Venezuelan Wine is a beautiful fermented drink highly in demand because of the sheer pleasure and depth of flavor that comes from each sip.

An amazing display of Venezuelan wine with beautiful appetizers awaiting to be eaten!

Wine goes hand in hand with the history of humanity. Successfully seducing the effervescent palate of the Greeks, Egyptians, and peoples the world around. Venezuelan wine stands out today as some of the worlds most beautiful wine.

The social dimension that opens a bottle of wine is what most stimulates the appetite for this drink. A bottle of wine ends up being tremendously special for example for a love dating. Without that bottle it would definitely not be the same. A barbecue with friends at home, especially if you are enjoying a sporting event. All of these events are brightened and moods improved with wine.

Wine sought after due to the status it provides, a way to feed the vanity and the ego of any person since the rich drink comes full of praise and sophisticated words. Here we bring you a small list of the best places in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas, where you can enjoy the best glasses of wine or whole bottles.

The Best Venezuelan Wine Venues In Caracas:

La Huerta:

La Huerta stands out due to its prestigious underground wine cellar. Tables are able to enjoy their specialty in Spanish meals and the great variety of Argentine, Chilean and Venezuelan wines. Its Spanish atmosphere transports you to the most recondite and exciting places of enjoyment of the European country; in addition, it offers excellent service and attention. Different areas with varying atmospheres allow customers to feel comfortable. Tables at La Huerta allow you to look into the restaurant’s kitchen while enjoying amazing Venezuelan wine. Located at Francisco Solano López Avenue with Erminy Avenue in Sabana Grande.

It is recognized as the home of the Hatillan wine, as it stands out highly in the locality for its red wines from Argentina, Chile, and Spain

La viña del Señor:

located on the terrace level of the San Ignacio Shopping Center, in Chacao, Caracas. It is a perfect little spot to enjoy a good wine, in fact, you can be part of their wine tastings by countries, organized twice a month with red wines and cocktails, reserving a quota in advance. The site has wine lovers as target customer because of their highlight range of options for bottles or glasses from the most popular and commercial wines to those unusual and quite interesting options that you could not find in any liquor store. In addition, its owner Luis Elias, can guide you between the options and suggest a good Venezuelan wine.


located at the end of the Av. Las Mercedes, in the shopping center Paseo Las Mercedes, Trasnocho Level. It is a new space where you can easily taste wines from a bar of wines and services that revolve around the world of this drink. They offer premium wines, served in a glass or in a bottle. It is widely known for its tastings and discussions held periodically, in addition to a weekly sommelier in which they provide advice to clients about wines and snacks to accompany. In truth, an experience to enjoy.

Le Gourmet.

Undoubtedly, it offers the largest wine cellar in Caracas, in fact, it is the only one with international accreditation, the Wine Spectator Magazine Award of Excellence, which has already given recognition for two consecutive years to its wine cellar as the best in Venezuela. Located at the end of the Main Avenue of Las Mercedes in the Tamanaco Intercontinental hotel, in Caracas.

Venezuela has a robust wine culture and industry, read about it now!

De Casta – Life & Food:

A gastronomic Boutique, De Casta has imported products and a restaurant with delights. But the most important thing is that it has a wide shelf with a range of Argentinian, Chilean, and European wines and in a small space they show those wines of great reserve. Located in the commercial center Tamanaco city of Caracas.

Casa 22:

located on Sucre street in the south of Bolívar Square in El Hatillo. It is recognized as the home of the Hatillan wine, as it stands out highly in the locality for its red wines from Argentina, Chile, and Spain, besides allowing you to connect your passion for wine with good live music after 10 o’clock in the night, the atmosphere is fantastic and the service unbeatable.


The highly recognized British magazine “Restaurant” ranked Alto #25 among the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. Four to five kinds of wines per glass are offered every day, and additionally, they offer an excellent variety of reds, whites, sweet wines and champagne. It is located at Los Palos Grandes Av.