Hawaii is one of the most romantic and beautiful travel destinations in the world. A vacation in Hawaii cannot be fulfilled without a proper wine tasting experience in renowned Hawaiian wine bars.

Hawaiian Wine Bars/Restaurants - DP

There are various bars and restaurants in which to unwind and watch the sunset as you relax with the best wine of great taste to compliment your meals. Below are the 4 most popular Hawaiian wine bars.

Amazing Hawaiian Wine Bars

Mai-Tai Bar (Oahu)

Mai-Tai Bar at The Royal Hawaiian Luxury Collection Resort, features one of the best Hawaiian wine bars, providing an amazing and unique wine tasting experience. With unique wines and handcrafted cocktails on offer, it is a cannot miss wine hotspot! Mai-Tai is located in an amazing indoor/outdoor setting which allows guests to enjoy their fare right on beautiful sandy dishes. Beautiful atmosphere, amazing weather, and great wines and drinks, and food. While the resort itself is amazing, the Mai-Tai wine bar is the jewel in the crown!

Hawaiian Wines Served At Mai-Tai

There is a popular cocktail in Mai-Tai Bar named after Heather Graham and Ellen DeGeneres, which is said to encompass their bubbly personalities. Some of the wines offered at Mai- Tai include reds and whites of all kinds.

Champagnes include Chandon sparkling rose, Moet-Chandon Imperial Brut, Champagne, and more. Their whites include offerings from Napa Valley, all the way to New Zealand, Columbia Valley, and Santa Barbara. The excellent atmosphere and wonderful wine list combine to create an amazing experience.

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Palate features an open kitchen, allowing guests to watch food being prepared; providing intimacy.

Palate Wine Bar and Restaurant

Never judge a book by its cover. Palate Bar and Restaurant is a small establishment that offers an amazing wine tasting experience to its customers in a very unique way. The Hawaiian wine bar provides unbeatable scenery and atmosphere for guests to enjoy while dining and sampling expertly picked wines and foods. As well, the knowledgeable and friendly staff make the entire experience that much better! Furthermore, their food menu is focused on simple, delicious fare, that compliments the wines; rather than being the main star.

Palate offers olive platters, chef’s choice of freshly made Hummus, cheese and charcuterie boards, salads, fresh trout and other fish. Furthermore, A specialty expertly baked flatbreads in a variety of styles, similar to pizzas. In addition, they serve fresh Gelato and other amazing desserts.

Equally important, Palate offers an intimate atmosphere with the wine bottles carefully arranged around the restaurant. Uniquely, Palate features an open kitchen, allowing guests to watch food being prepared; providing intimacy. Additionally, the Hawaiian wine tastings in Palate are offered either in glasses or bottles.

Hawaiian Wine Tasting Experience offered at Palate.

Palate is one Hawaiian wine Bar that has scheduled Hawaiian wine tastings every Sunday 5-6 p.m. With this in mind, they offer expert pairings of wine and simple dishes. The experience is out of this world for the tasters, a truly unique non-winery wine tasting experience. However, the tastings are also budget friendly!

Palate’s collection of wine consists of single vintage and high-class wines. Furthermore, from German Rieslings, and Sauvignon Blanc’s as well as Chardonnay’s, Palate offers wines from around the planet. In addition, sumptuous Pinot Noir’s, Malbec’s and Syrah’s, Merlot’s and Zinfandels round out there menu. In addition, Palate offers Champagnes and sparkling options. Together with their simply delicious food offerings, the expertly chosen wines create an unforgettable experience.


These 2 amazing Hawaiian Wine Bars are just a taste of what the Hawaiian Wine Scene has to offer. Furthermore, when the opportunity arises to enjoy a Hawaiian vacation, make sure to stop by Palate or Mai-Tai!