Often, there is nothing better than enjoying a bottle of your favorite wine. Unfortunately, polishing off a bottle (or even a few glasses) might lead to a nasty hangover. The good news is that Hangover Free Wine exists!

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The good news is that there are plenty of vintages out there with a low wine alcohol content. You can indulge in these wine without the same worry of feeling sick the next day. In order to find some hangover free wine, you first need to understand what to look for!

Understanding Alcohol Content?

“Alcohol content” is just another way of stating the alcoholic strength of a beverage. The alcohol content of wine equals percent by volume. This is “alcohol by volume,” abbreviated as ABV. The amount of alcohol in wine is directly related to the amount of sugar the wine grapes contained. The more sugar there is in the grapes, the more alcohol a wine will have. However, it’s possible to alter the alcohol levels during the production process. Halting fermentation before the conversion of all sugar to alcohol creates a wine with a lower ABV. Examples of this type of wine are Riesling and Muscadet. Both are considered hangover free wine.

Not all wines with low ABV come from the halted fermentation process. As Mary Gorman-McAdams of The Kitchn explains, certain grapes (usually those grown in colder, harsher climates) naturally have a lower sugar content than others. Similarly, some warm climate grape varieties lack high sugar content even when they’re ripe. Select types of grapes that grow at higher altitudes have lower sugar content, as well.

Ideal Alcohol Percentage For Hangover Free Wine:

If you’re searching for hangover free wine, you need to know what ABV is high. For white wines, an ABV greater than 12.5% is a high alcohol content wine. For red wines, it’s an ABV of 13%.

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These wines allow you to drink more without having the side effect of waking up the next morning feeling awful.

Wines With 10 to 11.5% Alcohol Content

If you want a wine with a medium-low amount of alcohol, you have a lot to choose from! As Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly points out, white wines that come from the colder parts of France tend to be in this ABV range. Some sparkling wines also fall into this category. The most noteworthy wine types that fall into this category are:

  • Pinot Grigio
  • Muscadet
  • Grüner Veltliner
  • Gavi
  • Lambrusco
  • Cheverny

Wines With Less Than 10% Alcohol Content

Most wines that have a very low alcohol content are sweet and light-bodied. The sweetness originates from sugar leftover by the halted fermentation process. As a result, winemakers refer to that sweet taste as “residual sugar” (RS). Some examples of low alcohol content wines are:

  • Brachetto D’aqui
  • Alsace Blanc
  • Riesling
  • Moscato D’aqui

The Best Hangover Free Wine Options

When it comes to the lowest alcohol content of wine, you have some great varieties to choose from. These wines allow you to drink more without having the side effect of waking up the next morning feeling awful. Easy to find and even easier to drink, these are the best hangover free wines available:

  • 2013 Omero Cellars Pinot Gris – At 12% ABV, this wine gives you fresh fruit flavors, a floral nose, and refreshing underlying mineral notes.
  • 2010 Fontanfredda “Gia” Langhe Rossa – This is one of the lowest ABV red wines available. It’s got a long lasting, rich red cherry taste that you can savor.
  • Marks & Spencer Sumika Sauvignon Blanc – With only 8.5% ABV, this white carries fresh notes of peach and passionfruit.
  • Domaine Las Maou – Crisp and dry, this is the perfect wine to accompany a light snack of cheese and fruit. On those nose you’ll find herbs and berries, which carry over into the flavor.
  • Aldi Featherweight Italian Pinto Grigio – Low calorie and low ABV (only 5.5%), this white carries strong, lush notes of peaches. It’s a great wine to pair with seafood like shrimp and prawns.
  • 2012 Parxet Titiana Brut Rosé – On the nose of this sparkling wine you’ll find hints of bread. The dry flavors of vanilla and melon make it a choice sipping wine.
  • 2016 Château Les Combes Bordeaux Blanc – A floral nose leads to fresh tastes of plum and peach with sharp underlying spice.
  • Alvorada Vinho Verde – This Portuguese white has faint spritz properties. It’s a refreshing summer wine complete with the freshest flavors of citrus fruits and melon.

Low Alcohol, Big Taste

Just because a wine has a low ABV doesn’t mean it’s less enjoyable. Many low ABV wines carry the crispness, flavor, and finish of wines with a much higher ABV. Consequently, a hangover free wine is a great option for anyone who likes to drink but tends to get sick the next day. With plenty of low ABV wines to choose from, even the lightweight drinkers are able to find a bottle to love.