Wine is a cultural staple the world over, and the city of Prague is no exception. The Czech wine industry has become a beacon of winemaking artistry. The Prague Wine Bar is on the rise!

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Beer in Prague has taken center-stage for quite some time. However, wine is becoming a popular option. While the majority of Czech wines are not exported worldwide, this is changing. If you want a taste of Czech or Moravian wines, you’ve got to go there to experience it. Trust us, it’s worth the trip! A Prague wine bar is a unique destination. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit while traveling!

SecondBottle’s Prague Wine Bar List

Vinograf Wine Bar

For over six years, the expert sommeliers at this Prague wine bar have set the bar in terms of wines served and wine pairings. There are nearly one thousand wine selections at their New Town branch. With such a vast selection of wines and expert sommeliers, Vinograf is a giant in the Prague Wine Bar market. Though their specialty has always been with locally-crafted wines, their menu has offerings from all over the globe!

This cozy spot is the perfect place to take a date or enjoy a night with friends. Vinograf has everything that a wine lover could want. Furthermore, they offer an authentic Prague wine bar experience.

With amazing wine tastings and unique wines; this is one destination that cannot be missed. Prague wine tastings are an amazing sensory experience at this Vinograf. If you’re in the mood for a true Prague wine tasting, this is the place. The sommeliers will serve wines made only in the region. Furthermore, you’ll receive a crash-course education on the wine culture that the area has to offer, and wine itself.

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The sommeliers at RED Pif are experts, who love to educate their customers on the nuances of wines!


Bokova is a Prague wine bar that is worth the journey! The comfortable and downright cozy atmosphere makes for the perfect relaxation spot. Even those who never really loved wine before can find something that they adore from Bokovka’s impressive selection! Consider adding a cheese board to your Prague wine tasting experience; you won’t regret it. From excellent sommeliers to a large selection of local and international wines; Bokovka offers a true taste of Prague.


Sometimes it’s best to go off the tourist-beaten path, and RED Pif offers that experience in a convenient location. Off Bethlehem Square, this Prague wine bar offers incredible Czech wine with a unique atmosphere to suit modern times.

The sommeliers at RED Pif are experts, who love to educate their customers on the nuances of wines! At RED Pif, the staff takes the time to help you select not only delicious food offerings but the perfect wines to pair. For a great wine tasting experience, as well as beautiful, authentic foods, this is the place for you. The customer service at RED Pif has received rave reviews, equal to the wines they serve. So why not stop in to talk wine with some friendly locals and wine experts?


Natural wines and a minimalist interior make for a chill and comfortable Prague wine bar experience without the pretentiousness. On the ground floor, you can order from any number of specialty Czech wines. A true Prague wine tasting, however, is the feature of the basement, where wine experts take you through a journey of viticulture. The wine tastings at VELTLIN are often led by winemakers brought in from the country to share their knowledge and craft. Check the schedule and see when the next tasting is! You won’t be disappointed.

Wine Food Market

Italy has left its mark on Prague in the form of the Wine Food Market. This little slice of Italian cuisine, wine and culture is a must-visit spot for any food or wine lover. See for yourself the immense selection of authentic Italian wines, located right in the heart of Prague! The market doesn’t only serve Italian fare, but it is the main focus. Prepare yourself for a genuine cultural experience. Artisinal meats and cheeses can be enjoyed with wine by the bottle or glass. Many are sold at incredibly reasonable prices.

Prague wine bars are quickly making big names for themselves, becoming amazing destinations for tourists and locals alike! Stop in an amazing Prague wine bar before you leave the country! You won’t regret it!