To wine lovers, traveling is a duty; finding the holy grail of wines. The holy grail may be located in the French Vineyards of Northern France.

Beautiful French vineyards on Sloping hills, overlooking amazingly clear blue water

Thousands of people are dedicated to touring wine producing regions with the idea of learning about the interesting world of wine. The French Vineyards and Wineries of Northern France are your dream destination.

Complete “wine routes,” try new varieties, observe production processes and, above all, visiting the vineyards, are essential tasks for any wine enthusiast. These wineries and regions in Northern France cannot be missed.

The French Vineyards of Champagne

Lying to the north-east of Paris, Champagne is a historic province. Famed for the self-entitled Champagne sparkling wine.

Champagne was not invented in this region, but Languedoc, in Southern France. However, it was quickly discovered that the climatic conditions in the Champagne region produced better wine than southern regions.

The most famous  French vineyards of Champagne are located on the chalky hills to the south-west of Reims region. An area home to some of the major Champagne producers, such as Taittinger, Moët & Chandon, and Perrier-Jouët. Due to tourism, many wine tours and tastings are available.


With amazing history, Lorraine remains a large tourist attraction in France. In particular, its geographical position has always generated controversy due to its proximity to Luxembourg and Germany. In fact, half of the inhabitants of this region speak French, and the other half, located to the east, speak German.

Despite the various benefits of this territory and its great tourist potential, wine is not one of the most important elements. Except for a small region in the border area with Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, called Moselle Valley.

This valley, formed by the Moselle River, is one of the most important regions of white wine production. Many amazing French Vineyards live along the waters of the Moselle. “Moselle wine” is produced in three countries and is the heart of the wine industry in Luxembourg. The best, coming from French vineyards.

Many beautiful wineries are located in Moselle, Lorraine.

Looking for something to eat with these amazing wines? Try a mouthwatering, french Beef Bourguignon!

In reality, Burgundy holds the perfect climate for grape growing and wine production.


Known as the center of northern France, Centre-Val-De-Loire is full of beautiful vineyards, and amazing wines!

Characterized by the low-lying valleys of the river Loire, this region is famed due to a great number of vineyards. These famed vineyards produce unique white wines, including the sparkling whites of Touraine and Vouvray. Recognized for its vineyards, areas such as Pouilly-Fumé, Sancerre and Valençay shine.

Vineyards and wineries with high-quality wines are commonplace in Loire. The Loire Valley Wine Tour is iconic of this region. Offering unique tours, related to wine, traditions, and the culture of Loire and Northern France.

Notably, some of the famous wineries are Vinitour Centre-Loire, Chateau Gaudrelle Vins de Vouvray, Troglo Degusto, Cave Eric Louis. However, there are hundreds of places you can visit and taste a great wine.


Part of the central region of France, Burgundy may be the best known, and greatest on this list. Bordered by the Loire river to the west, and Champagne to the east. In reality, Burgundy holds the perfect climate for grape growing and wine production.

The world-famous Burgundy vineyards produce some of the most prestigious and expensive wines in the world. Specifically, the top wines are mostly produced on a narrow strip of land running south from Dijon, on the western fringe of the Saône plain, in the Côtes de Nuits and the Côtes de Beaune vineyard areas. Furthermore, these include names such as Gevrey-Chambertin, Vosne-Romanée, Pommard, Volnay and Clos Vougeot.

Some of the best vineyards are quite small. Protected by years of tradition, dedication, and passion for wine.

The Best Of Wine Experiences

Ultimately, France has many historical sites where wine is hand in hand with culture and tradition. New stories, experiences and flavors will help in the growth and continuance of French wine culture. In the end, if you are a wine lover, Northern France is a must-visit destination.