The up and coming San Francisco International Wine Competition is occurring from November 17th to November 18th. With a storied tradition, this San Fransisco based competition has established itself as crucial to the world of wine.

International Wine Competition San Francisco - DP

It began in 1980 and truly set the global standard for wine competitions around the world. The best of the worlds red wines, white wines, and champagnes are judged, scored, and become part of vinicultural history here.

The San Francisco International Wine Competition is tough, as some of the best, world-renowned judges oversee the competition. This year San Francisco wine will be on display as well as white and red wines from all over the world. This international wine competition is celebrating its 38th year, and it is technically the longest running international wine competition anywhere.

Each year, the San Francisco International Wine Competition takes their time to ensure that judging is fair. The judges work with pride in knowing that they are impartial, patient, and respectful to each entry. The aim to pay equal attention and consideration to each entrant is key in an international wine competition such as this. That is why the judges here take their jobs so seriously.

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The San Francisco International Wine Competition And San Francisco Wines

From red wines to whites, the SFIWC is the most influential wine competition in all the world. A medal handed out from this competition means the judges felt it was truly worthy. Using a blind taste testing method, this extremely experienced panel of judges is nothing if not impartial. These medal worthy wines go decided by a trusty panel of internationally acclaimed wine experts.

Ripe fruit, toasted oak, and a richness that is hard to find anywhere; this is what you experience with this Best in Show winner.

Last year this international wine competition took place at the Hotel Nikko from November 17th to the 19th. This year it will be at the Hotel Nikki found in San Francisco, CA of course. Once a wine has won a medal from the SFIWC they experience a boost in sales and marketing potential. Not only will it grab the attention of those novice and connoisseur shoppers, but from the press as well. Once a medal goes out, wine news outlets go flooded with the results, showing their brands a new audience. What does this mean? A boost in sales of course and that never hurts.

The San Francisco International Wine Competition releases the results to all major media. In addition, the results go released to food, wine, and spirit publications nationwide. The Tasting Panel reached 40,000 readers for example, and they report results of gold and double gold in the January issue.

Winning San Francisco Wines

There are many San Francisco wines that are worth a try. From red wines to white wines, champagnes, and everything in between, this competition has room for all. In the past 40-years, many wines have gone awarded medals that have given them all the attention they could want. Below are some of the top winning wines and wineries from the past year.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery – Tasting Panel Magazine Winery of the Year

Located in Geyserville, California, this winery came influenced by the thought of Tivoli Gardens found in Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens is much more than a simple winery. In fact, they even have theater pavilions, rides, and a modern park feel with Peacock painted curtains. These pavilions played host to amazing ballets, open to the public. Once the owner visited the Tivoli Gardens he decided that he could recreate what he saw as a wonderland of sorts. It’s not just fun for adults either. There are children’s gardens and playgrounds making it an excellent destination for the entire family.

Red Wines – Best in Show – RHÔNE VARIETAL

This 2015 blend of red wines had a beautiful deep red color that lingers around your wine glass. With bright red and magenta hues, this makes for quite the lovely glass of wine. Once uncorked, your senses enlighten with black and blue fruits like black raspberry. Additionally, it holds a bouquet within existing of hazelnut, vanilla, lavender, and violet. This, one of the more succulent red wines available, has an amazing flavor profile as well. Ripe fruit, toasted oak, and a richness that is hard to find anywhere; this is what you experience with this Best in Show winner.

Best of Nation – Argentina – Trapiche

This intense, straightforward bottle of Trapiche went awarded the prestigious Best of Nation award coming out of Argentina. It pairs well with stews, mushrooms, pasta, red meats and more. Being that it is a hearty wine means the pairings are very important. This bottle boasts colors of purple, red, and ruby with aromas of fresh red and black fruits. It is both rich and spicy on the tongue which – as you can see – impressed the judges. Grab a bottle and drink up as it is a true winner.