As a renowned international wine competition, the New York Wine Competition is one of the best in the world!

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The New York Wine Competition (NYIWC) is part of the International Beverage Competition series founded by Adam Levy. In 2011, the international wine competition held its first wine awards, with wineries submitting over 700 wines. Today, the New York International Wine Competition has grown in popularity and has more than doubled in size.

Judges at the New York wine competition are traders in the wine industry. In particular, they include wine distributors, hoteliers, wine importers, sommeliers, retail buyers and restaurant beverage directors. Since the judges often interact with wine consumers, they receive feedback on wine. Thus, they use the feedback to determine what wine consumers are likely to buy.

Since its founding, NYIWC has had renowned sommeliers as judges, including Jim Trezise, the president of Wine America. Also, Jack Robertiello a writer, expert, and consultant in the world of wine, spirits, and Mixology. Furthermore, wine critics John Brecher and Dorothy J. Gaiter have judged in the international wine competition.

International Wine Competition: New York

Judging & Awarding

The judging panel comprises a minimum mix of four qualified trade buyers. The mix allows the panel to have multiple viewpoints when appraising the wines. Also, the judges at the New York wine competition appraise the wine by blind tasting it. Therefore, judges receive wine in coded glasses and only see the bottles once the competition ends.

Evaluation of the wine happens in silence and after each judge completes the evaluation, they discuss their opinions. Judges appraise the wine based on product and price category. Also, they consider whether they would import, buy, sell or distribute the wine in their businesses. Once the judges reach a decision, a staff moderator from NYIWC records the votes. In case the judges cannot reach a consensus, they seek counsel from the Head Judge, Adam Levy.

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Furthermore, it has a light golden yellow color with an impressive aroma of cardamom and toffee notes.

Criteria For Awards

The international wine competition has four award levels, including Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Judges give wine awards based on merit by a majority vote and use the following criteria;

  • Phenomenal wines receive the Double Gold medal.
  • The Gold medal goes to the wine judges love.
  • A Silver medal goes to the wine judges like.
  • If the judges agree that buyers would buy a particular wine, it receives a Bronze award.
  • Double Gold winners are eligible to receive “A Best of Category award” based on price. The judges re-taste the wines to establish the brand to endorse for the award.

NYIWC is open to all wine from all over the world, produced for commercial use. Furthermore, in 2018 because of the growing interest from consumers, NYIWC introduced a new division of wines. In particular, Certified Biodynamic wine, Certified Organic wine, Natural Biodynamic wine, and Natural wine. Also, the competition included Sake, which judges appraised together with the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association.

The notable winners in the 8th Annual NYIWC, which took place on May 06th 2018 in New York City, include;

Blanc de Blancs Traditional grape varieties (Cheurlin Thomas Champagne NV Celebrite– Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut.)

An elegant wine that is both complex and refined, it’s no wonder it received a Double Gold award. It has a beautiful sunglow gold with amber highlights, exquisite fine bubbles, and a fruity aroma. On the palate, it is crisp with white fruit notes and a citrus finish, a perfect accompaniment for Shellfish.

Chardonnay, Sonoma County(Outlot 2015 Chardonnay)

Another Double Gold award winner, this full-bodied wine is creamy and complex. Furthermore, it has a light golden yellow color with an impressive aroma of cardamom and toffee notes. The palate is smooth with notes of apple and peach notes and a rich vanilla finish. It’s a splendid wine to drink on its own or paired with mushrooms or Butternut squash risotto.

Cabernet Sauvignon, California, Sonoma County (Blagden 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon)

This bold and structured wine also received a Double Gold award. It has an intense ruby color and a nose with hints of sandalwood, cloves, and black cherry. On the palate, it is juicy with hints of spice and acidity. The finish is long and exquisite, a perfect wine to have with venison or beef.

Upcoming New York International Wine Competition

The 9th Annual New York wine awards will take place at the 3- West Club on 5th May 2019. New York is an ideal city for the awards since it’s one of the largest wine buying capitals of the world. Also, a lot of the top rated wine professionals recognized both nationally and internationally live and work in the city. And, it’s a media capital, which is important because NYIWC works with the media to share the results of the competition. Finally, New York City is a fabulous travel destination with fantastic restaurants and entertainment spots.