Argentinian soil is one of the most optimal for the grape vine, globally. Argentina has become a wine paradise, producing Argentinean wine of incomparable quality.

An amazing sunset overlooking a beautiful Argentinean winery, ready to produce Argentinean Wine.

Considering this natural gift, the plants were brought during colonial times, followed by the arrival of Spanish, French, and Italian immigrants. These immigrants and colonists were highly qualified in the production of wine. In Argentina, all the pieces were in place for the production of some of the highest quality wine worldwide. This is exactly what makes wine lovers the world over, travel to Argentina, to discover each unique, beautiful vineyard where the famous New World Wines are made. Furthermore, If you are a wine lover, Argentina invites you to take this journey! In other words, be ready to visit extensive wine cellars, and beautiful vineyards across this breathtaking country, while enjoying the glorious bounty of Argentinean wine.

Mendoza: The Most Famous Argentinean Wine Region

Grape production of Mendoza traces its origins back to 1853. The region has an amazing history of producing the most well known of Argentinean Wine. The Frenchman Michel Aime Pouget imported French grape varieties and wine-making methods from his country. His intention was to develop a modern wine industry. Pouget chose Mendoza specifically for his project: its weather and topography make it the perfect place for viniculture.

As a result, this rich wine history is a source of pride for Mendoza’s inhabitants. Furthermore, so proud of the fruit of their land are the residents, they annually hold an event called Fiesta de la Vendimia on the first Saturday of March. During the festivities, there are parades and grills/barbecues, wine sellers can interact and promote their products with the residents and tourists who come from all over. Talk about a region that celebrates their wine culture! All things considered, Mendoza is a wine paradise.

Here’s a list of the most interesting vineyards of Mendoza:

Ultimately, touring wineries in Argentina is a truly diverse and unforgettable experience.

Bodegas Crotta:

On only 210 hectares of vineyard and many variants of grapes grown there for more than 80 years, Bodegas Crotta winery offers high quality Argentinean wine with a tradition. Offering many wines, including Argentinean wine made from Moscatel, the famous Argentinean Malbec, Syrah, Tempranillo, Chardonnay, and others. You can taste them in their beautiful hall Espacio Guillermina.

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Algodon Wine Estates:

Located at the foot of Sierra Pintada Mountain in San Rafael, the Algodon vineyards span 830 hectares. With vineyards dating back to the 1940s, this Winery is truly amazing. An amazing tourist attraction, Algodon Wine Estates truly has something to offer for everyone. First, an extensive wine cellar and tastings. Secondly, the estate includes a beautiful resort, excellent restaurants, and a variety of recreational activities such as golf and horseback riding. For this reason, there is something every member of your family will love.

Casa Bianchi:

Founded in 1928, the Bianchi family have dedicated themselves to the creation of high quality wines. First, Casa Bianchi displays dedication and a profound respect not only for the grapes and land on which they grow, but for the customer as well. As one of the leading wineries nationally, the company has managed to fuse their storied, artisan history, with the latest in modern technology. They offer tours through their wine cellar, touching on the tastings of wine, how to tell great wines from the pack and more; this tour finishes in their Wine store. Here, you can purchase the beautiful vintages you have tasted to bring home to your loved ones and friends, and enjoy unique, unforgettable appetizers with them.

Bodegas Salentein:

If there is a place in Argentina that honors art, gastronomy and love for wine, it is Bodegas Salentein. Spectacular views of the vineyards aside, it is a true cultural and gastronomic center within the grounds of the winery called Killka. There, you can enjoy an amazing collection of Argentinian contemporary art, including 19th century Dutch art. Their prestigious restaurant offers regional cuisine with fresh ingredients that are grown locally. Bodegas Salentein offers beautiful tours of the grounds, winery, and cellar.  Waking up with the sunrise on one of the most beautiful vineyards in South America, delicious food, exquisite art and outstanding wines, what more could you ask for? For this reason, you must visit if given the opportunity.


Patagonian wines have recently established themselves as one of the best in the Argentinean wine market. Every day there are more wineries established in the South of Argentina due to the amazing climate. Additionally, the weather of this region, distinguished for being dry, having a small amount rain and high thermal amplitude, favors growing vineyards greatly. We can find a lot of grape variants in Patagonia, but the most remarkable are Merlot and Pinot Noir. Excluding 3 or 4 big cellars, they are in general small and cozy in this region.

Bodega del Fin del Mundo:

The Viola family have managed to take advantage of each growing season, producing amazing wines every single year. Bodega del Fin del Mundo offers visitors a unique interaction with their vineyard. Depending on which season you visit them; you can enjoy of different expositions, tastings, and guided tours. For those who love to get into the action, you may even being able to participate in harvesting the grapes.

Schroeder Family Winery:

The Schroeder family winery offers a truly unique experience. You can take a guided tour through their wine cellars, learning about and tasting beautiful vintages. In essence, what makes their tour unforgettable is the giant dinosaur fossils that were discovered on the property on display in their cellar. It is an out of this world experience. Finally, allowing visitors to participate in the harvesting of the grapes, this winery delivers an amazing experience unlike any other.

Ultimately, touring wineries in Argentina is a truly diverse and unforgettable experience. As shown above, Argentina has a wide range of wineries in every region to choose from. With world renowned wines produced, and amazing local cuisine paired with it; you will not only taste the country as you explore it, but get a deeper connection to the country and its vinicultural history. All in all, Argentina is a wine lovers dream.