Thousands of people travel every year to discover new countries, places, cultures, traditions and more. French Vineyards in southern France are your next dream destination.

Amazing french vineyards on a beautiful summer day, white clouds and green grape vines

Wine tourism is extremely popular. Wine enthusiasts travel around the world searching for new types, flavors, aromas, and the best wines.

French Vineyards are among the best in the world, and certainly boast some of the oldest wineries and vineyards in existence.

France is one of the most historic wine producers, with grape cultivation and wine production before Medieval Period. They have some of the largest and richest vineyards in Europe, and beautiful French wine regions to enjoy just off of French highways. Furthermore, these French vineyards and wineries dominate Southern France.

Domaine Les Cascades

Located in Ribaute, by a small town in Languedoc-Rosellón, Domaine Les Cascades is a cozy bed & breakfast. Four minutes away from the beach and 3km away from Lagrasse, one of the most beautiful locations in France.

Domaine Les Cascades stands out for its organic wine. A little vineyard with only six acres breeds a very familiar and traditional environment. It houses a winery with a decent variety, and amazing quality of wine. Furthermore, the land is fertilized by the owner pets.

Domaine Treloar

The second spot on our list is located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. In the town of Roussillon. Suprisingly, Domaine Treloar has an amazing range of wines to choose from, despite the limited size of its vineyard.

First, the owners do all the work in the vineyards and winery themselves. Secondly, efforts are made to create the best wine at lower costs possible, though quantities are very limited.

Ultimately, The reputation of the wines produced from this vineyard are amazing. Furthermore, the wines can be found tables of Michelin-star restaurants around the world. Definitely, one of the best spots in Southern France.

Look out for French Canadian wines! An interesting take on the classics!

The 13 grape varieties of Chateau de Beaucastel vineyards are utilized separately, in order to reveal their character, aromas and originality.

Chateau de Beaucastel

Chateau de Beucastel is one of the most visited wineries in Provence. Created alongside the Rhone river over the years, this vineyard produces wine of great quality and variety.

130 hectares dedicated to grape wine farming generates more than 10 different types of Grand Vin wines. However, to taste the wines of Chateau de Becaustel, an appointment is needed.

For one thing, highly sophisticated Production methods create amazing wines. First, carefully hand-picked grapes produce the best wines. Manual picking is the only way. The 13 grape varieties of Chateau de Beaucastel vineyards are utilized separately, in order to reveal their character, aromas and originality.

Chateau la Canorgue

This French vineyards location at the heart of the Luberon Regional Natural Park, between Avignon and Aix in Provence is gorgeous. Chateau la Canorgue maintains a wine tradition well protected  and developed by five generations over the last 200 years.

Most important thing about Chateau la Canorgue’s production process is that forbids any form of chemical of their wines. Chaetau la Canorgue creates only organic wines.

5 types of red wines, 2 of white wines and 2 more of rose wines covers its variety selection of quality wine. Their wines have won awards all over the world.

Chateau de Valflaunès

13 hectares constantly produce a great variety of quality wines. For this reason, the land has provided owner, Fabien Rouboul, with several awards for his range of wines.

Chateau de Valflaunès beautiful scenic location at the bottom of Montferrand Castle, in Montpellier. In addition, they create six varieties of wine since 1998: Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Roussane and Marsanne.

Importantly, This beautiful vineyard stands out due to quality and organic production. Importantly, the grapes are carefully selected by manual harvest. In the end, you can really taste the care and dedication in each bottle.

French Vineyards: An Experience You Must Live

Ultimately, France is a must-visit country for wine enthusiasts. Culture and traditions surrounding the food and wine are a never ending roller coaster. Of course, the trip will take planning to see all of the beautiful sites. Southern France is a wine oasis.