Wine stains…We’ve all been there.

Wine Stains Cleaning The Necessary Evil DP

For any red wine drinker, wine stains can become a problem at any moment. It is thus essential that you know the best ways in which to remove wine stains. The ease of wine stain removal lies in how long you wait before getting rid of the stains, and what you use.

Wine Stains: Cleaning The Necessary Evil

Wet Stains

By far, these are the simplest stains to get rid of and the faster you move, the easier it gets. Start by sourcing for a solution which can help you in stain removal. Examples include table salt which ranks best and club soda. Additionally, you could use milk, soap, hydrogen peroxide, kitty litter, and hot water.

Table Salt

Next, if using table salt, sprinkle a thick layer over the stain. Be sure to cover the stain in entirety and let the salt sit for at least an hour. As such, the table salt will absorb the wine, making it easy for you to brush off the stain later. However, this method only works when salt gets applied to the stain within two minutes of spillage. At this stage, the wine will not have soaked into the fabric and will quickly get absorbed by salt crystals. Also, you must make haste in a situation where the spill is on a natural material as these materials speedily absorb the wine.

Club Soda

If you are using club soda, start by pouring the drink over the stain. Keep the process up until the color fades away. After this, leave the fabric to dry as you blot out the extra soda. Some people argue that water could work just as well. However, the difference between these two lies in stain lifting agents. Where club soda contains a ton of these, water does not. Club soda also has a low pH, unlike water which tends to be neutral. Weak acids have proven to be excellent at stain removal. Thus, club soda is an ideal option in this regard. However, when going down this route, be sure to use unflavored club soda. Dyes and sugars work toward spreading as opposed to clearing wine stains.

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White wine and baking soda are a lovely combo when it comes to stain removal.

Club Soda & Salt

A combo of club soda and salt further increases your chances of success in removing wine stains. As salt absorbs the wine, club soda works at lifting any stains on the fabric. Thus, the results are more spectacular as opposed to when using one component.


You can also use milk in stain removal. Start by pouring a large amount of it on the fabric and blotting the stain with a paper towel. Be sure not to brush as this will lead to spreading and settling of the dye. In an hour or so, the stain will be no more, and you can go ahead and wash the fabric. Milk works similarly to club soda. However, it can override the stain’s color using its thick white hue.

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is also an excellent option and works within a few moments. Start by pouring some litter onto the stain and holding it down with your hands. Given that kitty litter has tons of dry chemicals, the wine stain will lift easily. However, just like with salt, you need to start the wine removal process within two minutes of spillage. Once you finish, you can vacuum the fabric to get rid of the litter odor.

Hot Water

Sometimes, people opt to use boiling water. If you lack the above options, you can try this technique. Using boiling water, stand a few feet above the stained fabric and pour hot water over it. Continue this procedure until you see the stain fade away, after which you can dry the material. Hot water has been known to set in some stains. However, given that red wine contains fruity ingredients, it works on wine stains. Do not use this method on materials such as silk or wool as they will weaken. Thus, when choosing this method, be sure to look into how it will affect your fabric.

Soap & Hydrogen Peroxide

The last method in this regard is a combination of soap and hydrogen peroxide. Start off by mixing equal parts of the two in a container. Next, sponge the stain with the mixture. You can also opt to spray the mixture onto the wine stain for more coverage and more stain lifting abilities. Afterward, blot the stain with a paper towel, ensuring that you do not rub.

When it comes to wet stains, speed is a crucial component as to how quickly you can remove the stain.

Dry stains

These stains tend to be quite hard to remove as they have already set. Examples of products you can use in this regard are shaving cream, vodka, white wine, and baking soda.

Shaving Cream

If using shaving cream, spray a generous amount on the stain before washing the fabric. The foamy texture in the cream aids in lifting wine stains. Thus, it works like a gem.


Pour vodka on the stain continually as you blot from time to time. The wine stain will fade away in time. Red wine contains color pigments that dissolve in alcohol. As such, stain removal is a breeze with vodka.

White Wine & Baking Soda

White wine and baking soda are a lovely combo when it comes to stain removal. Start by soaking the fabric in white wine before spreading a baking soda paste over the spill. Let the baking soda combo sit for an hour as you periodically moisten it. Once the stain comes off, wash the fabric.

You can also choose to perform wine stain removal by way of cleaning products. However, given the harsh nature of these products, using the options above is the best choice. Good luck!