Hawke’s Bay was New Zealand’s first wine-producing region, the first grapes were planted in the 1850s. Now, the Region produces the best New Zealand Wines available.

New Zealand Wines Of Hawke's Bay: Wineries

It is also known as the best region for New Zealand wines, and one of the best wine regions worldwide. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec wines are the highlights of Hawke’s Bay and have been for generations.

A wine tour or tasting in Hawke’s Bay is a unique experience that one must see for themselves. This premier wine destination is the perfect spot for all wine enthusiasts who are serious about their grapes. The warm and dry climate makes for ideal growing conditions, resulting in the best New Zealand wines.

When planning your next trip to New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay, don’t miss out on a wonderful wine experience. Stop in at any of these wineries to get a taste of the craft that Hawke’s Bay has perfected over decades.

New Zealand Wines and The Wineries of Hawke’s Bay

Craggy Range Winery

Craggy Range Winery won an award for the best winery in the world in 2014 by Wine Enthusiast. Evident by the quality of wines produced, this winery has reached unbelievable heights. Craggy Range Winery and their expert staff have dedicated their lives to the minute details involved in winemaking. Passion, dedication, attention for detail and love go into every step of the winemaking process. This iconic producer of New Zealand wines resides in a modern structure in the countryside. As well, this beautiful mixture of rustic and contemporary qualities make Craggy Range Winery a must-visit.

This winery utilizes high-tech wine producing methods to ensure the most gentle treatment of their valuable grapes. Furthermore, With over four cellars, amazing grapes expertly processed, create wines that New Zealanders and the world love. As well, he adjoined restaurant is also award-winning. Enjoy a delicious lunch and wine tasting all at one breathtaking venue!

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As the “birthplace of New Zealand wines,” Mission Estate is one of the most often-visited wineries in the country.

Mission Estate

As the oldest winery in New Zealand, Mission Estate has quite a reputation to live up to. They do this in spectacular form with thoughtful wine-crafting processes to deliver the best flavor in each glass or bottle. Traditional techniques paired with modern technology makes for some of the most well-rounded New Zealand wines that you will ever enjoy.

As the “birthplace of New Zealand wines,” Mission Estate is one of the most often-visited wineries in the country. Located within the vineyards is a three-story farmhouse that serves as accommodation for winery guests. Mission Estate is also a fabulous wedding destination, as their services include a full wedding package.

For your visit, you can enjoy private or self-guided tours, as well as tours complete with a chef’s platter. There is no shortage of ways to enjoy the impeccable wine crafting skills of those at Mission Estate.

Moana Park Winery

First, this five-star producer of New Zealand wines focuses on a natural approach to treating their grapes. Secondly, before enjoying a tasting of Moana Park Winery’s organic wines, take an organized, guided tour first. Many visitors say that they have learned more about wine production here than at any other winery. The staff of Moana Park takes wine quite seriously, and they’ve got an arsenal of knowledge to prove it. This knowledge, they will happily pass along to their guests.

Vegans and individuals with dietary restrictions appreciate Moana Park Winery, as their wines are organic and vegan-friendly.

The preference of white or red wines does not matter here. Moana Park Winery produces wines that please with impeccable flavor, style, and hospitality. Ultimately, this winery is a must visit!

Church Road Winery, Cellar Door & Restaurant

Church Road is an immersive wine experience unlike any other. Their belief is that the environment in which you enjoy your wine impacts its taste. Traditional winemaking techniques are used here to produce the best-tasting New Zealand wines in true form.

Winery tours end with delicious wine tastings, but that is not all there is to enjoy at Church Road. This winery is host to many events, weddings, and conferences. Their on-site restaurant is also something to be experienced. A la carte lunches make for a traditional wine-and-lunch experience that you will not soon forget.

New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay is a well-established center of the wine world, and for good reason. The uniquely dry and warm climate makes for some of the best wine grapes any wine producer could get their hands on. And they are glad to share their craft with visitors from far and wide. There are many wineries in the region, so this list is far from exhaustive. However, if you are interested in getting your hands on some authentic New Zealand wines, this list is a great starting point. Above we have highlighted the best-reviewed and most popular wineries in the Hawke’s Bay region. When you plan your next visit, make sure to add at least one of these venues to your itinerary!