Girly nights in are what friendships are made for! Fun, gossip, comfort, chatting, and putting the world to rights, what more could you want?

2 beautiful women enjoying a quiet afternoon with their dog and the best wines!
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Of course, you want snacks, perhaps a pizza, chips, dips, and more. No girls night is complete without the best wines.

Wine is fun, flirty, and it gives you confidence. Wine also oils the chances of plentiful conversation, a key ingredient in the recipe of a girl’s night in! When you pair this with food, comfort, good friends, and all the other main points which make a successful night in, you’ll be sure to have return guests coming your way in the very near future.

So, what wines are the best for a Monday night in? Of course, it all comes down to personal taste and preference, but here are some of the best vinos to sample for your next girls only night. Most of these are of the rose version, thanks to the girly pink shade and the fruity flavour, but you could always mix it up if red is your tipple of choice!

The Best Wines:

“Mathilda” Victoria Rose, by Domaine Tournon:

This is an Australian version of a rose wine, and it has a delicious, light taste. Feminine, cute, flirty, and perfect for the occasion, the wine is made of Grenache, gapes, whilst also being a cute shade of pink! The wine has the light and delicious scent of wild strawberries, with a little vanilla in the background. Add in a little extra fruit, a little spice, with a very slight hint of sour, and you have the ideal wine to enjoy as part of your girl’s night in.

Brut Rose Champagne, by Besserat de Bellefon:

We all love bubbles, and this rose champagne is the ideal accompaniment to your girly night in. This is a pinot noir base wine, which has 30% chardonnay, and 40% of pinot meunier. The wine is made with organically grown fruit, so you can be sure that you’re getting a clean wine experience, and you will notice the beautiful pink bubbles too! The taste is gentle but has a background of spice and citrus too, which is a wonderfully, delicious blend to try. It’s quite likely that you’ll want more than one bottle of this particular wine!

Szigeti Rose Sekt Brut NV:

This is an Austrian rose wine which is made of local wine varieties, and aged for a year before being bottled and sold. As a result, the wine is mature, delicious, and perfect for your chatty Monday night in. The main flavor is strawberry, before a little red cherry bursts in, with a background of gentle pepper. This rose has a creamy taste, despite the ingredients, and goes wonderfully well with rich food too. Throw in a delicious dessert, perhaps a torte or a homemade cake, and the wine will be seriously complemented. Truly one of the best wines for a night with the girls.

The main flavor is strawberry, before a little red cherry bursts in, with a background of gentle pepper. This rose has a creamy taste, despite the ingredients, and goes wonderfully well with rich food too.

Mumm Napa DVX Rose:

Anything from the Napa Valley is sure to be quality and this particular rose is a delicious addition to your night in. Sparkling and sweet, the wine is a mixture of pinot noir and chardonnay, and upon fermentation, it is distilled for four years, to give it a really rich taste. You’ll notice a huge array of red fruits bursting onto your palate, before a slightly delicious and tart taste takes over. This is a sweet wine, but not overly so, and has a mature spice to it which lingers on the palate. The perfect girly wine!

Malbec Port NV, by Zuccardi Malamado:

Hailing from Argentina, then aged for nearly 2 years before being bottled and released. This is a grown up wine, but one that still retains its flirty flavour and girly fun side. If heavy wines are not appealing, this is a perfect choice. This Malbec is a lower in alcohol than other similar wines at 13.5%. You’ll notice a cherry and raspberry scent to the wine, and then when you taste it, you’ll notice a little cocoa, a little kirsch, and a hint of creamy chocolate. This is the ideal after dinner wine, and one which could either replace dessert, or work very well alongside it. One of the best wines for a chocolate and wine night.

Tselepos Amalia Brut NV:

Greek wine is certainly up and coming. This particular choice is a great option for your girly Monday night in. Subtle scents of nuts and apple arise as the cork is opened. Tastes, with hints of elderberry and white pepper, along with peach, a visit to visiting the Mediterranean in a bottle! Tselepos Amalia Brut pairs perfectly with meaty dishes and fuller meals. If serving meat dishes, this is a great menu choice.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, by Charles Krug:

Most of us girls love chocolate, and in that case, this particular wine is the ideal go-to. Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 pairs easily with desserts. The wine itself has slight cocoa hints. Furthermore, scents of dark raspberry provide a wonderful smell with every sip. A full wine, the taste is deliciously dark and fruity, with plum, blackberry, and cherry tones. You can also pick out espresso and dark chocolate too. This is another from the Napa Valley, so you know it’s quality from the get go.

These are seven of the best wines to serve next Monday night with the girls. Remember, wine gets the conversation started, so you might need a few bottles to ensure you don’t run short!