New York wine bars are an excellent addition to your travel itinerary should you vacation in New York.

New York Wine Amazing NY Wine Bars - A Surreal New York Landscape

Not only are they a point of interest for wine connoisseurs, they are a great cultural experience. Naturally, when visiting a new city, you are almost certainly going to want to do some walking around.

This is especially true of cities in New York due to the high population and less than enjoyable driving conditions. Therefore, whilst on foot, you will find many wine tastings and New York Wine bars. If this is something you might enjoy, this guide will show you the 5 best New York wine bars in the area.

The New York Wine and Wine Bars

Aldo Sohm

This wine bar offers unique New York wine tastings that are fun and engaging. Aldo Sohm is a well-known master sommelier from Le Bernardin. For those who are unfamiliar, a sommelier is a well-known term for a wine steward or connoisseur. Sommeliers know their wines and handle the wines of a restaurant and their service.

Some of the greatest aspects of this particular New York wine location are their 30 various by-the-glass options. If you want to feel classy, you can relish in the fact that they are served in $60 Zalto glasses. In addition to the by-the-glass options, you will also find over 200 available bottles to sip from. Located in the Midtown area, for New York wine you must stop by.

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The menu presents hundreds of delicious options from French to Italian selections. They carry well-known, popular wines, and rarer options that are not found just anywhere.

Bar Veloce

Bar Veloce is a unique spot for tasty New York wines as there are five locations. One of the more popular locations is located within the Jet Blue terminal at the JFK airport. So, if you find yourself flying into New York, make sure you stop in. Bar Veloce is by far one of the most popular New York wine bars in all of New York.

They provide wines inspired by owner Frederick Twomey and his European travels. Trips to Italy, Spain, France, and so on have brought quite the atmosphere into this quaint New York wine bar. Offering a large variety of wines for those looking for a truly unique tasting experience. Accompany this with excellent food, and you have the perfect evening.

Charlie Bird

Arvid Rosengren of Charlie Bird recently won the World’s best sommelier competition. This outlines one of the best reasons to pay Charlie Bird a visit. The amount of detail and thoughtfulness that goes into the wine menu here remains unsurpassed by others. With a hip-hop music theme, the atmosphere too is unique even among wine bars, making it unrivaled by other New York wine bars.

For New York wine tastings and an amazing wine experience, Charlie Bird is ideal. The menu presents hundreds of delicious options from French to Italian selections. They carry well-known, popular wines, and rarer options that are not found just anywhere.

Eataly NYC Downtown

Eataly features a unique Vino e Grano theme. What this means in English are wine and grain, and they serve a couple of beloved Italian favorites. From Roman-style pizza and bruschetta on pane rustic, they make for excellent pairings with your wines. Additionally, you are able to order a grande piatto with a presentation of five types of meat and cheeses.

Choose from wines from Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany, and other major Italian regions. It is the wines of these regions that make up the majority of this New York wine menu, although there are others. From light and aromatic, to fruity and ripe, they serve wines anyone can fall in love with. Enjoy affordable flights wine tastings for as little as $20.

Red Hook Winery

First and foremost, the Red Hook Winery is located at the end of a beautiful industrial pier. Apart from the unique scenery, this is one of the most authentic spots for New York wine. All of the wines available here is produced on the spot. This New York wine bar is quite popular because of its community spirit and breathtaking views. An additional bonus is that those who participate in a real New York wine tasting will receive a free tour of the facilities.

Served with traditional cheeses and fare, the friendliness and unforgettable atmosphere here is not easy to replicate. The grapes used in the manufacturing of these wines are derived from the North Fork and Finger Lakes. For the affordable New York wine tasting of your dreams, try four Red Hook wines for just $15.

For the optimum New York wine experience, simply pay these New York wine bars a visit. With beautiful scenic views and friendly atmospheres of all kinds, there are hotspots for all to enjoy. These bars are well worth your time. Trust the expertise of various wine connoisseurs and menu planners to lead you on delicious journies.