Puerto Vallarta Wine Bars are renowned for offering unique, Mexican experiences!

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Many people are unaware that Mexico also produces excellent wines. In fact, not many know that the first vineyards in North America were in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Wine Bars

In the sixteenth century, Spaniards planted vineyards in Mexico in a bid to produce wine. The grapes did well, and the wine sourced from the fruit was of high quality. However, in spite of this success, the wine-making did not take off fast. Mexican wine became popular in the twentieth century when people sought more wine sources.

This region specializes in wine blends such that you can find Barbera or Grenache in Cabernet Sauvignon. Favorite wines in Mexican Wineries include Carignan, Merlot, Chenin Blanc, Syrah and Garnacha among others.

Both white wines and red wines feature in Mexican Wineries. Here are some Puerto Vallarta Wine Bars where you can sample the best Mexican Wines

Di Vino Dante

This wine bar is among the best Puerto Vallarta Wine Bars. It opens from Monday to Saturday as from two in the evening till eleven at night. As well, tables are available for reservations if you wish to host an event in the bar.

History of this wine bar

Credit goes to Gena Guarniere for the conception and development of this wine bar. Moreover, Gena grew up learning the family businesses which included an Italian restaurant and an art gallery. On undertaking further studies, she paid attention to wine science and realized that she had a passion for wine.

Her love for Mexican wines aided her in putting up a wine bar. Furthermore, it speedily grew to be one of the most promising Puerto Vallarta Wine Bars. Dino Di Vante is a great place to start on your tour of the Puerto Vallarta Wine Bars.

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With fruity flavors and the best Mexican wines in play, you will be thirsty for more cocktails in no time.

Wines Served

Our select red wine is the St. Thomas Unico 2005 which is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine comes from the Ensenada Baja California region, and its name relates to the arrival of the Jesuit Missionaries. You can easily pair this wine with meat and light cheeses. Another of their excellent wines is the Baron Balche Siete Zinfandel 2005 from Valle de Guadalupe. This wine is 100% Zinfandel, and it pairs well with goat cheese.


This wine bar has a capacity of eighty-five people, making it ideal for intimate events. The menu also caters to various needs for wine pairings. What’s more, you can book in advance for a wine tasting event.

Benittos wine bar

This wine bar focuses on providing guests with good music, tasty delicacies, and high-quality Mexican wine. It is a great place to hold conversations with loved ones as you enjoy the more exceptional things in life. The menu of the bar has a focus on European history which makes it unique. You can drop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as the establishment is open from morning till night time.

Events and tastings

You can hold an occasion in the wine bar as they are open to reservations. A wine expert is also on site to help you with wine pairings as you scour through the menu. Upon request, the expert can also host a wine tasting event for you and your loved ones. Alongside these services, the wine bar also does outside catering. This establishment brings the unique factor in the Puerto Vallarta Wine Bars.

Wines served

There is an extensive range of wine selection from which you can choose. The Casa Madero Shiraz Casa Grande is one of their best brands. This red wine, from the Casa Madero region, features hints of chocolate, hazelnut, and black fruit. Thus, it pairs easily with steaks and any deserts with bitter chocolate.

Another great wine to try while at this wine bar is the La Cetto Sierra Blanca Sauvignon Blanc. This white wine is ideal for pairing with seafood and fresh salads.

No way Jose!

This establishment opens as from four in the evening till eleven at night as from Tuesday to Sunday. It is a fabulous place to dine for anyone with interest in Mexican cuisine. The management focuses on providing dishes that are not available elsewhere in Puerto Vallarta. If you are picky about what to eat, the chef can whip up a meal that satisfies your palate. Attention to detail and friendly staff are their pillars of strength which have customers coming back.

Events and tastings

You can make reservations to use the wine bar for special occasions. They also conduct wine tastings where you can sample some of the most excellent Mexican wines on the market. While here, be sure to try some of the cocktails offered as they will blow your mind. With fruity flavors and the best Mexican wines in play, you will be thirsty for more cocktails in no time.

Wines Served

The Casa Madero Chardonnay Casa Grande from any year is an excellent choice to make in the white wine list. It comprises of 100% Chardonnay, and it has hints of dried fruits in its flavor. As such, it is a fantastic choice to pair with fruit cakes and white meats.

The Vinos Shimul Albarolo 2007 Nebbiolo is another fantastic choice on the wine list. As well, it comprises of 100% Nebbiolo grapes and has a dense body with a slight vanilla scent. It features flavors of coffee, chocolate, and red fruits, and it easily pairs with cheeses and steaks.

These Puerto Vallarta Wine Bars enable visitors to get a real taste of what Mexico has to offer. Furthermore, with amazing Mexican dishes and fantastic wine awaiting you at these bars, your trip will be a delight.