Gone are the days when boxed wine was considered lower quality than bottled wine. Boxed wines have equaled and often surpassed the quality of their bottled counterparts.

A group of friends enjoying and taking pictures of their meal with the best Canadian boxed wines

In fact, some of the most popular wines enjoyed by Canadians today come in boxes. If you’re interested in trying the boxed wine experience, or simply find another classic;  there are many varieties available in Canada to fall in love with. These are the best Canadian boxed wines available, and highly rated among wine aficionados.

The Best Canadian Boxed Wines:

House Wine Riesling:

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, this Riesling is the amazing result of experimentation. Where some Rieslings can be far too sugary, the House Wine Riesling  is evenly balanced. For people who enjoy a fruity, acidic flavor and hints of pineapple and honeysuckle, this is a great choice. When pairing this wine with dinner, it clears and refreshes the palate, making it perfect for spicy dishes.

The full flavors of apple and honeydew keep it from being too dry and make it quite refreshing when served alongside crackers and light cheeses.

Cupcake Red Velvet:

An off-dry blend of Petite Sirah, Merlot, and Zinfandel, Cupcake Red Velvet offers up all the rich flavors you’d actually find in a red velvet cake including vanilla, dark chocolate, and cherry compote. This wine is a perfect substitute for actual dessert, without the guilt. This is truly one of the most popular and best Canadian boxed wines. Bottled Cupcake Red Velvet is a top seller.

The United States produces and drinks delicious boxed wines as well!

Concha Y Toro Frontera Sauvignon Blanc:

A popular boxed Chilean variety that chills well, this wine provides a fresh scent with hints of lemon, apple, and melon. It has a crisp taste that evens out the acidity and a nutty, almost almond-like finish.  Concha Y Toro Frontera Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent choice to accompany hearty meals including pastas and red meats.

Archer Roose Carmenere:

Another Chilean brand, Archer Roose Carmenere has proved itself worthy of praise. It starts with a strong but not overpowering scent with hints of cola, peppers, cedar, and plums. Midway through a sip of this wine you’ll taste a hint of oak. It finishes smooth and dry. This is a great wine for after dinner events.

Fish Eye Pinot Grigio:

If you’re in the market for a crisp, fresh wine that would be perfect for cocktail hour, look no further than Fish Eye Pinot Grigio. The full flavors of apple and honeydew keep it from being too dry and make it quite refreshing when served alongside crackers and light cheeses. One of the best Canadian boxed wines, it pairs perfectly with pasta as well.

French Rabbit Chardonnay:

Boasting hints of tropical fruits like apricots and peaches, it’s a clean wine that can served alone or with light appetizers. A fast up and comer as one of the best Canadian boxed wines. If rich, full fruity wines are your favorite choice; French Rabbit Chardonnay is the wine for you.

Colio Extra Dry White:

Colio Extra Dry White has a strong aroma of roses that hits the nose immediately, softening into lychee fruit and peaches. Serve Colio Extra Dry White chilled.  It pairs particularly nicely with light desserts, being nicely balanced. The white has been rated one of the best blends available in Canada, boxed or bottled.

Nuvino Chardonnay:

Unoaked, Nuvino Chardonnay is made from a blend of both warm and cool climate fruit. It has a pleasing bouquet and a full, rich, juicy taste comprised mainly of vanilla and peach. It is amazingly refreshing when served chill. This Chardonnay has also been voted as one of  the best Canadian boxed wines by several reputable wine publications.

Fuori Strada Off Road Sangiovese:

This Tuscan red has a great bouquet of spice, plums, and red cherries. Medium-bodied, it has a well-blended mix of fruit flavors with just enough hints of spice. Fuori Strada Off Road Sangiovese is the perfect accompaniment to pizza! At SecondBottle, we love this balanced wine and highly recommend it.

The Boxed Wine Experience:

These are only a few of the many boxed wines that have become popular among Canadian wine drinkers. If you’d like to try others but aren’t sure where to start, try searching by preference. Do you want a dry wine? Do you like light wines that go well with fruit, or darker wines to accompany hearty meals? Once you’ve got a checklist in mind, don’t be afraid to try out the boxed wines listed here. With such quality wines coming at such great prices in boxed wines, experiment and explore!