Many studies have documented there are a lot of wine health benefits to drinking white wine. Although, there is a common belief that red wine has more health benefits.

An amazing scene of wine, cheese and grapes, looking just as healthy as the wonderful wine health benefits they provide!

This is partly because more of the grape, including the skins are used in the creation of red wines. Whether this is a true reason to believe red wine has more wine health benefits or not is still up for debate. What is known, is that studies have proven there are many health benefits that white wine offers as well. These studies are good news for those who love white wine. Here are some of the benefits:

White Wine Health Benefits:

Weight Loss:

Being on a diet can be difficult, especially when it comes time to relax and enjoy time with your friends. Eating a salad can be demoralizing when your bestie is halfway through a pizza to herself. When it comes to going out for an evening of adult beverages, White Wine should be your new drink of choice. White Wine on average contains less calories than red wines, and both contain much less than beer or hard liquors such as vodka. So when you need a treat, or a day away from protein shakes/fruit smoothies, enjoy a glass of Pinot Blanc and enjoy without any guilt.

Nutrients and Antioxidants:

Multiple studies done on the health benefits of grapes have concluded that grapes themselves include many beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Antioxidants are partly defined as having the ability to remove “potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism.” White wine contains fluoride, potassium, and phosphorus. you will also get magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron from white wine. These minerals are crucial in maintaining body structures. Nutrients aside, this means that having that glass of Chardonnay may help clean your body and remove toxins! Cheers to that right?

the consumption of White Wine had a correlational relationship with better lung function in those studied. In comparison to those who drink beer, hard liquors, or red wines; regular consumption of wine improved overall lung function.

Heart Protection:

While red wines contain a higher percentage Resveratrol, due to a high concentration in the skin of the grape, white wine also contains it. As well, a study done by the University of Connecticut School of Medicine confirmed that the flesh of the grape contains Resveratrol as well, meaning White Wine contains it. While Resveratrol has been linked to reduction in damage during cardiac arrest in the same study, it has been mentioned in other studies to help prevent certain cancers, and improve overall health. However, these facts are highly disputed. Despite this, Resveratrol is still being touted as a reason to drink red wine, at least we can confirm it is contained in white wine as well.

There are many substantial, scientifically proven health benefits to drinking wine!

Respiratory Health:

A study conducted on 1,555 residents of New York by a University of Buffalo professor concluded that the consumption of White Wine had a correlational relationship with better lung function in those studied. In comparison to those who drink beer, hard liquors, or red wines; regular consumption of wine improved overall lung function. While drinking white wine isn’t going to help you breathe underwater for longer, there is evidence that the nutrients contained will help the overall health of your lungs. This is a great finding, and yet another excuse to enjoy a glass of wine and wine health benefits.


Everyone has been there, you started off with a glass and woke up with an empty bottle of red wine. Splitting headaches and nausea. Studies have proven that white wine is actually more beneficial for you in terms of preventing a hangover the morning after. Moreover, there have been studies conducted stating that white wine contains “hair of the dog” like properties, actually having the ability to dispel headaches and improve hangover symptoms the morning after. A truly important wine health benefit.

Protect Cells from Oxidation:

A study conducted in 1999 compared the health benefits related to oxidation in white wine, grape juice, and red wine. Red grape juice and red wine contain higher levels of antioxidants than white wine. However, slightly greater protection from oxidation proved to be found in white wine.

Improve Cholesterol Levels:

Over a year, researchers studied 146 participants. In the study, half of the participants drank white and the other half drank red.

The results were quite clear.  Those who exercised at least twice a week and drunk either white or red wine had improved cholesterol levels.

If you have trouble managing cholesterol levels, a glass or two of white wine can help with that.

Glucose Control:

A moderate amount of white wine is good for glucose control. The best time to drink White wine is in the evening before bed. People suffering from type II diabetes could benefit significantly from this.

White wine has just as many wonderful benefits for your body, just like its red counterpart. While differing in levels of nutrients, calories, and antioxidants for example, White wine has proven equally healthy regarding consumption. This is amazing news for lovers of white wine or people who suffer from allergies to red.

Take time to do your own research into wine health benefits, and how they can help you!