If you are a fan of wines or a supporter of the arts, you have undoubtedly heard of paint and wine nights. It is crucial to find the ideal paint night wine!

Paint Night Wine: The New Trend

They happen all around both big cities and small towns, drawing in different types of crowds. More often than not, these events are led by painting lessons accompanied by your choice of wine. From red wine to white wine and sparkling options, paint night wine varies as do the paintings lessons.

Currently, it is estimated that there are around 1000 paint and wine night businesses within the US and Canada. While some of the occasions are held in official studios, others occur within restaurants, bars, and similar locations. On an unrelated note, an estimated 78% of the clientele that participates are women. These events are a great way to loosen up and shake free a little creativity while enjoying various wines!

Paint Night Wine: Amazing Red Wines

This industry is on a steady incline, almost doubling in growth since 2007. With many large businesses and franchises alike springing up all the time—the market is increasing. In some instances, you can buy wine and spirits during the class, while others allow you to bring your own. Depending on your preference in either red wine or white wine, and your tolerance will determine your best paint night wine.

For red wines, I believe it is probably a good idea to choose one with a low alcohol content. This general rule comes especially in handy if you plan on having more than one glass. For a good red wine with a low alcohol content, you have multiple options. The best part of the following selections is that they reduce the alcohol without losing any flavor for optimum enjoyment.

Foradori 2013 Morei Teroldego

This low alcohol red wine is a great paint night wine for multiple reasons. While this wine is initially shy about revealing its flavors, it really opens up once breathing in a glass. The scents provided are that of dark-skinned berries, licorice, flint, and blue flowers. It graces the palate with a concentrated finesse that is hard to find in other wines.

On the flavor side of it all, you will taste a refreshing acidity alongside tannins and a plethora of fruit. From black cherry and blackberry, to star anise and mint, there is much to take in upon every sip. Luckily since it has had time to age, the time to enjoy this particular red wine is now through 2023. Pick up a bottle for the special paint night wine for a cool $48.

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The flavors you are going to experience include an apple bouquet, a variety of citrus fruits, and more.

Schloss 2011 Gobelsburg Gobelsburger Zweigelt

Here is a fun fact: the Zweigelt grape is the most widely planted red grape in all of Austria. Sadly, however, it has not garnered the popularity and respect it truly deserves. There are perhaps no better ways to truly embrace this variety of grape than with this bottle. This red wine is specifically crafted from an area that is loaded with gravel. This ensures the production and result of a nice, bright red wine.

The flavors in this wine are that of spicy black pepper and other tart notes. Otherwise, it is overall a sweet, light, and fruity selection. Ranging in colors from fresh light red to dark purple berry, it is both tasty and beautiful. What makes this even better is you can grab a bottle for just $27.

Tiziano Chianti 2013

Most, if not all wine enthusiasts have heard of Chianti. Especially fans of red wine. If not due to wine culture, then from the iconic Hannibal Lecter. Of course, I joke, but it is a well-known red wine throughout the world and in pop culture. It pairs beautifully with food or holds its own solo.

This particular bottle of Chianti is crafted from the Sangiovese grape and is an absolute floral bouquet. Its aromatics include beautiful lilac and lilac notes, followed by berries. It is rich in flavor and makes for an excellent paint night wine.

Paint Night Wine: Stunning White Wines

When it comes to finding low alcohol wines for paint night wine, white wine provides many options. From various Sauvignon Blanc’s to Moscato’s, there is a large market for white wines. Luckily for paint and white wine fans everywhere, there is a massive selection to choose from, all with different flavors.

Explore the following varieties of white wines to find the best possible paint night wine for you. I have laid out multiple options with various flavors that are certain to put a smile on anyone’s face. In the market for something new to bring to your next wine and canvas night as they are often called? Luckily, this guide has got you covered.

Justin Sauvignon Blanc 2017

This Sauvignon Blanc white wine comes to us directly from the Central Coast of California. For a paint night wine, you can never go wrong with this pale straw-colored beauty. It is crisp and refreshing with a finish that you are not soon to forget. It is a dry, medium-bodied white wine with a mineralized texture that pleases the palate.

This classic Sauvignon Blanc is absolute perfection for those hotter seasons. It is especially wonderful as a complement to the little treats sometimes available at these events. It features silver and green accents, with pear, apple, lemon, grapefruit, white pepper flavors and more. If you enjoy a nice citrus wine, this is an excellent option.

Selbach-Oster Mosel Riesling Kabinett

This Riesling is of German origin. It is a wonderful example of a wonderful summer white wine that is uncomplicated. Additionally, it makes for a treat with or without food, making it a perfect paint night wine. Its balanced with sweet notes of oak, and sweet fruits like pear, peach, and apple.

It matches its acidity with its sweetness, coming together for an unforgettable embrace. It is mouthwatering with a charming zest and dry saccharine finish. Many Riesling grapes are harvested earlier than others. This ultimately determines the unique flavor profile of the wine. From sweet to dry and everything in between, Rieslings can be a great choice for any event.

Alvorado Winho Verde

This Portuguese white wine is simply fantastic. It is excellent if you are hosting a paint and wine night or if you are simply attending one. Again, this particular bottle is especially delightful in the warmer months of spring and summer. The region from which this wine originates is infamous for its consistent production of crisp, zest, and citrus attributes.

The grapes that are used for this paint night wine are a famous, traditional Portuguese blend. This blend results in a crisp and delicate taste experience that is both flavorful and subtle. The flavors you are going to experience include an apple bouquet, a variety of citrus fruits, and more.

Paint Night Wine: Artistic and Cultural Immersiveness

Whether you prefer red wine or white wine, it is fun finding the perfect bottle of paint night wine. While everyone may not agree, a little bit of wine just might get your creative juices flowing. The next time you need to bring a bottle to a paint night, try one of these!