country gets to have a particular area from where they can exhibit their wineries.

Additionally, they get to show their style of wine-making. What’s more, there are also regional tasting stations available. Attendees also get to visit exhibits by food suppliers and industry exhibitors. There are also media and suppliers in play, thus creating the perfect exhibition.

This spectacular wine features lots of oak and fruit and has a balanced excellent acidic touch to it.

Buying Wine

When you pay for a ticket, you gain access to the specialized wine festival wine store. As such, if you sample wine and love it, you can purchase and take it home. Around the tasting room are special events where over 500 further wines get served. You get to taste different wines at the gala dinner, wine seminars, trade events, and wine pairing affairs. There is an auction where you get to bid for the wine you want the most. Additionally, there are many delicacies served by top Vancouver restaurants.

The Mission

The Vancouver International Wine Festival Society takes charge of this festival. Their mandate is to provide a wine tasting experience that proves informative to the public and wineries. Additionally, they present an opportunity where wineries can market their products. Furthermore, they raise money for the Bard on the Beach Theatre Society. Thus, they provide a wholesome experience for all attendees.

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A ticket goes for anything from $49 to $450, and there are many chances to get passes at discounted prices. This charge covers wine and food at the event. It also includes taxes, service charges and gratuities. The festival takes place in twenty-five venues across the city. The headquarters are at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Other tastings take place at top restaurants and venues in Vancouver.

Bacchanalia Gala Dinner & Auction

This event is the centerpiece of this festival and has proven to be a spectacular occasion. Here, guests get to enjoy food, wine, and excursions. It features five amazing courses with nine spectacular wines. Various food pairings take place during the dinner.


2018 had participating wineries from Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Turkey, and France. Additionally, there were participants from Uruguay and the USA.

Top Wines At The 2018 Wine Festival

Given the many selections in this festival, attendees are often at a loss of what to try. Here are some of the outstanding wines at the festival in 2018.

Burrowing Owl Athene 2014

This wine features an unusual mix of cabernet sauvignon and syrah, giving off a perfect finish. This unique dry red wine features notes of toasty oak and smoke. It finishes with a charred, blackened edge and goes down well with grilled meats and meaty stews.

Polar Grove: The Legacy 2012

This spectacular wine features lots of oak and fruit and has a balanced excellent acidic touch to it. It has a moderate structure with ripe tannins with a fantastic freshness in the nose.

Also, the Spierhead Pinot Noir Cuvee 2015 and the Stag’s Hollow Dolcetto 2015 stood out.

This festival features hundreds of tastings of the best wines on the market. Thus, it is a great place to be for any wine lover.