Wine benefits many of it’s drinkers in positive ways. Despite it’s alcoholic content, wine has extensive health benefits.

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Furthermore, There exists a perfect balance between tasting your favorite wines and getting their great benefits. Being an alcoholic beverage, excessive consumption does have risks and is more dangerous than benefits gained. However, assuming responsible consumption, both white and red wine can be a wonderful addition to your life.

For example.  Red wine has been subjected to rigorous and extensive studies that have revealed highly positive effects on moderate consumption, such as combating some forms of cancer, improving mental health, enriching your cardiovascular system and much more. Many studies show that a single glass of wine brings the great advantage of preventing cardiovascular diseases in men and women. In addition, treating ailments and serious disorders such as diabetes, dementia and osteoporosis.

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Red Wine Benefits:

Red wine is made from purple grapes, and its process starts with natural activities, fermentation. The grapes are harvested, often by hand, or with simple tools such as a pair of scissors or with special machinery for cutting and collecting. In short, these select wines have a more natural and homemade process. From planting, care of the vine, manual harvest and preparation.

The elaboration of the red wine goes through the maceration and the pressing, in which the objective is the extraction of the grape juice; the fermentation and the transfer, where the solid waste is eliminated after the fermentation; the clarification that eliminates the suspended residues and finally the bottling. As you can see, its preparation is very mechanical and natural.

Another reason why red wine contains the best health benefits is the present number of polyphenols. These are natural antioxidants with a large set of health benefits, coming from the skin and the seeds of the grapes. The amount generated always depends on variety of the grape, exposure to the sun, terrain grown, and alcohol concentration.

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine:

Reduces and Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases:

Studies have determined that those who regularly drink a glass of red wine, are 30% less likely to suffer a heart attack.

Strengthen Bones:

Red wine has a positive effect on bone density, reducing in women the chances of losing precious bone mass, especially in as they age.

Reduces Bacteria In Food:

Red wine works as an antibacterial agent in the human body, protecting it.

Reduces Risk of Blindness:

Red wine stops the growth of uncontrolled blood vessels, angiogenesis.

Reduces Risks of Depression:

This was determined by a study, after even taking into account the different lifestyles, which is effective with 6 or 7 drinks a week.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels:

One glass of wine per day has been shown to reduce the atherogenic levels in the arteries. Furthermore increasing levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

According to studies, moderate consumption reduces the rate of intestinal tumors by 50%.

Protects Skin From Sunburn:

Wine flavonoids inhibit the formation of reactive oxygen species, by exposure to UV rays, which damage skin cells.

Reduces Chances of Developing Colon Cancer:

According to studies, moderate consumption reduces the rate of intestinal tumors by 50%.

Reduces Risk Dementia:

The resveratrol present in red wine decreases the viscosity of blood platelets, keeping blood vessels open. This helps to achieve an adequate supply of blood to the brain.

Delays Aging:

Thanks to vasodilating properties, red wine combats diseases produced by oxidation. As a result, it beneficial for human memory.

Prevents breast Cancer:

It must be clarified that the consumption of any alcoholic beverage increases the risk of developing breast cancer. However, several studies concluded that red wine has the opposite effect. The chemical properties of the skin and seed of the red grape help to reduce levels of estrogen, and increase the levels of testosterone in women.

Provides Minerals To The Body:

Red wine is rich in minerals such as lithium improving nervous system functionality. Magnesium, which reduces stress. Zinc, excellent for improving defenses, as well as potassium and calcium.


Moderate and responsible consumption of red wine prove to have many health benefits. While over-consumption can result in negative effects; the benefits are many. However, simply because it can help reduce cholesterol levels, does not guarantee this in every wine drinker. Furthermore, consulting your doctor can be a crucial step. However, regular consumption can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthen bones, protect the skin, and reduce chances of certain cancers. In the end, wine benefits outweigh any negatives. Additionally, the relaxing qualities of wine can make any Monday evening more enjoyable. Stay healthy, be responsible, and enjoy wine! Cheers!