Following in steps of French tradition and heritage, Montreal is an amazing city filled with wine lovers. For a city world famous for it’s local, beautiful cuisine; the Montreal wine scene is truly booming.

Best Montreal Wine Bars! A picture of a dark, romantic Montreal Bar!

Private wine importers, as well as local wineries, help some of the best Montreal wine bars expand their catalogs.

It is due to the sheer selection and quality of wines that these amazing Montreal wine bars are making names for themselves.

A quality wine bar offers more than a great selection of wine. In addition to wine, they offer an unforgettable atmosphere. Fine wines paired perfectly with unbelievable food that complements one another. More than that, the best Montreal wine bars offer the opportunity to expand horizons and try something new. Be frivolous, you will not regret it!

Montreal wine tastings are offered all over the historic city. As well, Montreal wine bars are immensely varied. In addition, this makes sampling Quebec wines quite an adventure! SecondBottle presents 5 amazing wine bars that cannot be missed!

Montreal Wine Bars: Top 5 2018


With over 350 wines on their menu, Pullman is the king of variety in Montreal. The owners take wine very seriously, which is why Pullman holds its spot among top-ranked Montreal wine bar listings year after year. Only the best wines, selected by Pullman experts are featured on the extensive menu.

This upscale jewel draws in crowds from all over Quebec. Pullman expertly pairs sophistication and modern aesthetic. The expert sommeliers at Pullman will assist in selecting the best wine for your meal, happy to share their knowledge! This is one Montreal hot-spot that cannot be missed!

Les Cavistes

Les Cavistes is an astonishing wine bar! With an extensive and renowned international selection of wines on the menu, this bistro is making waves among Montreal wine-lovers!

Additionally, Les Cavistes offers a unique Montreal wine tasting experience as well. Furthermore, the chic establishment offers classes in all things wine, allowing the customer to experience and learn. Learning something new about wine, and discovering new vintages and favorites; you cannot go wrong.

Les Cavistes is also the honored winner of Wine Spectator magazine’s highest recognition. The establishment has been won the award for the past three years.

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Montreal wine bar and restaurant M.Mme offers both amazing food and excellent wine!


A good meal can become a perfect meal with the right wine. Montreal wine bar and restaurant M.Mme offers both amazing food and excellent wine! M.Mne wine bar has over 700 bottles of wine in their cellar. Furthermore, the food menu is filled with decadent, delicious options.

M.Mne is the perfect venue for a night out (they open at 5 pm). Impeccable food and wine pairings, unmatched sophisticated atmosphere what more could you want? A serious establishment that cuts no corners and spares no expense when it comes to wine or food. You will come back again and again.
M.Mme is also one of the finest Montreal wine tasting establishments around. Their wine tasting room accommodates parties of up to 18!

Le Vin Papillon

This Montreal wine bar and restaurant serve food and wine of the utmost quality. The farm-to-table menu is perfection. However, the wine is where Le Vin Papillon really shines. While there’s nothing wrong with a French-centered wine list, their extensive wine options branch far and wide across the globe.

What really makes the wine list special is their origins. Old World Organic wines from Hungary, small Croatian wineries, and offerings from all over. Artisanal wine is showcased, the common thread being quality. For a taste of global wineries, Le Vin Papillon is the place to go!


Pastaga is a beautiful establishment with knowledgeable staff that are more than happy to assist you in choosing wine. This Italian eatery is equally known for its house-made wine, which is completely naturally-made. Locally sourced ingredients from environmentally friendly sources cement this eatery on the list.

You do not need to be a wine expert to enjoy this Montreal wine bar. The five-star chefs and staff will happily guide you to through best food and wine pairings. All you need to get a delicious crash-course in wine education is a ride down to Little Italy!

Small-dish entrees are sure to please your taste buds while you enjoy something new from Pastaga’s extensive wine list. If food and wine pairings are an art, the staff at Pastaga are artists!