Red wine is as diverse if not more diverse than the collection of white wines that are out there. Red wine varieties span an array of red wine taste, depth, and flavors.

As with almost any other wine out there, there are several factors that come into play when you are choosing a wine. Some of us are well educated on wine and know exactly what the red wine taste is down to every note.

On the other hand, there are those of us who do not know nearly all there is to know about wine. We need help planning the proper choice of wine out of all the red wine varieties available today. Choosing the right wine is not only great for flavor, but for pairing with celebrations or specific dinners.

Full-bodied red wines

Sometimes we do not want a timid drink. In fact, some days call for a downright full-bodied, stiff drink. For those occasions there are red wine varieties to fit the bill like you would not believe. Often times, these types of wine are on the higher end of the alcohol scale and should be consumed responsibly.

Cantena Malbec 2015

If you are a fan of the more full-bodied red wine taste, then you have undoubtedly heard of Malbec. This particular selection of the red wine varieties is more than affordable and is quite palatable. Ranked highly among the wine community, this wine tastes of deep, dark fruits, and lavender. It is the ideal choice for pairing with a nice, juicy, grilled steak or pasta with marinara sauce.

Ridge Pagani Ranch Zinfandel 2015

Coming to us from Sonoma County, California is the perfect Zinfandel assuming you appreciate tradition. This full-bodied red provides a hefty red wine taste perfect for fans of a good, tart, classic Zinfandel. With intense flavors comparable to licorice, sweet spices, and blackberry layered perfectly, there is an exquisite result. If I were to choose a Zinfandel with a red wine taste like this, I’d pair it with your choice of red meats.

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It is deep in color and features a fragrant bouquet of lively scents. This Beaujolais has a wonderful structure and depth with a light acidity and flavors of fruity jams.

Wild Game Wine Pairing: The Basics

The wild game wine pairing is complex, due to the complexity of the protein involved. However, a beautiful glass of wine is the perfect compliment to any meal with game!

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Tofu wine pairing

Any great tofu dish is only made better by wine! Therefore, you should also think about the wine you serve with the meal.

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Become an expert wine server

Practice the technique of serving and pouring wine until it becomes easy. In particular, make sure you can uncork and serve wine bottles while displaying both grace and brilliance.
Wine etiquette and method of service differ from region to region. So, you must learn the various service methods practiced across the globe. Extensive reading on global wine etiquette and constant practice is the best way to pick up and refine this skill.

Work in the wine industry

Working in the industry allows you to get first-hand learning experience on the tricks-and tools-of-the-trade. You can work either in, a wine-bar, a wine-driven restaurant, and a catering business. Or, as a hotel banquet staff and in a tasting room.

The main task is to find a wine establishment with qualified wine personnel, who can train the new workers. Notably, establishments that;

  • Offer staff wine tasting training
  • Have advancement opportunities
  • Pay or reimburse staff for Intro wine exams and give perks for increased wine sales
  • Often change their wine list

Network and Travel

Networking is beneficial as it provides opportunities to get mentors and also form beneficial relationships in the industry. Furthermore, the relationships you form during networking events are excellent for gaining different insights into wine.

Travel to understand a wine region-and, thus, a wine. Visit as many wine regions as you can, ensuring you meet the winemakers, taste the wine and absorb the wine culture.

Sommelier Course

A certified sommelier is more attractive for hiring in the industry. Moreover, certification proves you are not only knowledgeable; you also have experience and can apply what you learned. Therefore, although certification is not a compulsory requirement, it’s important.

Today, you can take a sommelier course from any of the many organizations that offer sommelier training and certifications. Including, Court of Master Sommeliers, Society of Wine Educators, The Sommelier Society of America, International Sommelier Guild, Wine & Spirit Education Trust and American Sommelier Association. The institutions offer 1-6 courses costing $350 – $7,500, depending on the sommelier course you take.

When picking an institution to get your sommelier certification, you need to assess the course framework. Making sure the course provides an excellent opportunity to learn the theory and practical aspect of the profession. Pick a course that helps you to understand and appreciate wine. And avoid a sommelier course that emphasizes cramming to pass the exam.
Top sommeliers highly recommend the sommelier courses offered by the U.K.-based organization Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), the American Sommelier Association and Sommelier Society of America.

Sommelier training opens doors to a range of amazing work opportunities and improves your wine experiences. Therefore, it’s an invaluable endeavor for both amateurs and professionals in the wine industry. Hence, the training is extremely competitive and requires a high dedication to learning, a deep interest in wine and love of serving people. Don’t join the profession if your drive is money.