Buenos Aires has one of the most unique night life scenes on the planet. It is truly an incredible city with an ever-growing list of restaurants and hot-spots for enjoying Argentinean wine.

A group of friends cheers with glasses of amazing Argentinean wine!

Argentina is a wine powerhouse, not only do their restaurants and bars highlight Argentinean wine, but offerings from around the world. There are spots to please every wine lover, with massive or specialized wine lists and the ability to please both the biggest wine experts and newcomers. A beautiful wine can make one feel alive and fill our hearts with joy. Here’s a list of some of the best spots to hit in Buenos Aires if you want to drink unbelievable wines and enjoy your night on the town.

Argentinean Wine Hot-spots:


Trova proves that a link between wine and youth is can create an amazing environment. They offer more than 200 wine choices on a weekly rotation.  Trova provides a fresh and youthful atmosphere that mixes wine, jazz, exquisite appetizers, and even cocktails all focused around the wines served. With this beautiful idea in mind, is the place to be in the evenings (opening at 6PM). Try this amazing wine bar next time you are in Buenos Aires!


With a small but luxurious wine bar with offerings from Argentina, Germany, Italy, the USA and many others. Salumeria excels at combining the international factors from the wine with the great gastronomic representation of Argentinean grill: pork, Sausage, Blood Sausage, among others to say the least. This is one beautiful spot that focuses solely on atmosphere, wine and food.

ldos offers more than 600 bottles on their wine menu that have been blindly tasted by Mr. Aldo Graziani and his team of sommeliers.

Algodon Wine Bar:

Built in 1912, in the heart of La Recoleta. This five-star hotel features an equally amazing restaurant and  wine bar. Easily recognized as one of the most elegant bars in the city. This restaurant has paired itself hand by hand with the Algodon Wine Estate vineyard, located in San Rafael, Mendoza. They display of an exquisite selection of their own production lines, making emphasis in the best of their private selection and other prized  Argentinian wines. They also provide wine tastings accompanied with various cheeses, meats, home bread and olive oils coming from their own estate.

Buenos Aires is not the only home of delicious wines. In Argentina, the country is filled with beautiful spots to drink wine!

Lo de Joaquín Alberdi:

This beautiful establishment has been active more than 10 years. Lo de Joaquín Alberdi is a focal point for Argentinean Wine. The  restaurant holds over 500 unique vintages of Argentinean wine in its collection. Additionally, with rarities unique to their collection, every visit is always unforgettable. Attended by its owner and a selected group of oenologists, the facilities offer several tastings, including Vino y Asado days with Joaquin Alberdi himself expertly cooking grilled meats and pairing the best wines with them for your enjoyment. Lo de Joaquín Alberdi has a covered terrace for events, tours and private tastings.

Furthermore, in between all of their activities, which vary daily. They participate yearly in Malbec’s week, and they even prepare for the Anti-Malbec’s week at the end of each year. This festival honors all other grape variants in Argentina. You can also accompany your wine with a typical Picada plate, an Argentinean appetizer, and enjoy your stay in the establishment, or bring everything to the comfort of your house. Unbelievable wines coupled with expertly cooked Argentine classics help to solidify the amazing experience in this beautiful establishment.

Ser Y Tiempo:

In the perfect union between wine producer and taster. On their menu you can enjoy rare and lesser known Argentinian wines. Ser Y Tiempo promotes distancing themselves from big wine companies so the unknown jewels can be discovered. At Ser y Tiempo you can fall in love with Argentinian wines in the most direct way possible, and enjoy a variety of local dishes and appetizers they have created to pair with the beautiful wines they showcase.

Gran Bar Danzon:

This legendary bar showcases more than 350 different wines, from local Argentinean wine to world renowned vintages. They rotate the wines in selections of 20, available for quick-tasting each week. First of all, with a beautiful lounge, they alternate DJ’s live presentations and other amazing performances that vary between Jazz and Psychedelic Funk. They offer famous and delicious Sushi, Salmon, Flounder Ceviche, and Lam Ravioli to pair with the wines. Additionally, in their bar, where all bottles of Argentinean wine are exhibited, their sommeliers and bartenders give excellent wine and cocktail recommendations.


Aldos offers more than 600 bottles on their wine menu that have been blindly tasted by Mr. Aldo Graziani and his team of sommeliers. This establishment offers an unbelievable environment, with chef made farm to table meals, live music, outstanding decor, atmosphere, and tastings offered every night. On top of this, they are open Sundays for a special kindergarten with musical activities for children so parents can come and enjoy an amazing wine experience, even with a busy schedule. No need for a babysitter! Talk about a parents paradise!

Buenos Aires has unbelievable establishments highlighting amazing Argentinean wine. From bars to pubs, the city offers a plethora of wine tasting and drinking opportunities for every wine lover. These establishments are some of the best the city has to offer, but like wines; there are amazing jewels waiting to be discovered!