Minority-Owned Wineries in California are on the rise, and it’s about time!

If asked to picture the physical description of a winemaker, minority winemakers do not generally come to mind. However, there are many minority-owned wineries in California that are making amazing names for themselves. Many of these minority-owned wineries craft wines award-winning wines, among the best wines in the world. As you can see, their many minority-owned wineries that hold their own in the wine world.

California itself is home to seemingly endless amounts of wineries. From Napa Valley all the way through to the southern and northern tips of the state—there are vineyards everywhere. Winemaking itself is gaining traction all over the world due to its increased consumption globally. This leads to very diverse crowds dipping their toes in the winemaking sea. Not only are they dipping in their toes, but minority-owned wineries are also picking up steam.

For those who do not know, California is wine country. Often times, when one wants to take a wine tour in the United States, California is their ultimate destination. This is due to many different factors. For starters, the entire state is riddled with wineries; even minority-owned wineries. From the North Coast to Napa County, Los Carneros and the Central Coast—there is wine everywhere. Below are some of the top minority winemakers in the state of California.

Minority-Owned Wineries: California

Brown Estate

Brown Estate, located in Napa County, California carved an amazing name for a family-owned minority-owned winery. This location was once an abandoned ranch purchased by the Brown family in 1980. Located in the Eastern hills of the Napa Valley, the ranch was re-done, and vines were planted. For decades they were farmed and then sold to local winemakers. It was not until 1995 that the children of the family got the idea to make their own wine. Thus, a minority-owned winery was born.

The Brown Estate label was officially established in 1996, kicking things off with their delicious Brown Zin. In addition, they also began bottling multiple vintages. As you can see, this minority-owned winery took off like a freight train. As of 2016, they officially bottled their 20th vintage wine! In April 2017 they began offering wine tastings in order to spread the word which has been very successful. Their Brown Zin is the ideal experience in a bottle if you want to support minority winemakers. With your typical zinfandel flavors, this bottle is more complex and darker in color with floral and mineral notes.

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Additionally, it boasts flavors of blueberry, vanilla, plum, and smoked meat.

Inspect Bottles

You may think that you are not in a good wine shop based on its appearance. However, flipping some bottles will help you figure out how reliable their products are. If you see names such as Kermit Lynch, you can thank your lucky stars as you are in good hands. In such a case, you can freely choose from the selections, and you are sure to enjoy the product.

Pay Attention To Labels & Packaging

Most good wines come in 750 ml packaging with little aesthetic improvements. Thus, if you see a wine packaged in sparkly, ostentatious labels, be sure to stay away. The chances are high that the product does not match the labeling and you will be disappointed.

Think Global

While it is true that there are cheap wines in the USA, it is quite hard to find them. Thus, you are better off looking for affordable wines from other regions in the world. Take an example of Chile and France. With about thirteen dollars in hand, you can get a high-quality wine.

Wine-Specific Shops

It is quite easy to enter a store, grab a bottle, check out and head out without much thought. However, it is more rewarding to spend more time in the selection. It not only allows you to get the most delicious wine but also saves you some money.


In the case of a quality wine shop, talking to the experts around is quite helpful. The first thing you want to get out of the way is how much you wish to spend. Given that the attendants cannot read your mind, it is best to get them on the same page. Whether you are looking for a wine costing 10 dollars or 30, they will get something for you. It also helps them narrow down their selections to those within your range. The word affordable does not cut it, and you do need to be specific regarding your budget.

Visual Images

Suppose you wish to purchase a particular wine, there is an easy way to get it: a photo. When you show this photo to the attendees, they can handle it in many ways. If they lack the given brand, they will look into other wines by that winery. They can also get you wines of the same grape variety or region. In this way, you can sample something quite similar to your choice. You can additionally come up with a photo album which will further help the attendants in wine selections for you.

Think About Pairings

Most wines work for specific occasions, and you should have this in mind during selections. One way to zero in on your choices is to consider the meal you plan to serve alongside the wine. Suppose you plan on making lamb chops, the attendants will walk you through the cabernet sauvignon options available. Thus, you will avoid a situation where your wine does not pair well with the foods you love.

The last way in which you can successfully buy wine is to go to a renowned shop. Here, experts can guide you through their best red wine options as well as their best white wine varieties. You can also opt to purchase wine from online shops where they give extensive selections. Thus, the next time you are looking for the best red wine, you know what to do.