The Seafood Wine Pairing is a classic and timeless combination.

Seafood Wine Pairing A Classic Combination dp

Ultimately, a seafood pasta or raw oyster is only made that much better with a glass of wine.

The Seafood Wine Pairing: A Classic Combination

2013 La Follette North Coast Pinot Noir

When enjoying a heartier fish like salmon, a red wine pairing is an excellent choice. Pinot Noir especially boasts the perfect levels of tannin and acidity to accompany this menu selection. La Follette North Coast’s 2013 Pinot Noir accents the taste of this fish with peppery tones and a hint of clove. These unique traits, however, do not mask the fruity vibrancy of this 90-point wine.

This Pinot Noir is a crowd-pleaser, making it the perfect seafood wine pairing for a social fish fry. Its flavor is light but distinctive and easily enjoyed by even the most selective of palates. As a California-based winery, the minds behind La Follette Wines know all about quality wine production. They understand that each vineyard has a unique terroir. This concept is central to old-school winemaking methods.

Viticulture is a business in which La Follette Wines involves family and individually-operated vineyards. Through this approach, this winery produces the most flavorful and unique wines. When you take your first sip from this Pinot Noir, you’ll taste just how serious La Follette Wines takes their business.

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Lemon and melon with a hint of hazelnut create a unique but not overpowering flavor.

Backsberg Kosher Chardonnay

To get the most out of a crab or lobster dishes, it’s not advised to go with bold, robust flavors. For this reason, a Chardonnay is a perfect selection to accompany crab. Crab or lobster calls for a light but a vividly-flavored wine like Backsberg’s Kosher Chardonnay. Lemon and melon with a hint of hazelnut create a unique but not overpowering flavor. However, it is really this wine’s long-lasting finish that steals the show.

Backsberg produces a wine that you’ll feel good about drinking. Their dedication to sustainability and quality has made fans of millions, including those who don’t keep kosher. From the vineyards themselves to the people who craft these wines, Backsberg doesn’t cut corners. One can taste the labor of love that goes into every bottle from their very first sip.

Staete Landt Duchess Sauvignon Blanc

Clams are nearly universally-loved, especially when paired with a quality Sauvignon Blanc. In truth, Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with a lot of seafood options – but especially with meaty clams. A dry wine like Staete Landt Duchess Sauvignon Blanc provides a slightly spicy flavor to its more notable fruit flavors. This New Zealand creation has a creamy palate, which accompanies clam dishes perfectly.

Staete Landt grows much of their wine on a strip of land known as The Golden Mile. This unique terroir has the perfect microclimate for the cultivation of wine grapes. This winery knows how to get the most out of their unique lands. It is this knowledge and expertise that transforms an “ordinary” bottle of wine into a tasting experience. Consumers can also rest assured that the grapes cultivated by this New Zealand winery are 100% estate-grown. Each wine gets bottled with care, which you can taste as soon as you raise the glass to your lips.

Stella Rosa Imperiale Prosecco

Salty fried fish call for a wine that offsets the flavor of these qualities and a Prosecco fits the bill. While Prosecco is often credited as a dessert wine, its sweetness balances ideally with the flavors of fried fish. Notes of pear, apple, and lemon join together to create a perfect wine for such a meal. The sweetness is not overpowering, making this wine an ideal seafood wine pairing for saltier fish entrees.

Stella Rosa’s expertise lies in the creation of highly drinkable wines that shine at any time. For flavor, freshness, and fun, this brand has been a go-to wine since 1917. After surviving the era of prohibition, the family behind Stella Rosa has skyrocketed the reputation of their winery. Now, Stella Rosa sits on tables across the country, every single day.

For those concerned with creating the best seafood wine pairing, there are a lot of details to consider. The complex flavors of seafood and the more-complex bouquets of wine make mix-and-matching a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, the pairings above are time-honored classics that take the guesswork out of the whole ordeal.