New Years celebrations are definitely the best of the year. The perfect opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the year, while leaving the negatives in your past. A time when wine and champagne flow freely, New Years wine is an important choice.

New Years Wine - A group of friends enjoying Champagne and wine for New Years Eve!

What will you be drinking to bring in the New Year? While the choices are endless, there are some better vintages that are both budget and palate friendly! The perfect bottle of wine or champagne exists! At SecondBottle, we will help you to find it!

Best New Years Wine: Champagne

New Years is almost impossible to imagine without Champagne! Luckily, there are many amazing vintages available for this very purpose! While many New Years’ revolutions include the desire to lose weight, the list includes low-calorie options as well. Whether indulging or looking for low-calorie options; the perfect vintage is out there!

Champagne Lallier Rose Brut

Lallier Rose Brute Champagne is simply delightful. Comprised of a blend of delicious grapes including 80% Pinot Noir and  20% Chardonnay. This memorable and enduring champagne is salmon in color with the aroma of fresh strawberries. Fresh peaches, ginger, apple, and a hint of orange zest provide a balanced rose that is certain to be a hit. This pairs lovely with cheese, eggs, and lighter fair!

Champagne Pierre Peters Cuvee Reserve Grand Cru

Another one of the best New Years wine options, Pierre Peters Cuvee Reserve Grand Cru Champagne is amazingly bubbly yet incredibly smooth. It offers a fragrance including both flowers and fruits. Additionally, you will find hints of fresh nuts, freshly baked bread, and other baking spices. With fruits and flowers gracing the palate upon first taste, it finishes in a creamy, elegant manner; leaving an amazing mouth-feel. For a complete meal experience, pair this Champagne with pasta, salmon, or goat cheese.

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The 2016 Cense Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best wines you will find that is under 100 calories!

Low-calorie Wine For A Healthy New Years Experience

New Years’ resolutions commonly involve the goals of weight-loss and getting fit. The alcoholic beverages you drink impact your diet just as much as food. If you are a wine drinker concerned with your health, choosing a low-calorie wine for New Years is a smart way to start the year off on the track. There are many great low-calorie wines to choose from!

2016 Cense Sauvignon Blanc

The 2016 Cense Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best wines you will find that is under 100 calories! It doesn’t get much healthier than that! In fact, this wine has actually been endorsed by Weight Watchers. Weighing in at just 85 calories per glass, this is one of the best wines, period. With vividly fresh citrus flavors, boasting both lemon and lime, this wine is nothing if not refreshing. With an awakening acidity and flavors of grapefruit, this low-calorie wine pairs excellently with fish and lighter fair.

Fitvine Pinot Noir

With less sugar, carbs, and calories—this Pinot Noir is one of the best wines for those with a healthy conscious. Not only that, it tastes both fresh and majestic. Once uncorked, Fitvine displays immediate hints of toasted cedar and citrus. Free from additives and GMOs, this wine is crisp and untainted in flavor. Furthermore, it boasts flavors of dark cherries, honey, and orange blossom as well as a bouquet of floral scents. It is both delicious and smooth, embracing your mouth with a velvety feel that cannot be ignored. Fitvine is sure to be a hit at your New Years party.

New Years Wine: Choosing Wisely

When it comes to the best wines you can bring to a New Years celebration, your choices are practically endless. From Champagnes and white wines to the best red wines in the world; it is easy to find the perfect wine. It is all about knowing what you are looking for!

Furthermore, knowing what is on the menu ahead of time will allow you to enjoy New Years celebrations and New Years wine to the fullest! Ultimately, any of the recommendations above are a great treat to bring in the New Year! In the end, whether low-calorie or type is important to you, these bottles will not disappoint.