With Labor Day quickly approaching there are barbecues and get-togethers to think about! Whether you are hosting your own event or going to celebrate with loved ones, Labor Day wine is always a great consideration or gift.

Labor Day Wine - A group of good friends enjoying their labor day festivities with wine!

Finding the perfect Labor Day wine to go with your dishes will take your festivities to the next level! SecondBottle presents some of our favorite Labor Day wine to improve your holiday and impress your loved ones!

Finding The Perfect Wine

When choosing the perfect wine for Labor Day, keep in mind not only the dishes served but guests preferences. However, by perfectly pairing a wine that a guest would not normally drink, with a dish they can be converted into fans! The perfect wine for the perfect dish!

Here are some of the best vintage wines to be served this labor day!

Red Wines

Labor Day barbecues are coming! Many varieties of red wines pair perfectly with grilled meats and other grilled offerings. Furthermore, whether you are serving vegan fair, or meat, red wine helps to complement and enhance both dishes. Ultimately, red wine is the most popular choice among wine drinkers. At a barbecue, you can never go wrong with a great bottle of red wine!

Parducci Small Lot 2014 Vintage Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is an extremely popular red wine loved by many. Parducci Small Lot Pinot Noir’s flavors provide the taste buds with light earthy tones, cherry, cranberry, and black tea. As well, it boasts fruity raspberry notes. This medium-bodied Pinot holds an excellent balance, light in tannins with a beautifully smooth finish. Furthermore, it pairs beautifully with all sorts of grilled foods!

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By trying these suggested vintages, or going by flavors that pair well with the dishes being served you cannot fail!

Avignonesi Vin Santo di Montepulciano Occhio di Pernice

A full-bodied, dense and dark vintage red is an amazing complement to many grilled foods. Featuring beautiful sweet tones that awaken the senses, Avignonesi Vin Santo di Montepulciano Occhio di Pernice cannot be missed. Additionally, this red highlights beautiful notes of sweet spices, candied lemon, caramel and more. This wine goes above and beyond with a truly organic and natural formulation process. Not only does it work well with a variety of barbecue sauces and heavy meats, but with desserts as well.

White Wines

Once again, Labor Day wine is crucial to your guest’s enjoyment! Simply for dessert, or for pairing with lighter fair; white wines are a great option! These whites are amazing paired with fish or lighter meats such as chicken!

Simonsig Chenin Blanc 2016

With a bright and beautiful straw color, this wine literally provides a complete tropical experience. Featuring powerful notes of grape, pear, green apple, and fresh melon, this wine is refreshing for a day outdoors. It is a great fruity option for those who do not drink wine or are hesitant too. Importantly, it pairs beautifully with grilled white meat and fish. Lastly, it pairs perfectly with lighter desserts, complimenting them with bursts of fruit flavors.

Dry Creek Vineyard DCV Estate Block 10 Chardonnay 2015

Chardonnay is one of the most popular wines worldwide! The Dry Creek Vineyard DCV Estate Block 10 Chardonnay 2015 is truly an amazing vintage! Refreshing, delicious and versatile you cannot miss with this bottle! This Labor Day wine will take your barbecue to the next level! A harmonious mouthfeel combines perfectly with flavors of butterscotch, pear, red apple and baking spices! This Chardonnay packs amazing flavor while staying light! Dry Creek Chardonnay pairs amazingly with grilled seafood and chicken, as well as desserts such as apple pie!

Selecting The Perfect Labor Day Wine

Planning for Labor Day and trying to find the perfect wine does not have to be a challenge! By trying these suggested vintages, or going by flavors that pair well with the dishes being served you cannot fail! These wines will take your barbecue over the top, and leave your guests impressed! Happy Labor Day!