Alsace is a region blessed with a rich wine history. Alsace Wineries being some of the best in the world! Germany and France even went to war over the ownership of this wine producing region.

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As such, when visiting Alsace, both German and French architectural styles are present. The residents of this region often speak both dialects, stemming from the long shared history. The wines and foods available also feature a delightful fusion of the two cultures. Furthermore, due to this fusion, Alsace Wineries are among the best in the world.

There is quite a lot to know when it comes to Alsace Wineries. Riesling from Alsace Wineries is so rich and sumptuous. This region has perfected the famous German grape and wine. Aside from Riesling, Alsace is famous for Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Cremant d’Alsace, and Gewurztraminer.

Producers in this region rely on a balance of ripeness and alcohol for a rich flavor. This reliance is in opposition to using oak aging for spice addition and richness. Wines which come from Alsace boast amazing aromatics as well as minerality. Take a look at some of the renowned Alsace Wineries to visit while on a trip to Strasbourg.

The Famed Alsace Wineries

Alsace Hugel Winery


The Hugel family has deep roots in Alsace, with their activities getting traced back to the fifteenth century. Hans Ulrich Hugel settled in Riquewihr in the seventeenth century and took up wine growing. Soon, he had a reputation of being one of the best winegrowers in the region. His son followed in his footsteps and even carved the family crest which features in their logos. Over time, this winery has established a respectable name as one of the best French Wineries in Alsace.

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Hugel receives approximately two million people each year, eager to sample their award-winning wines.

Tastings On Site

Hugel receives approximately two million people each year, eager to sample their award-winning wines. You can schedule a visit to the Riquewihr to take a walk down memory lane. Vehicles do not have access to the area unless you are loading or unloading. Otherwise, you move around the tasting rooms and cellars by foot with the guide of an expert. The tasting room lies next to the wine cellars and is open every day as from nine till noon. It then opens again from one in the afternoon till six in the evening. If you want to tour outside of these hours, prior reservations are necessary. During tastings, you get access to wines that are not on the price list, as well as gift packs.


This winery produces at least one hundred thousand cases of wine per year. Most of their wines get sold on the global market while some get consumed locally. Some of the wines available include Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer. The wines fall under different Hugel classifications such as Hugel Jubilee.

Visit the Hugel and get to sample some of the best French Wines on the market.

Blanck Vins Fins D’Alsace


This winery started out back in the seventeenth century when Hans Blanck purchased some vines in Alsace. Thus, he set the ball rolling for his descendants who perfected the art of wine growing over the years. At present, the winery produces at least two hundred thousand bottles of wine each year. It is no wonder therefore that it is one of the best Alsace Wineries in the market.


At this winery, you will find Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot D’Alsae grape wines. The wines get classified into local wines, wines of varietals and botrytized wines.

Tastings and Tours

Whether you are looking to grow some vines or to sample some wines, there is an event for you. Ranging from touring the vineyards to picnics all the way to Friday tastings, you are set to enjoy Alsace wine. It is significant to note that all these activities require booking beforehand.

Sipp Mack Winery


This winery is a result of a marriage between two wine-growing families. The Sipps and Macks came together following a union between Francois and Marie. Their son Jacques and his wife Laura later took on the business and expanded the business operations. Thus, the Sipp Mack Winery grew to be one of the finest Alsace Wineries at present day.


Wines fall in different categories ranging from Tradition to Old Vines all the way to Grand Cru Rosacker. There are also late harvest wines as well as select wines in store for you. The wine varieties used include Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Cremant D’Alsace.

Tastings on site

Tastings take place as from Monday to Sunday. They start at nine in the morning all through to noon. You can also attend tastings as from two in the afternoon till six in the evening. You must make prior reservations to attend the tastings. A wine expert takes you through the process as you pair the wines with food.

These wineries offer breathtaking views of the vineyards which you can capture as you sip on some Riesling as other wines. You cannot have a representative wine tour of the region, without visiting one or all of these wineries!