Minority-Owned Wineries in California are on the rise, and it’s about time!

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If asked to picture the physical description of a winemaker, minority winemakers do not generally come to mind. However, there are many minority-owned wineries in California that are making amazing names for themselves. Many of these minority-owned wineries craft wines award-winning wines, among the best wines in the world. As you can see, their many minority-owned wineries that hold their own in the wine world.

California itself is home to seemingly endless amounts of wineries. From Napa Valley all the way through to the southern and northern tips of the state—there are vineyards everywhere. Winemaking itself is gaining traction all over the world due to its increased consumption globally. This leads to very diverse crowds dipping their toes in the winemaking sea. Not only are they dipping in their toes, but minority-owned wineries are also picking up steam.

For those who do not know, California is wine country. Often times, when one wants to take a wine tour in the United States, California is their ultimate destination. This is due to many different factors. For starters, the entire state is riddled with wineries; even minority-owned wineries. From the North Coast to Napa County, Los Carneros and the Central Coast—there is wine everywhere. Below are some of the top minority winemakers in the state of California.

Minority-Owned Wineries: California

Brown Estate

Brown Estate, located in Napa County, California carved an amazing name for a family-owned minority-owned winery. This location was once an abandoned ranch purchased by the Brown family in 1980. Located in the Eastern hills of the Napa Valley, the ranch was re-done, and vines were planted. For decades they were farmed and then sold to local winemakers. It was not until 1995 that the children of the family got the idea to make their own wine. Thus, a minority-owned winery was born.

The Brown Estate label was officially established in 1996, kicking things off with their delicious Brown Zin. In addition, they also began bottling multiple vintages. As you can see, this minority-owned winery took off like a freight train. As of 2016, they officially bottled their 20th vintage wine! In April 2017 they began offering wine tastings in order to spread the word which has been very successful. Their Brown Zin is the ideal experience in a bottle if you want to support minority winemakers. With your typical zinfandel flavors, this bottle is more complex and darker in color with floral and mineral notes.

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Additionally, it boasts flavors of blueberry, vanilla, plum, and smoked meat.

Charles Wine Company

Found in California’s Lodi Appellation in the Sierra Foothills is the minority-owned winery Charles’ Wine Company. Minority-owned wineries are sprouting up all over Cali, and Charles’ Wine Company is no different. Inspired by wine tasting in Temecula, California, Paul Charles began making wine. While the Charles Wine Company does not offer a tasting room per say, they do offer private tasting parties.

Paul Charles wanted to give people the opportunity to taste many different products. He began by crushing grapes in his own backyard vineyard and bottling Cabernet and Zinfandel. Many minority-owned wineries started from the ground up and these minority winemakers began the same way – by hand. Perhaps their most well-known bottle is the Charles Wine Company Melanin Pinot Noir. With hints of fruit and oak, it is well worth a try.

Indigene Cellars

Another minority winemakers dream, Indigene Cellars is an inspiration. Indigene Cellars embodies the very nature of a family minority-owned winery, full of spirit and dedication. Indigene Cellars impresses wine lovers all over the world with their strict attention to detail. This small minority-owned winery has employees that work diligently to balance their blends and varietals. To put it bluntly: they work until their wine is perfect. This is what excites both them and their customers.

This small, family-run, minority-owned winery works to remain in your memory. They offer all different varieties of wine, each with their own story. Grab a bottle of Indigene Cellar’s Parenthesis Syrah. It has won many accolades and drawn attention from all over the world. With aromas of blackberry, plum, and black pepper—it is quite fragrant. Additionally, it boasts flavors of blueberry, vanilla, plum, and smoked meat. When it comes to minority-owned wineries, and wineries in general; Indigene Cellars holds its own.

Discover Minority-Owned Wineries

Often times we tend to stick to the brands that we know when selecting food and drink. However, sometimes trying minority made goods can be quite the pleasant surprise. There are many a minority-owned winery in California and all over the US. Many of which are well worth your time. Sometimes goodness can be found in the darkest corners and most secretive places.

If you live in the US, why not support locally made goods? Instead of choosing a Barefoot or something more expensive but well-known, give minority winemakers a chance. They are frequently family-owned which means there is a lot of love put into each product. Support locally made goods. Support minority-owned wineries.