Boxed wine USA once had a bad reputation. for being inferior to bottled wine. That is definitely not the case anymore.

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Today, amazing wines are sold en-masse in boxes due to their transport ability, cost efficiency, and convenience. There are a huge number of boxed wine USA has to offer and it can be tough to find the best among them. Here are some of our favorite.

The Best Boxed Wine USA:

Bota Box Malbec:

With a rich burgundy color and a bouquet of dark berries and dried herbs, this malbec is a crowd pleaser. It hits your tongue with a hint of cocoa blended with plum and blackberries. Dry but also juicy, this wine is a great pairing choice for any meals with red meat or a lot of spices.

Black Box Sauvignon Blanc:

This Chilean wine has a fruity, fresh nose. The flavor is a complex mix of lemon sherbet, grapefruit, green pepper, and mineral water. Lush but dry, its body ranges from light to medium. It’s easy to quaff, making it a great choice when you just want to relax after work. This wine can be enjoyed alone or paired with chicken dishes such as Pad Thai or fajitas.

With a rich burgundy color and a bouquet of dark berries and dried herbs, this malbec is a crowd pleaser. It hits your tongue with a hint of cocoa blended with plum and blackberries.

Provisions Pinot Gris:

This American wine has an airy aroma of peaches and apples, along with a light body and the taste of candied nectarines. It’s pale pink in the glass and makes a very nice sipping wine that compliments salads and lighter chicken dishes.

There are many other amazing boxed wine brands!

Maison Cubi Rosé:

With a nose that consists of floral scents, strawberries, and peach, this French wine is surprisingly refreshing. As the editorial staff of Reverse Wine Snob note, it has the crisp flavors of minerals and berries, along with pleasing acidity. The finish is a bit spicy.This rosé drinks well alone but also pairs well with fruit desserts.

Lieb Cellars Bridge Lane White Blend:

This boxed wine is a dry blend that originates from Long Island. The fusion of melon, honeysuckle and peach flavors make it a great wine for sipping on warm summer nights. The finish is tart, with strong hints of tropical citrus fruits.

The Big Green Box Pinot Noir:

This boxed wine greets you with an aroma of vanilla, brown sugar, and cherries. The flavors, a mix of dark fruit and spices, make it a smooth drinking wine that’s a little less sweet than other Pinot Noirs. This red wine is versatile enough to pair with light meals with chicken and fish or heavier fare like linguine or spaghetti.

Vina Borgia Garnacha:

This Garnacha will please your palate with the combined tastes of cherries and blueberries, enhanced by a distinct peppery tang. The nose is strong but pleasant, carrying hints of licorice and dark berries. It finishes with an earthy flavor that leads into plum tartness. This is an easy drinking choice with great acidity.

Esporao Alandra White:

This Portuguese dry white has a fruity, light aroma with floral, pear, and apricot notes. Light bodied with a long finish, it carries strong flavors of tropical fruits, salt, and spice. This wine is smooth and easy to quaff, making it a nice choice for an evening drink.

Casa Santos Lima LAB Rosé:

Pale and crisp, this Portuguese rosé has mingled flavors of red fruits. It makes a refreshing accompaniment to meals that include salads and lighter meats such as chicken and fish.

House Wine Original Red Blend:

A pleasant blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Merlot, this boxed wine brings a comforting aroma of raspberries and currants. It floods your palate with the taste of cherries and cranberries and has a strong, earthy finish. This is a perfect wine to pair with red meats, such as roasts and steaks.

La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet:

Oak-free, it’s nose carries hints of citrus fruits, honeysuckle, and pear. Great acidity and the tastes of nectarine and limes lead into a very crisp finish. This dry french white wine goes amazingly with seafood dishes, such as seafood pastas or shellfish such as oysters and shrimp.

Sangria is the perfect drink for those unbearably hot days, and this boxed version doesn’t disappoint. Best served chilled, this wine offers up the tastes of mangos, lemons, and peaches. Adding slices of fresh oranges, grapes, and limes can jazz it up even more. This sangria also pairs very well with summer meals such as BBQ dishes.

Try More, Love More:

These are just a few of our favorite boxed wines, and boxed wine USA has to offer. With so many varieties and boxed wine brands to choose from, the best way to discover the ones you like most is to keep on sampling. Try pairing new kinds with your favorite meals, or inviting your friends over to sample boxes you’ve picked up. Boxed wines often offer more bang for your buck!