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Portuguese Wineries: One Day Road Trip

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At Ferrante Winery, the Vidal Blanc Ice Wine received a Gold award in 2013. As well, it received a Double Gold award in the 2013 and 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competitions.

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The Fontanafredda Estate has received many awards and top reviews like the 2017 prestigious nomination of “European Winery of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast.

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At Domaine Serene, in 1990 the estate produced its first Pinot Noir wine. The vintage received instant recognition and received a 90 point rating from Robert Parker.

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Palate collection of wine consists of single vintage and high-class wines. Furthermore, from German Rieslings, and Sauvignon Blanc’s as well as Chardonnay’s, Palate offers wines from around the planet.

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The Vermont wine produced and sold at Snow Farm Vineyards is outstanding, and their reserve is excellent.

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Liliac Winery lies in Transylvania, a land known for its fertile soils. Here, wine-makers can grow high-quality grapes and manufacture a wide range of wines ranging from rose to white wines.

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The Aureole is a renowned wine bar and restaurant located at 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. First, the restaurant features a 10,000 bottle, 4-story high wine tower. Secondly, their wine menu consists of an ever-changing expertly chosen 48 by the glass wine selections. Furthermore, this is crucial as the wine menu is designed to have 2 wines to perfectly match the 24 mouth-watering dishes they offer on the menu.

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North America commercially grows and produces Pinot Blanc in large quantities. The level of alcohol added to the wines produced in these states is usually high.

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Due to the acidic and delicate nature of many Pinot Noirs, and because they often contain less tannins than other red wines. Serving Pinot Noir wine chilled brings out the best flavor profiles.

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There are three ways to make a rosé wine, through skin contact, via Saignée, or through de-colorization.

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Chardonnay is planted on all continents because it adapts to different climates. The queen of Darwin’s natural selection is a pure winner. Depending on the climate and the soil in which it is planted, it has a different expression.

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Due to the tight pine cone bunches the Pinot grapes grow, they are particularly susceptible to various dangers for the grapes. For example, the tight clusters provide shade to many varieties of bugs, as well as the perfect environment for micro-organisms and fungi.

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Overall, a Ruby Port is one of the best red wine types for fans of sweet wines. The alcohol content in port can reach upward of 20%. Typically a dessert or after-meal wine, Port is however, great anytime!

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Wine-making in the Pommard lineage started as early as 909 with the planting of their first vines of Pinot Noir. Later on, Pinot Noir gained reputation and people warmed up to the idea of wine-making. The descendants of Pommard took it upon themselves to expand their operations over the years.

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Villa Wolf produces wines in a minimalist and natural way. Correspondingly, this leaves the natural flavors and aromas of their grapes as untouched as possible.

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Niederösterreich is the largest wine region in the country, with its Austrian wineries producing more than half of Austrian Wines.

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Marcelo Pelleriti is the only Latin American Winemaker ever to be awarded 100 points from Robert Parker.

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At Arboleda Winery, The vineyard operates on the value of crafting wines which reveal the uniqueness of Aconcagua. Wines on site include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, and Syrah.

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Alsace Hugel Winery receives approximately two million people each year, eager to sample their award-winning wines.

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Over the span of 19 generations and 515 years, Weingut Eduard Kroth has been a premier producer of German wines. This winery produces the finest German wines in oaken barrels and in true old-school tradition.

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Of all famous Argentinean wineries in the Uco Valley region, Bodega Salentein stands out on a span of 121 acres. Their unique blend of the best Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon has put this winery on the map and the impressive collection of barrels, stored 8 meters below ground, keeps them there.

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Craggy Range Winery won an award for the best winery in the world in 2014 by Wine Enthusiast. Evident by the quality of wines produced, this winery has reached unbelievable heights. Craggy Range Winery and their expert staff have dedicated their lives to the minute details involved in wine-making.

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50km northwest of Bordeaux lies Chateau Mouton Rothschild. This spot is one of the few remaining Bordeaux wineries to ferment wines in oak vats. This means that the flavor of these French wines is unique to others found in the area.

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The Babrix is an old respected wine restaurant and LA wine bar. The restaurant has been operational since 1940. They offer between 300 -500 wine bottles. More than 60 % originate from European countries. Babrix has a diverse food menu renowned for quality. Also, the prices for food and drinks are great and very affordable.

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Santo Wines is one of the most famous Santorini wine bars. This gorgeous winery offers an amazing experience, complete with Instagram worthy scenery. Delicious wines paired with decadent Greek cuisine delivers a complete cultural experience!

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Located at 150 Elgin Street, Beckta is one of the newest Ottawa wine restaurants that has already built an amazing name for itself. Wine prices range from $5 to $22 per glass and $35 to $702 per bottle.

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At Magnum Wine Bar in Moscow has a wine list of over 100 selections. Magnum Wine Bar is a local authority on all things wine. In fact, their list of Moscow wines draws in wine connoisseurs from far and wide. They also carry wines from other locales. You don’t even have to have the deepest of pockets to get a glass or two of something familiar, or something new.

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Grapes & Soda is the Vancouver area’s first all-natural wine bar! The ever-changing roster of organic and naturally-created wines is sure to impress and delivers a unique experience upon every visit. With an admirable goal of only delivering the purest and best wines available, this Vancouver wine destination is a must visit spot!

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Wood flavors are often developed within the wine during its creation and aging. Wines have been aged and flavored in wooden barrels forever. From oak to chestnut and pine, there is a long history of barrel aged wines.

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Vinograf Wine Bar For over six years, the expert sommeliers at this Prague wine bar have set the bar in terms of wines served and wine pairings. There are nearly one thousand wine selections at their New Town branch. With such a vast selection of wines and expert sommeliers, Vinograf is a giant in the Prague Wine Bar market.

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The Mimosa was originally named “Champagne-orange” in France, but later, in 1961, the British royal family dubbed the drink, the mimosa. Yes, the British royal Family enjoyed drinking Mimosas. However, they didn’t drink them brunch, but before dinner.

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The 2014 Trinity Hill Homage Syrah, Gimblett Gravels, New Zealand is an amazing blend. An aromatic wine aged in oak with a beautiful floral scent, this Syrah has hints of blackberry and licorice.

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In the Okanagan Valley they grow: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Gluhwein is a rich and comforting mulled wine that is savored and enjoyed in the long northern and central European winters, and especially during holidays. 

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Venezuelan wines are creating using similar processes to Spain, Italy, and France. Wine quality is defined by soil, growth, cultivation and the winemaker. In Venezuela, quality is not an issue. In the end, there is no shortage of quality grapes, amazing winemakers, or wonderful wines. They simply need an opportunity.

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Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 pairs easily with desserts. The wine itself has slight cocoa hints. Furthermore, scents of dark raspberry provide a wonderful smell with every sip. A full wine, the taste is deliciously dark and fruity, with plum, blackberry, and cherry tones. You can also pick out espresso and dark chocolate too.

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Pinot Blanc appeared through a skin mutation Pinot Noir. It is a point genetic mutation of Pinot noir. Pinot noir is quite unstable genetically and will at some point experience a mutation in which a vine bears all black fruit except for one cane which produces white fruit.

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Production processes improved during the seventeenth century. Rice wine breweries popped up all over the country. At this time, the different types of rice wine produced across the country were cloudy until a brewery worker suggested the use of ashes to settle the suspended particles present in the wine.

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The winery Coates & Seely’s located in Whitchurch, Hampshire producing amazing wines. The La Perfide Blanc de Blancs 2009 won the prestigious Supreme Champion award at the UK Wine Awards 2017.

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In Australia, the most abundant wine varieties are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Semillon, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

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Piper-Heidsieck was the champagne of choice for Marilyn Monroe, furthermore got to be one of the best champagne brands around. The brand was founded in Champagne, France in 1785 and has become an incredible success ever since.

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ort tends to be sweeter than dark chocolate. The sweetness of the wine makes it a great counterbalance to the chocolate’s bitter hints. Tawny Port is also a delicious choice for any kind of dessert with elements of dark chocolate.

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The Kruger-Rumpf winery has been producing wine since the early 1700’s. They have dedicated the majority of their lands to growing Riesling as this variety is thriving in the Nahe – one of the many German wine regions.

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the excessive feeding by the bugs leads to decreased vigor and a short life of the vine. As a result, the leaves of the vineyard vines turn yellow and the vines experience premature leaf drop. This means the grapes cannot grow properly, effectively killing a harvest.

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Torresella Prosecco Brut is an amazing Prosecco. With tastes of peach and lemon, this surprisingly creamy Prosecco is a delicious addition to any summer day. As well, it’s also the perfect drink to complement soft or mild cheeses.

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Sophisticated medium-bodied wines like Merlots tend to bring out the cocoa in milk chocolate, enhancing its richness. Merlots will also compliment desserts like chocolate cheesecake or black forest cake.

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It’s illegal in France to consume any alcohol other than wine, cider, beer, pear cider, and hydromel (a fermented honey drink) while at work. Some companies serve what’s known as a pot de depart (leaving drink) at the end of a work day, which means that some workers can cap off a long day with a nice glass of wine.

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When you first taste a wine, your brain will separate the flavor into one of four categories: bitter, sweet, sour, or salty. Every wine will have some type of sour note due to the grapes, which have natural acidity.

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At the International Wine Competition of 2018, the Piper-Heidsiek Rare 2002 won the Champion of Champions trophy. This full-bodied wine is both robust and delicate with floral, rich, ripe fruits that caress the tongue. It is of the sparkling variety with a 12% alcohol content.

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Red Hook Winery is located at the end of a beautiful industrial pier. Apart from the unique scenery, this is one of the most authentic spots for New York wine. All of the wines available here is produced on the spot, making it unique. :

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When trying to avoid a hangover, keep in mind too much Tyramine will contribute to those wine hangovers. Especially when you drink wine alongside some type of tyramine heavy food such as cheese and cured meats.

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The Wine Aroma Chart has a section called Fruity. For example, Dried fruit aromas can arise within a wine, bringing notes of fig, prune, raisin, or strawberry jam. From the tropical wine bottle, you can pick up hints of banana, melon, and pineapple. Then of course with your berry varieties, you can pick up hints of strawberry, black currant, raspberry and beyond. Pinot Noir and young Merlots provide excellent bodies of fruit.

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It was said that Winston Churchhill drank over 40,000 bottles of Pol Roger Champange in his lifetime! Talk about a good customer!

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With your fruit or concentrate, wine yeast, and proper equipment you should be able to produce a great product. This is not only a real learning experience but a fun, enriching and rewarding one as well.

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Rosé, Tawny Port, and Ruby Port are all derived from red grapes produced in Touriga Franca, Tauriga Nacional, Tinto Roriz, Tinta Barroca, and Tinto Cao. Rosé Port boasts common flavors like strawberry, cranberry sauce, caramel, and raspberry.

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In regard to Thomas Jefferson, he is and always will be known as the First Father of Wine in America. One of the biggest motivators that led him to his love for all things wine were travels to France and Italy.

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La Halte des Pelerins is a Quebec Winery that must be visited. Guests are able to discover the true beauty and unbelievably delicious wines at La Halte des Pelerins. With three official Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor in 2016, 2017, and 2018, they have quite the reputation.

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At Tarbell’s Wine Bar in Phoenix, Arizona, owner Mark Tarbell has cemented himself as both a wine enthusiast and expert. Available at Tarbell’s are approximately two dozen different bottles you can experience by the glass.

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In the Atacam Region of Chile, The calcareous soil in the valley provides an ideal environment for the cultivation of vines. he soil enhances the growth of high-quality wine grapes. However, these soils are harsh, and they make cultivation more difficult. Harsh soils, coupled with the significant salt content of the water, make growing vines an uphill task, but one well worth it.

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Maison Anselmet Winery is located deep in the heart of Aosta Valley. The winery is a testament to generations of passion and hard work. The company came to be in 2001, though the first reported vineyard purchase by an Anselmet was in 1585.

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Monty Python’s Meaning of Life has increased Chateau Latour's popularity, this very expensive wine is famous among its wealthier fans. A 1954 Chateau Latour is mentioned in this movie. A 1961 Chateau Latour is also seen in the animated film Ratatouille.

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Arinto is a white Portuguese wine crafted in three specific Portuguese wine regions. Arinto is a medium-bodied white wine, often created with notes of lemon and honey. It can be hard to find a white wine in Portugal without even the slightest influence of Arinto grapes, but that’s not a bad thing. The flavors are incredible, dry and bitter but still quite sweet. It can also be aged anywhere between 10 and 15 years.

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The 20 Barrels Sauvignon Blanc, 2017 is an amazing award winning wine. The aromas range from blackcurrant leaves, asparagus, green apples, and even gooseberries. As far as dry wines go, this is one of the best wines produced in 2017.

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The Baldik Cabernet Sauvignon, a former Gold winner at the Bucharest Wine Contest, features a balance of acidity and the perfect tannins. Once uncorked, you will pick up notes of blackcurrant, cedar, dark spices, tomato leaf and beyond.

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Archive Wine Bar in Toronto, Canada has a wine menu about 8 pages long, with each page containing an approximately 30 different wines. That means they have about two hundred and forty (240) different types of wines in their cabinet.

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When storing wine without a cellar, if you can’t keep a bottle away from the light, wrap it carefully a cloth or simply put it in a box.

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Easy to grow and produce, Chardonnay is an early ripening variety characterized by its relatively high alcohol content and medium acidity.

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Antinori Bramito Chardonnay 2016 is one of many beautiful Italian wines that work with a cheesy pasta. It boasts flavors of tropical fruits, citrus, and a variety of delicate aromas certain to please your sense of smell. Critically acclaimed for its rich melon and peach noes, this medium-bodied wine is a dream.

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Maipo Valley Is Also Home To The Largest And One Of The Oldest Wineries In The Country, Concha Y Toro. The Winery Founded By Don Melchor Santiago De Concha Y Toro In 1883, Produces famous Chilean Wines.

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Canberra is one of most notable winemaking regions in the country. Grape growing and wine producing in the area dates back to the 1840s.

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M.Mme offers both amazing food and excellent wine! M.Mne wine bar has over 700 bottles of wine in their cellar.

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Road 13 Syrah Malbec 2015 is a popular red wine that is a blend of 70% Syrah, with traces of Malbec, Viognier, and Gamay. The thick taste of plum paired with deliciously surprising spice makes this unique blend one of the most frequently-enjoyed wines crafted within Canada.

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There is no uniquely prescribed way that aerating wine should be done. Some wines demand a longer aeration time. Some demand shorter aeration time. Furthermore, there are many wines that don’t require aeration at all. The wines that are in need of aeration are mostly red wines, while most whites don’t need to be aerated.

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The most prominent religion in Europe during the Dark Ages was Catholicism. The church needed monk wine for its Eucharistic rite, prompting monks to become winemakers.

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Cork actually comes from the bark of a type of oak tree known as Quercus suber. The trees are not properly viable for cork production until they are between 15 to 25 years of age.

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In the Cyprus Wine Competition, all eligible entries must have a Protected Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication.

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There are over 4,000 Spanish wineries all along the countrysides, though many are in Priorat. Costers del Siurana is one of the most recognizable and influential of Spanish wine brands.

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There are basically two types of wine which are the red wine and the white wine. Including all components of grape skins within the wine, gives red wine its color. However, the production of white wine involves the separation of grape skins, removing the phenolic components of the grapes skin. This explains taste and color of white wines.

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T’ga za Jug by Tikvesh Winery is an award winning wine for under $10, this wine has received Bronze by Decanter in 2013, and Bronze at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit competition in 2014. With hints of the bold blackberries and sour cherries that dot the Macedonian countryside, with notes of vanilla, and mint.

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California is home to the 4th largest wine industry in the world. Technologically advanced, and highly developed, California is revolutionizing the wine making process; and combating climate change.

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Rosés may highlight a vast variety of flavors. The most common flavor among Rosé is strawberry. However, Rosés may contain hints of honeysuckle, blood orange, pink grapefruit, peaches, tomatoes, citrus and more. Making it a perfect counterbalance for meaty barbecues and hot sun!

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Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio 2016 From all the amazing white wines out there, pinot grigio is one of the sweetest. Grown and produced in Italy, this selection is straw yellow in color and pairs excellently with seafood. It also goes well with souffles, salad, rice, or pasta. If your father appreciates amazing wines of the sweet white variety – this tasty apple flavored option is utter perfection. Additionally, it is also amazingly versatile as far as pairing options due to its light yet sweet nature.

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Germany grows vast quantities of Riesling as the country has the most dynamic micro-climate in the world for growing the noble grape. In Germany, the grape grows along two of Europe’s great wine rivers; the Rhine and the Mosel, in the regions of Mosel, Rheinhessen, Rheingau, and Pfalz.

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The perfect soil for grape growing is loose, aerated and well-drained. In particular, the soil should keep enough water for the vine and drain excess water to avoid over-saturation. Likewise, the soil should be able to retain and/or reflect heat to the vine as needed.

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Châteaux Margaux, The house of this brand lies in Burdeos. Its lands produce wine since, at least XVI century. The Grand vin, one of the varieties produced by Châteaux Margaux is recognized as an elite in the world of wine.

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Rosé is not just a drink for the summer. It’s a wonderful aperitif or dinner wine that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Rose wine pairs beautifully with different foods ranging from spicy foods, chicken & pork, cheese, tapas, salads, pizza, and many more. Sounds perfect right?

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Uniquely, one of the more pronounced differences in the creation of Prosecco is the fermentation in autoclaves. Autoclaves, stainless-steel tanks both sealed and pressurized. The use of autoclaves results in some of the best bubbly ever produced. Finally, the Prosecco is bottled under similar pressure, preserving the bubbles. Voila! The perfect sparkling wine is born.

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Chateau Lafite 1787 Chateau Lafite is a truly coveted and amazing bottle of wine. While historians and experts disagree on the matter, many believe these vintages come from the cellars of American founding father Thomas Jefferson. If true, it might explain the incredible price tag for this rare wine. A bottle of Chateau Lafite 1787 sold for nearly $160,000. It is truly one of the rarest vintages given its production date and scarcity.

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Raats Cabernet Franc 2014 Right off the bat, one of the best pairings for a Thanksgiving wine when eating turkey is a Cabernet Franc. Specifically, The Raats Cabernet Franc 2014 is an amazing choice. A lovely red wine featuring notes of astounding baking spices such as nutmeg and, and star anise. Furthermore, the wine boasts notes of rosemary, aged wood, blackberry, and other dark berries. It is complex yet well balanced and light on the tongue.

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Opi Malbec This Argentinian medium-bodied red has a rich nose that carries faint floral hints, spice, and blackberries. It has an acute fruity flavor with subtle smokey undertones. Long length and a strong finish make it an equally great wine to enjoy alone or drink with meals that have red, cured, or smoked meats.

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The Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator is arguably the best wine aerator on the market. With Vinluxe PRO wine aerator, you don’t need to get the most expensive bottle of wine to get the perfect taste; it brings out the best qualities of whatever wine you are drinking in a matter of seconds.

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If you’re searching for hangover free wine, you need to know what ABV is high. For white wines, an ABV greater than 12.5% is a high alcohol content wine. For red wines, it’s an ABV of 13%.

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Pullman Restaraunt and Wine Bar in Montreal, Canada is the king of wine variety in the city. With over 350 wines on their menu, it is obvious the owners take wine very seriously, which is why Pullman holds its spot among top-ranked Montreal wine bar listings year after year. Only the best wines, selected by Pullman experts are featured on the extensive menu.

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Rigatoni with Ragu Baresee and Salice Salentino is a drool worthy dish that demands a tasty red blend. With large, tasty rigatoni noodles and red meat, a Salice Salentino variety of Negroamaro will do nicely.

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Honey Wine Lamb Ribs is the next favorite recipe with wine! With only 70 minutes of cooking time, this recipe will wow your family and friends! Red wines work nicely with the sweetness of this dish. You can pair the ribs with an AOC Bordeaux Supérieur Château Couronneau, a beautiful red around $15, or a Berry Bros & Rudd, Rioja, Crianza, Crianza, Rioja, 2014. This amazing bottle scored 91 in several wine reviews and will only set you back $20.

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If your family prefers white wine, red wine, or both—your next best option for Christmas wine is a nice Riesling. For example, one of the best you can choose is a Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile Riesling 2009. It is a deep golden straw color and it is a bit reflective as well. It embraces the palate, delivering lush flavors of honey, peaches, and burnt orange peel. With finishing notes of minerals, lemon zest, and stone fruits—this is the perfect ham complement if you prefer white wine.

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Solar energy is important to the future of wine-making. There are three ways that solar energy benefits the environment. The first is that it reduces water pollution. Many manufacturing processes need water, resulting in the pollution of nearby water resources. Solar panels don’t use water to create electricity. This means that there is no water pollution. In addition, there is no strain on local bodies of water.

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Australia is one of the best wine producing countries on the planet. Amazing Australian wineries and climate boast some of the best-produced wines in the world. With one rare vintage being sold for over $50,000!

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Viña Sol is an amazing Spanish wine that starts with a delightful, crisp lemon flavor and finishes in a floral aroma.

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Champagne Lallier Rose Brut Lallier Rose Brute Champagne is simply delightful. Comprised of a blend of delicious grapes including 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay. This memorable and enduring champagne is salmon in color with the aroma of fresh strawberries. Fresh peaches, ginger, apple, and a hint of orange zest provide a balanced rose that is certain to be a hit. This pairs lovely with cheese, eggs, and lighter fair!

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Parducci Small Lot 2014 Vintage Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is an extremely popular red wine loved by many. Parducci Small Lot Pinot Noir’s flavors provide the taste buds with light earthy tones, cherry, cranberry, and black tea. As well, it boasts fruity raspberry notes. This medium-bodied Pinot holds an excellent balance, light in tannins with a beautifully smooth finish. Furthermore, it pairs beautifully with all sorts of grilled foods, making it perfect for Labor Day!

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Gini 2011 Col Foscarin (Recioto di Soave Classico) has lovely aromas that deliver passionfruit, a hint of candied lemon, and even nectarine. Furthermore, it features flavors of fresh peach jam, sweet pastries, and sweet honey. It is a truly flawless blend. You want to pair this with gamey meat or pork.

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Oak aging and the grape varieties used to make the wine influence the flavor and aroma of Rioja wine. In particular, oak aging infuses notes of vanilla and toasted wood into the wine, influencing the Rioja wine taste.

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Moscato has exploded among the entire rap and hip-hop scene. It has also become the favorite of Drake, Lil Kim, and Nicki Minaj.

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If looking to become a Sommelier, Working in the industry allows you to get first-hand learning experience on the tricks-and tools-of-the-trade.

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While named after the famed French wine producing region, Champagne was not invented in this region, but Languedoc, in Southern France. However, it was quickly discovered that the climatic conditions in the Champagne region produced better wine than southern regions.

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In 2007 Chile produced 9,500 million hectoliters of Chilean Wine, becoming the 9th largest wine producer in the world.

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Red wine is as diverse if not more diverse than the collection of white wines that are out there. Red wine varieties span an array of red wine taste, depth, and flavors.

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Cold pasta salad is a classic dish, great as a side, or as a main course; this dish is the perfect meal on a hot summers day. It is easy to pair with crisp white wines!

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In 2017, Chile produced 9,500 million hectoliters of Chilean Wine, becoming the 9th largest wine producer in the world.

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The development of wine making was a turning point in human history. During the wine making process, the utilization of grape skins cannot overemphasized.

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Dressing appropriately, knowing whether food will be served, and having a designated driver are all basics to wine tastings! Learn more!

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California is home to the 4th largest wine industry in the world. Technologically advanced, and highly developed, California is revolutionizing the wine making process; and combating climate change.

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For a slow roasted shoulder of lamb, You are going to want to purchase a high-quality Spanish red wine such as Creta’s Ribera del Duero 2014. It offers complementary flavors such as espresso and candied fruits.

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Viña Sol starts with a delightful, crisp lemon flavor and finishes in a floral aroma. It is easy to see why Viña Sol was named one of the best Spanish wines of 2017.

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There are many amazing products and wine related items that allow you or the wine lover in your life to better enjoy the wine drinking experience!

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Serve light-bodied dry whites at 44.6 - 50°F (7-10°C) to allow the light, spicy wine flavors to appear. This allows you to appreciate the crisp and refreshing aspects of the wine.

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Utilizing tofu wine marinades, tofu wine pairing strategies, or flavorful recipes; tofu can become a delicious main protein in any diet.

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Fans of champagne amid the music scene – specifically the hip hop arena – include: Wiz Khalifa who enjoys Veuve Clicquot, The Notorious B.I.G. who enjoyed Moet & Chandon, and Dom Perignon enjoyed by artists such as NAS.

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The UK winemakers Coates & Seely’s. The La Perfide Blanc de Blancs 2009 won the prestigious Supreme Champion award at the UK Wine Awards 2017.

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To wine lovers, traveling is a duty; finding the holy grail of wines. The holy grail may be located in the French Vineyards of Northern France.

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Pairing wine with pasta is not difficult! Following basic guidelines, and always thinking regionally; you can compliment every meal with the perfect wine!

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Thousands of people travel every year to discover new countries, places, cultures, traditions and more. French Vineyards in southern France are your next dream destination.

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More and more industries are becoming aware of just how important it is to make use of sustainable energy (in our case, solar powered systems) in day-to-day operations. One industry seeing that kind of change is viticulture.

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White wine can assist in weight loss, provide amazing nutrients and antioxidants, protect your heart, and more!

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Madeira wine sauces, which go well with mushrooms and chicken, are among the most common uses for the wine.

09/25/2018Read More

For biodynamic winemakers, the vineyard is the body of the operation, the soil, it’s lifeblood. Each taken care of with diligence lest they affect the quality of next years crop.

09/23/2018Read More

There are 2 main methods for adding bubbles to sparkling wine or Champagne! The first is through a secondary fermentation process. Otherwise, carbon dioxide is injected into the wine, although the bubbles do not last as long via this method.

09/21/2018Read More

In the times of Ancient Rome and Greece, there was a danger of bacteria in the water. Many people at the time drank wine mixed with water, the alcohol in the wine killing bacteria.

09/19/2018Read More

Originally from Burgundy, the Chardonnay grape variety is perhaps the most famous white grape in existence. In fact, it can be simply described as the world’s best-known grape.

09/17/2018Read More

Lamb ribs are a delicious option for any meal! They are versatile and hold amazing flavor, especially when cooked or paired with wine!

09/15/2018Read More

The 2015 Domaine Lafage is an incredibly balanced example with a delectable black pepper hit from the Syrah and old vine Mourvedre. This, along with its balanced tannic structure, makes the bottle a great pairing option for game and grilled meat.

09/13/2018Read More

There are 3 ways to make a rosé wine! The first is based on skin contact. The Second is a process called Saignée. While the third is done via Decolourisation.

09/11/2018Read More

Serve full-bodied reds at 59-64.4°F (15 - 18°C) to soften the wine’s strong tannin and sharp components. This will draw out the bouquet and wine flavors.

09/09/2018Read More

In Alabama, racy labels on wine have been considered highly inappropriate. So much so, that a specific law was put into place, making it illegal to have wine labels featuring any “sensuous or immodest imagery.”

09/07/2018Read More

Temperature, humidity and place of storage are crucial to properly storing wine so it does not lose amazing properties.

09/05/2018Read More

It is a bad wine etiquette to hold a wine glass by the bowl. Doing this transfers body heat from the hand directly to the wine and in the process, it warms the wine as the drinker holds the glass.

09/03/2018Read More

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is one of the world’s famous and popular wineries in Burgundy, France. They produce between 6000 to 8000 cases a year depending on the yield and harvest; which make this wine scarce. Individual bottles can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Their vintages are treasured.

09/01/2018Read More

In 2017 at the Decanter World Wine Awards, Zwölberich Genesis Langenlonsheimer Löhrer Berg Riesling, gained 90 points. During 2017 Best of Riesling Awards, the wine got 88 points.

08/30/2018Read More

A wine aerator is crucial to the ultimate enjoyment of a glass of wine. Wine can be delicate or strong, smooth, acidic, sweet or more diverse in flavor and aroma.

08/28/2018Read More

There Is No Shortage Of Options To Consider When It Comes To Red Wine Cocktails. From Sangria to Tinto De Verano, they are always a great way to cool down!

08/26/2018Read More

Buenos Aires has one of the most unique night life scenes on the planet. It is truly an incredible city with an ever-growing list of restaurants and hot-spots for enjoying Argentinean wine.

08/24/2018Read More

White wine cocktails are perfect for summer as they are lighter, more refreshing and easier to drink than their red counterparts.

08/22/2018Read More

In a 2008 publication by the Pesticides Action Network of Europe, out of 40 bottles of wine analyzed for pesticide residue, 100% of samples tested positively.

08/20/2018Read More

2016 was a great year for Czech wines. Seven wines gained gold medals and 18 took home silver at the annual Vinalies competition held in Paris.

08/18/2018Read More

The Czech Republic is the world capital of beer drinking! They drink more beer per capita than any other nation on the planet! But did you know they have a booming wine scene?

08/16/2018Read More

Mendoza is arguably the most famous grape growing and wine producing region in Argentina! It houses many of the country's best wineries. They offer amazing tours and experiences for your next South American experience!

08/14/2018Read More

Many wine drinkers sniff the cork when trying to judge a wine. However, this will only give hints as to what the wine will taste like. It is a common mistake among casual wine tasters. Learn more!

08/12/2018Read More

The Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator is arguably the best wine aerator on the market. It brings out the best qualities of whatever wine you are drinking in a matter of seconds.

08/10/2018Read More

Wine drinkers always make mistakes, amateurs and veteran drinkers alike! A basic rule of wine drinking is always holding a wine glass by the stem. If you hold the glass by the bowl, body heat from your hand will warm the wine.

08/08/2018Read More

Bolney Wine Estate Pinot Noir ranks among one of Britain’s most popular wines. Fragrant, with a light to medium body, it has rich cherry flavor complimented by underlying tastes of cedar wood. This is an excellent wine to serve alongside creamy, buttery meals as well as soft cheeses.

08/06/2018Read More

France, where the grape originated, is still the leading grower of Pinot Noir in the world today.

08/04/2018Read More

They now make wine-scented candles for wine lovers! Enjoy the scent of your favorite vintage!

08/02/2018Read More

Sophisticated medium-bodied wines like Merlots tend to bring out the cocoa in milk chocolate, enhancing its richness. Merlots will also compliment desserts like chocolate cheesecake or black forest cake.

07/31/2018Read More

When attending a wine tasting, ensure you know whether food will be served during, or not. If not, make sure to eat something light to avoid getting drunk, and missing out on the full experience.

07/29/2018Read More

It’s illegal in France to consume any alcohol other than wine, cider, beer, pear cider, and hydromel (a fermented honey drink) while at work.

07/27/2018Read More

Smoked salmon has a very strong, distinct taste. Because of this, smoked salmon is fairly straightforward to pair. It’s usually served with other food items. Its salty composition calls for a lot of acidity and flavor in a paired wine. Suggested wines include Viognier or sparkling Rosé.

07/25/2018Read More

Le Gourmet, in Caracas, Venezuela offers the largest wine cellar in Caracas. In fact, it is the only cellar with international accreditation. the Wine Spectator Magazine Award of Excellence, Has already given recognition for two consecutive years to its wine cellar as the best in Venezuela.

07/23/2018Read More

Venezuela is quickly becoming an amazing source of beautiful wines! Caracas has amazing wine spots to visit!

07/19/2018Read More

Rose wine is originally from France! They are still the largest producer of the beloved pinkish colored wine today!

07/17/2018Read More

Great wine choices for slow-roasted salmon include: Falanghina and Sémillon wines! They pair perfectly, complimenting the fattiness of salmon!

07/15/2018Read More

Looking to impress your next date with a nice bottle of wine she might enjoy? Viognier and Gewurztraminer are less mainstream wines, but their perfumed, floral aromas have made them a hit with the fairer sex.

07/13/2018Read More

When looking to pair a wine with food, there are a few basics to keep in mind. First, keep in mind the level of acidity in the wine, next, the alcohol level, and finally, tannins in the wine. However, if you're ever in doubt; pair regionally! A Spanish dish will most often pair well with a Spanish wine from the same region.

07/11/2018Read More

Dry wines tend to have all of the sugar from the grapes fermented into alcohol, giving them a higher alcohol content.

07/09/2018Read More

Champagne was once called "The Devil's Wine," As it's bubbly nature was originally seen as a defect!

07/07/2018Read More

Many wineries hold rich histories, 1000 years and older! While many of these wineries had periods without operations, many have been producing the worlds best wines for 1000 years!

07/05/2018Read More

Many tourists travel to Africa to go on safari and see animals and beautiful countryside. However, Africa is full of amazing wineries! The African wine culture is thriving!

07/03/2018Read More

Vermouth is not just a drink for cocktails! It is highly versatile and delicious!

07/01/2018Read More

The market is valued at USD 287.39 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 402 billion by 2022! With large market countries like China growing rapidly in consumption; it is a great time to invest in the industry.

06/29/2018Read More

The country of Venezuela offers perfect soil and climate conditions for wine making. Furthermore, the potential for high-quality Venezuelan wines is flourishing!

06/27/2018Read More

With an alcoholic content of up to 18%, rice wine is often stronger than western grape-based counterparts.

06/25/2018Read More

Pinot Noir is one of the most grown grapes on the planet, and one of the most popular wines!

06/23/2018Read More

Rosé is not just for the ladies. An amazing, light, crisp and refreshing wine that will brighten your hot summer days!

06/21/2018Read More

Despite the bad reputation they used to have, boxed wines are gaining massive popularity in the United States! Check out some of the best wines in the USA!

06/19/2018Read More

For biodynamic winemakers, the vineyard is the body of the operation, the soil, it’s lifeblood. Each taken care of with diligence lest they affect the quality of next years crop.

06/17/2018Read More

White wine has many amazing health benefits despite the belief that red wine is only good for you!

06/15/2018Read More

Argentina is famous for Malbec and other amazing wines! They have been winning prestigious awards for decades!

06/11/2018Read More

A wine pairing can make or break a me, learn all you need to know the complete and enhance every eating experience!

06/09/2018Read More

Former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill once said, "Remember gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne!"

06/07/2018Read More

Did you know Rosé wines are made from dark grapes? However, the skins are removed in processing so the color of the wine is not as dark and deep!

06/05/2018Read More

White wine is a great, healthy alternative to other forms of alcohol. White wine has amazing health benefits!

06/03/2018Read More

Rosé Cocktails are the perfect summer drink, crisp, light and refreshing! They will invigorate you on a hot summers day!

06/01/2018Read More

California, including the famed Napa Valley, hold's the most wineries of any state in the united states. They are the 4th largest producer of wine on the planet!

05/30/2018Read More

Organic wines are made from grapes that were grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, using sustainable methods!

05/28/2018Read More

Vermouth was once treated as a near toxic substance, considered almost poisonous! Now, the unique is available in different styles and flavors to wine lovers and cocktail drinkers alike.

05/26/2018Read More

There are two main varieties of Vermouth which includes: the red (sweet) Vermouth and the white (dry) Vermouth.

05/24/2018Read More

Pinot Blanc is a semi dry white wine very similar to a Chardonnay due to the fact that it has a medium to full body and light flavour.

05/22/2018Read More

North American Women between the ages of 21-50+ are enjoying brunch mimosas at an all time high. The cocktail looks very elegant, yet is simple to make perfectly; it's light, refreshing, and fruity.

05/20/2018Read More

Winemakers are making use of solar panels to reduce their environmental impact and improve operations!

05/18/2018Read More

Did you know that dry red wines are better for you that sweet wines? Try a 2014 Lynmar Estate Quail Hill Vineyard Russina River Valley Pinot Noir!

05/16/2018Read More

The Pinot Noir Grape is named after a pine cone due to it's tight clustered shape, resembling a pine cone! The French name literally translates to "Black Pine Cone!"

05/14/2018Read More

Red wines generally contain less sulfites than their white counterparts! Some people have allergies to Sulfites or lack an enzyme to break them down. If you have trouble drinking white wines, try a red next time.

05/12/2018Read More

The term "vintage" refers to the year the grapes were grown.

05/10/2018Read More

Can't decide on the right wine for your dish. It is always a good bet to pair a regional dish with wine from that region! They were made for eachother.

05/08/2018Read More

Red wine gets lighter as it ages, whereas white wine gets darker with time.

05/06/2018Read More

A prestigious Sommelier; Thomas Jefferson was responsible for selecting wines for the first 5 presidents of the United States.

05/04/2018Read More

There is a winery in every single state in the United States of America. So no matter where you visit, you can find a wine tour.

05/02/2018Read More

A proper oak barrel will cost you between $1000 -$2000. There are over 400 varieties of Oak but only 20 of them are used to create Oak barrels for wine.

04/30/2018Read More

Enjoy Ice Wine and craving a wine tour for your next travel destination? Canada is the worlds leading producer of Ice Wine!

04/26/2018Read More

A Nebuchadnezzar is a bottle of wine that holds 15 liters! That's 20 regular bottles of wine.

04/24/2018Read More

Michael Jackson (Rest In Peace) used to drink wine from Diet Coke cans because he did not want his children to see him drinking wine.

04/22/2018Read More

the mixture of climate and rich soil have created near perfect conditions for wine making. The beautiful open country of New Zealand has released some of the most successful wines of the 21st century

04/20/2018Read More

Portugal is the worlds foremost producer of wine corks!

04/18/2018Read More

While wine tasting, Start by sampling the lightest wines and make your way to the darker ones. This ensures you do not overwhelm your palate with the richness of darker wines.

04/16/2018Read More

Boxed wine is actually much more economically friendly than bottled!

04/15/2018Read More

Move over Sake! China is now the leading global market for consumers of red wine on the planet.

04/12/2018Read More

According to Cornell University Food and Brand Labratory, consumers of wine typically pour 9% more wine into a glass when the wine is white, rather than red.

04/10/2018Read More

Sauvignon Blanc, unoaked Chardonnays, and dry Rieslings are wonderful pairings for acidic foods like salads with vinaigrette or lemony/citrus heavy dishes.

04/08/2018Read More

Sherry wine has existed for thousands of years. Discovered in the Jerez region in Spain, Sherry wine is considered one of the oldest wines still existing in the present day.

04/06/2018Read More

Best tastebuds ever? Richard Juhlin, at a blind taste testing competition for Champagne in Paris, France; was able to correctly identify an unbelievable 43/50 different champagnes. The 2nd place taster could only identify 4/50 correctly.

04/04/2018Read More

California as a state is the 4th largest producer of wine on the planet! Only France, Italy and Spain produce more!

04/02/2018Read More

Queen Elizabeth gifted Prince Charles with an Aston Martin when he turned 21. In 2008, the car was converted to run on bio-fuel made from old wine.

03/31/2018Read More

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest bottle of wine ever produced comes from Switzerland! It is was 13 feet tall and held 3,094 liters of wine! Talk about a night out with the girls!

03/29/2018Read More

Several alarming studies have shown that due to rising temperatures and global warming, The Nappa valley could soon be unable to grow the premium quality grapes for expensive wines.

03/27/2018Read More

For the majority of grape varieties, there is an average of 75 grapes in each cluster.

03/25/2018Read More

If a sommelier ever hands you the cork of a bottle before tasting, it is for examining! The fragmentation of a cork, or presence of mold often indicates a lower quality wine. In many wines, the cork displays dates and other important information.

03/23/2018Read More

Wine tours are the second most popular tourist attraction in California, USA. Disneyland is the only tourist destination with more popularity. Out of 58 total Californian counties, wine is grown and produced in 48 of them.

03/21/2018Read More

Pinot Grigio wine is found on many wine lists due to its versatility in food pairing. It's popularity is only increasing.

03/19/2018Read More

It is theorized that the yeast which lives on the skin of grapes was used to make the first beers!

03/17/2018Read More

Wine Bottles are perfectly designed to do the perfect job, ensuring quality, storing, and allowing wine to age.

03/15/2018Read More

The bubbles in sparkling wines are created in one of 2 ways: By a secondary fermentation process started by adding sugar to an already finished wine. Or, by carbonating the wine, similar to your favorite soda.

03/13/2018Read More

Award winning actress, Helen Mirren's favourite type of wine is the Negroamaro, produced from a grape variety in Puglia, Italy. She mentioned that Negroamaro is simply a delicious red wine.

03/11/2018Read More

California's Wineries are in danger of losing whole harvests of grapes, and weakening grape quality due to climate change!

03/09/2018Read More

Did you know when divers explored the wreck of the titanic years after the tragedy, man bottles within the fabled ship's wine cellar were still in tact!

03/07/2018Read More

Did you know wine contains no cholesterol or fat! Talk about the perfect drink!

03/05/2018Read More

Have you ever heard a wine taster or sommelier describe scents of liquorice, grapefuit, cinnamon or other aromas from a single glass of wine? Grapes alone can produce hundreds of different aromas and tastes!

03/03/2018Read More

Did you know on average, red wines are generally aged longer than white wines.

03/01/2018Read More

Did you know that red grapes have existed longer than white? It is believed that the grapes used to make our favorite white wines actually come from a mutation of the DNA of the red grapes we love so much!

02/25/2018Read More

Did you know that red wines actually become lighter in color as they age?

02/23/2018Read More

$500,000 for a bottle of wine? a 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet was sold for this large pricetag at a charity auction in the Nappa Valley in the year 2000. Containing 34 glasses on wine in it's bottle, that's roughly $14,705 per glass!

02/21/2018Read More

Did you know that the color in red wines come from the skins of the grapes? Try a 2012 Cline Cool Climate Sonoma Coast Syrah today!

02/19/2018Read More

Did you know that young red wines contain higher tannin levels than aged red wines! Higher tannin levels in wine have been linked to better health effects in studies!

02/17/2018Read More

Did you know that wine does not affect your stomach weight like beer? Studies have shown that women who consume 1 glass of wine daily tended to have smaller waistlines than those who didn't! That's a diet choice we can all get on board with!

02/15/2018Read More

Next Halloween you don't need a scary consume to scare trick or treaters! Oenophobia is a phobia defined as the fear of wines!

02/13/2018Read More

The worlds oldest cask of wine is housed in a German museum! It is over 1600 years old!

02/11/2018Read More

Over 8,000 wineries operate within the US. However, few of them are owned by African Americans. Despite this, African American winemakers constitute a talented minority within the industry. African American and minority owned wineries earn major recognition within the industry.

02/09/2018Read More

Did you know that red wine has more health benefits than white? Red wine made with the skin of the grapes contain more anti-oxidants than other wines! Next time you have a cold, skip the rose or medication and go straight for the pinot noir!

02/07/2018Read More

Did you know drinking wine can improve your sex life? Many studies have shown that drinking wine daily have improved the drinkers sex drive, and have even made women enjoy sexual pleasure more than those that do not consume wine!

02/05/2018Read More

Although he might have been the greatest of all time on the ice! Wayne Gretzky's wines have also received prestigious awards; such as his Estate Series Shiraz Cabernet in 2007.

02/03/2018Read More

Woman possess less of an enzyme in the stomach than men that helps metabolize wine; therefore, Women get drunker more quickly off of wine than men.

02/01/2018Read More

The Palate Is Memory Trained And Influenced By Culture. Meaning That Over Your Lifetime, Your Palate Has Developed Likes And Dislikes.

01/01/2018Read More