The best German wineries are on the steep hillsides of the country, as grapes exposed to the sun and the unique soil found in these landscapes make for the best taste.

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Along the sun-dappled hills are the most premier wineries of Germany, where visitors will get a taste of true German wine craftsmanship. This is especially true of Riesling since Germany is host to over half of the world’s overall Riesling acreage.

Over the past twenty-five years, the country has undergone something of a wine revolution. Dry wines now make up nearly half of German wines produced, which is almost double the number of dry wines produced by the country in 1985. The wine game is uniquely changing in the countrysides of Germany and the rest of the world is enjoying the fruits of this “wine revolution.”

But don’t just take my word for it! There are over 13 wine regions within the country’s borders. Germany is a force of wine production that can’t be ignored, and you won’t be able to when you visit for yourself. When you schedule your next trip to German wine country, make sure to set some time aside to visit any of these German wineries! Together with the beautiful scenery of the German hills, German wines are meant to be enjoyed by all.

German Wineries: One Day Road Trip

Weingut Eduard Kroth

Over the span of 19 generations and 515 years, Weingut Eduard Kroth has been a premier producer of German wines. This winery produces the finest German wines in oaken barrels and in true old-school tradition. Coupled with top-notch production methods, this Briedel winery offers tastings of their productions. Like with most other German wineries, the Riesling is really where it’s at. They offer education about the wines they make and will even ship their wines! You get a taste of Germany no matter where you are.

Considerate personnel in addition to expert sommeliers and an on-site B&B makes this the perfect tourist destination for wine lovers. If you have the time, you can learn all there is to know about this winery and its rich history. Weingut Eduard Kroth is one of the most historic and significant German wineries still in operation. There is no doubt about it.

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Villa Wolf produces wines in a minimalist and natural way. Correspondingly, this leaves the natural flavors and aromas of their grapes as untouched as possible.

Weingut Villa Wolf

In the Pfalz region of Germany resides Weingut Villa Wolf. This centuries-old winery has produced numerous award-winning wines, particularly Rieslings. The crisp and uniquely ripe fruity flavors stem from tradition and years of work. Riesling isn’t their only claim to fame, as Weingut Villa Wolf also produces Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer, and Dornfelder. Their Pinot Gris is definitely worth sparing a second thought (and glass). In 2015, Villa Wolf’s Pinot Gris placed #15 in Wine Enthusiast’s list of 100 best buys. You don’t get that kind of recognition unless your product is something special.

Villa Wolf produces wines in a minimalist and natural way. Correspondingly, this leaves the natural flavors and aromas of their grapes as untouched as possible. The wine is simple yet distinctive. It is bound to make an impression at your next wine tasting, as well as any trip around Pfalz.

Weingut Nik Weis St. Urbans-Hof

The Weiss family behind Urbans-Hof winery is the leading authority on Riesling. Although their presence isn’t hundreds of years old, yet they have left a big impact on the world of German wine imports. The wine list consists of dozens of wines, many exported worldwide. You can also visit the winery for tastings and pairings. I highly recommend this, as it imparts the most complete impression of a German wine experience.

Urbans-Hof uses only the oldest vineyards, no younger than sixty years old. Because of their unique processes, their wine is infused with a complexity that’s rare to find in other Rieslings. Natural yeast in the fermentation process adds to the natural German flavors of their wines.

Weingut Gunderloch

This winery is the gem of the Rheinhessen region, as Gunderloch produces 85% Riesling on 24 hectares of vineyard. Cautious pruning, low yields and the unique growing conditions of this region make for the ideal Riesling. As one of the oldest German wineries, Gunderloch has played a heavy hand in the definition of what makes for good wine. Aromatic wines with a fruity acidity come from these vineyards.

Wine tastings are the specialty at this winery, where you get a chance to savor a taste of genuine German wine-crafting in a wine-focused environment. Upon your first sip, you’ll see why Gunderloch has received numerous prestigious, international awards. Similarly, you’ll never want to go back to drinking anything else!

German wineries are the worldwide authorities on all things Riesling. Lovers of this fruity, aromatic concoction shouldn’t miss out on a chance to try it at the source. These four wineries have taken their craft to the next level. Producing the highest-quality Rieslings and other wines from German hillsides, they’ve left a lasting impression on the wine world.