Moscow is a vibrant city with something for everyone. From amazing nightclubs and restaurants to Russian Bathhouses and sights, Moscow is an amazing tourist destination. Moscow Wines are just as amazing!

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The city is absolutely packed with wine bars offering unique Moscow wines and wine tasting experiences. As well, the cold weather in Russia breeds unique grapes. When in Moscow, these are the venues to visit for the best wine experience!

Moscow Wines and Wine Bars

Wine Bazar

Few wine bars in Moscow have made quite the impact on the locals than Wine Bazar. This sophisticated, bohemian-chic spot resides on Komsomolskiy Avenue. For the full experience complete with excellently-paired food options and an impressive wine list, you need look no further. At Wine Bazar you get to enjoy everything that you love about wine without spending your whole budget.

Visitors and residents of Moscow alike consider Wine Bazar to be a must-see Moscow wine bar. The extensive list of Moscow wines and wines from other locales get patrons visiting time and time again!

Wine Religion

Are you a budding wine connoisseur? Do you simply love wine and want to broaden your horizons? As you can expect of a place called Wine Religion, the folks here take their Moscow wines very seriously. Expert sommeliers are on-hand to help you choose from their list of cherry-picked wines. Of all the Moscow wine bars that you ever visit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable staff.

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With a wine list of over 100 selections, Magnum Wine Bar is a local authority on all things wine.


If your aim is to kick back with a bottle of wine and jam to some live music, Wino has everything you need. More than wine, Wino also serves wine-based cocktails that are sure to delight the senses. For some of us, enjoying wine is an experience to be had. This comes complete with a great atmosphere, music and food. If this is true for you, this Moscow wine bar must be in your consideration for your next night out.

Not far from the Metro station and with prices that are competitive, Wino serves the local citizenry and visiting guests. Attentive sommeliers are there to guide you as you search for your newest favorite chardonnay, merlot, and more.

Magnum Wine Bar

With a wine list of over 100 selections, Magnum Wine Bar is a local authority on all things wine. In fact, their list of Moscow wines draws in wine connoisseurs from far and wide. They also carry wines from other locales. You don’t even have to have the deepest of pockets to get a glass or two of something familiar, or something new.

Ambience, professional sommeliers, and incredible prices make Magnum Wine Bar a tough spot to beat in terms of well…everything. They even serve adventurous and innovative food dishes to accompany your favorite glass!

And if you’re ever in the mood for brunch, Magnum Wine Bar is a serious gem. This city loves good wine and good food.


If variety is your thing, LITRO is the place to be. This Italian restaurant on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street has made big waves, and in all the right ways. Though Italian cuisine is why people come to LITRO, the wine is what convinces them to stay for hours. They offer selections from the vast reaches of the world (not just Italian, French or Moscow wines). Best yet, they’re sold at prices that can’t be beaten! You’re bound to try something new and daring that will leave an impression.

The Moscow wines sold at LITRO are an immense variety. You can buy many of their selections at a variety of sizes. Bottles, 1 liter bottles, half-bottles and glasses are all available for you to enjoy. You never have to settle for more than you want!


If one thing is certain, it’s that the people of Moscow love their wine. And they take it very seriously, too. Expert sommeliers, decadent food pairings, excellent atmosphere and immense variety are the calling card of Moscow wine bars. All 5 of these wine bars and restaurants are a step above the rest. But don’t think for a second that this list is exhaustive of all the great Moscow wine bars and restaurants. You could live in Moscow for your entire life and never get around to them all!