Washington State Wine and wine industry have grown quickly over the past few years. For years, Washington was not a name that came to mind when people spoke of wine.

Washington State Wine- A gorgeous view of a winery in Washington State USA.

Washington State Wine began to gain traction in wine-making in the late sixties. Today, this state is second only to California concerning wine production. There are different wine tastings, wine-pairing events and wineries in this state, something which guests love to explore. Check out some of the most renowned Washington wineries.

Washington State Wine and Washington State Wineries:

Col Solare Winery

Col Solare is a partnership between two giants in the wine industry, the Antinori family, and the Chateau St. Michelle. They started out with a vintage wine in 1995. Since then, they were able to blend their best qualities, thus creating a fabulous Cabernet Sauvignon wine. This red-based wine, made from choice Red Mountain fruit, begun the excellence that is Col Solare to this day. It propelled them to be one of the best Washington Wineries.

Brief Overview

Col Solare operated for almost two decades with an emphasis on two wines. People know them for their signature blend, the Col Solare, made of two-thirds Cabernet. The cabernet varies with the vintage. Another favorite wine in the winery is the Shining Hill which many people have taken to over the years. They are now bringing other wines to the market such as component collection wines and the collector’s society red wine. More are yet to follow over time.

Tasting and events

This winery features a tasting room in the Chateau St. Michelle winery. From here, guests can indulge in high-quality wines while pairing the drinks with food. Set in the Red Mountain, you get to have a gorgeous view of the sprawling vineyards on the hills. You can also tour the beautiful chateau. Their East Washington tasting room allows guests to view the beautiful scenery in the Red Mountain.

The winery is appointment only such that you cannot walk in on a whim. However, they offer such great-tasting wines that the experience is worth the wait. They have tasting events each month where guests get to pair the wines with various delicacies. Guests can also visit vineyards in Tuscany in 2019 where they can take in the wine-making process in great detail. Reservations are ongoing. It is an excellent way to explore the best selections in Washington State Wine.

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In addition to the excellent Washington State Wine selection, there is delicious food from the Italian-style restaurant on site.

Columbia Winery

This winery aims at providing a personalized tasting experience in an expansive room. Being the second oldest winery in all of Woodinville, they have devised ways to make their guests feel at home. They also have a wine club where members get to enjoy luxurious vintages at reasonable prices. The age-old vines continue to produce high-quality grapes which have enabled the winery to stay on top of the game.

Brief History

This winery came to be in the year 1962, amidst a variety of bumps. However, they braved the hurdles and got to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary back in 2012 in pomp and color. The winery is in a Victorian-style mansion. It lies adjacent to Redhook Brewery and across from Chateau St. Michelle.

They acquired the building from the Haviland winery almost three decades ago. They have put in work in remodeling the structure as well as making additions. One of their most significant improvements was the expansion of the tasting room. Guests love the English gardens, pizza ovens, wrought iron fittings, the wrap-around porch as well as the arbored patio. There is a wide array of appetizers for wine pairings in store for guests.

The winery makes use of the Otis and Red Willow grapes, thanks to their many years in the trade. Their focus is on red and white wines. Open each day from eleven in the morning; a pleasant Washington Wine Tasting awaits you at this mansion.


Guests get to taste the wines at reasonable prices, slowly moving from one wine to the other. The staff aims at ensuring that guests feel at home and there is entirely no rush in the tasting. As the experts go into detail about the wines, people can rest on the leather chairs by the fireplace. Appetizers are available in plenty.

Tsillan Cellars

Being the largest estate-grown winery in Chelan, this winery receives thousands of visitors on an annual basis. Dr. Bob Jankelson, the founder of this winery, states that all wines get made from the grapes in his vineyard. For more than a decade, Bob has produced incredible white and red wines by use of Syrah. His wines have won him awards on several instances.
Brief Overview

Started by the shores of Lake Chelan back in 2004, this winery grew fast. Soon, people began flocking to the venue to sample more of the wines. The new tasting room located in Woodinville was a result of the growing club membership.

The venue features beautiful gardens, gazebos, cascading waterfalls, expansive terrazzos and elegant pavilions. From the lawns, you can enjoy the view of Lake Chelan. The Cascade Mountains are visible from the Italian-architectural style structure, and guests have a wonderful time at the winery. It is a magnificent place to host special events as you get to enjoy excellent Washington State Wine.

In addition to the excellent Washington State Wine selection, there is delicious food from the Italian-style restaurant on site.

Washington State Wine has undoubtedly come a long way, and one can only expect more strides soon. Here is to Washington Wine Tasting!