For many Canadian women, making the most out of their downtime includes enjoying some of the finest, top wines available.

A beautiful young women sensuously drinking one of the top wines, enjoying herself!

Get together with your closest girlfriends and sample your favorite wines. Or, spend a quiet evening in and treat yourself to the opulent mix of wine, cheese, and fruit (or Pizza).

Wine has become the most preferred drink for Canada’s up and coming generation of young women for good reason. Women are also creating and producing wines! With a plethora of varieties readily available, it’s easy to choose one (or 10) that perfectly suit your palate. Take time to acquaint yourself the most popular, top wines for the discerning young women of Canada.

The Top Wines:

Checkmate, Attack Chardonnay

On the spectrum between dry and off-dry, this Chardonnay is fresh and crisp, however, it has the ability to age well. Aged for 18 months in barrels of French oak, this is the perfect wine for women who enjoy the zesty mix of fruit with undertones of wood spice. It’s not a wine for everyday drinking given the price tag, but it has proven to be a great indulgence purchase for those times when all the ladies need to get together to vent and unwind.

Apothic Crush

Apothic has made some of the most popular wines drunk in Canada, their Apothic Red has become a classic among young Canadian women. Furthermore, Apothic Crush is following suit. The price tag of this sweet red blend doesn’t reflect the quality of the wine, being a very affordable and enjoyable every day option. Apothic crush is frequently touted as having one of the most distinctive tastes, with hints of blackberries. This is the wine of choice for many young Canadian women because it offers a truly satisfying experience for a very reasonable price. Apothic Crush pairs perfectly with sweatpants and Netflix.

Remy Pennier Sauvignon Blanc Touraine Aoc

This white wine from the Loire Valley is extremely affordable. However, it has the qualities and taste of a wine of far more exorbitant value. The citrus and berry flavors strike a subtle balance, being neither too sweet or too bitter. This white wine is somewhat dry, as a result, it pairs nicely with lighter dishes, such as white fish, or chicken and many salads. Together, it’s perfect for those guilt-free meals with the girls. This true dry white is ideal for dinner parties as the perfect accompaniment for any light meal.

Wine has become the most preferred drink for Canada’s up and coming generation of young women for good reason. With a plethora of varieties readily available, it’s easy to choose one (or 10) that perfectly suit your palate.

Inniskillin Sparkling Vidal

One of the more popular ice wine varieties, the Inniskillin Sparkling Vidal is made similarly to a champagne, with just enough sweetness. The sweetness is present in both aroma and taste. The carbonation from the fermentation process, paired with hints of honey and apple, make it unique even among icewines. Inniskillin Sparkling Vidal is a great champagne substitute for events like birthdays, anniversaries, and engagement or bachelorette parties. It will have your friends and guests asking where you got it from.

Wynns Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon

Having won awards from some Canadian Magazines, it is no surprise this Cabernet Sauvignon is one amazing bottle of wine. This is a popular wine for those nights you wish to enjoy a heartier meal featuring beef or pork as it pairs excellently. The flavors of the fruit mingle seamlessly with the tannins, giving it both body and refinement. This is another frequent dinner party selection, as it can augment meals well beyond the scope of what other red wines are capable of.

Seven Stones, Standing Rock Meritage

A Canadian wine from the Similkameen Valley, this meritage is created by using two different varieties of grapes in either the white or red categories. This wine is a frequent choice for ladies who prefer a pungent flavor accompanied by the tastes of dark fruits and a subtle cedar smokiness. A reasonable price tag raises this wine it above the competition. In fact, James Button of Decanter “has placed it on a recommendation list for the ten best Canadian wines.”

Choices, Choices – Which is Best for me?

With so many fantastic top wines to choose from, it’s no wonder that so many young Canadian women are increasingly drinking wine. There are amazing wines to suit every drinkers needs. Whether based on flavor, the ability to pair, or affordability, there is a perfect wine for every occasion. Experimentation is required and recommended in order to find the perfect wine to make your downtime that much more satisfying. Don’t be afraid to try new grapes and bottles, find what you like and have a glass for us!