Piemonte or Piedmont, in northwest Italy, is the country’s second-largest wine region and one of the world’s finest wine producers. In fact, the Italian wineries of Piemonte produce more DOCG Italian wine than any other region in Italy.

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Therefore, plan an Italian wine tour to one or all of the following 3 Italian wineries and enjoy the delicious wines that Piemonte and Italian wineries are famous for.

The Italian Wineries

Marchesi Di Barolo

The grand estate of Marchesi Di Barolo has had three owners since its establishment in the 19th Century. First, it belonged to Marchese Carlo Tancredi Falletti di Barolo and his wife Giulia who founded the winery in 1807. Then, after Giulia death in 1864, the family assets were donated to a charity, since the couple did not have children. In fact, “Opera Pia Barolo” a non-profit foundation was created in their honor, to help the needy in Torino. Later, in 1929, Pietro Abbona a local winemaker bought the estate, and it has been in his family since. And, the estate continues to fund the charity through part of the proceeds from the sale of its wine.

Marchesi di Barolo has been using the Nebbiolo grape, to produce excellent single-vineyard and Riserva wine, since the 19th Century. In fact, back then, the wine was so popular, that royals and diplomats served it during their functions. Today, the Abbona family continues to use the grape to make award-winning wines that enrich every year. As a result, the estate wines receive accolades from top wine critics and wine competitions.

A visit to this winery takes guests back in time as they learn more about the origins of the noble wine and tour the original cellar. The winery tour is intimate with plenty to learn and the wine tasting is exquisite. Guests enjoy an excellent lunch paired with a delicious estate wine at the “Foresteria”, described as a feast for the senses.

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As a result, the estate has received many awards and top reviews like the 2017 prestigious nomination of “European Winery of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast.

The Fontanafredda estate

The history of the Fontanafredda estate began in 1858 and it reads like a fairy tale. It begins after the death of Victor Emmanuel II first wife. The king met and fell in love with a commoner Rosa Vercellana as was the custom those days she could not attend court due to her status. So, the King bought the entire estate for her, to allow her to attend court, and later married her in 1869.

Later, in 1878, the estate started to operate as a business venture, under the watchful eye of the King and Rosa’s son. However, the estate fell on hard times due to vine disease and the great economic depression. As a result, in 1931, Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank took over the estate. However, in 2008, Oscar Farinetti a Piedmont native and founder of Eataly bought the estate from the bank.

Today, the Fontanafredda estate is one of the biggest private Italian wineries of Barolo, producing over 700,000 bottles per year. Furthermore, just as in 1878, the winery uses Nebbiolo, Moscato, Barbera and Dolcetto grapes to make the wine. Even though the estate makes a lot of wine, its focus is on producing high – quality wine. As a result, the estate has received many awards and top reviews like the 2017 prestigious nomination of “European Winery of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast.

The estate’s village has various activities to pick from, a visit there should be on your to-do-list. Guests can indulge in an educational tour of the winery, enjoy an Italian wine tasting. Guests can immerse themselves in nature by taking an outstanding hike through the “Woods of Thoughts”. Alternatively, guests can enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by an exquisite wine from the estate, at either Ristorante Guido or Disguido Osteria del Vino Libero.

Cantina Francesco Borgogno

The Borgogno family set up this family-owned estate in the early 1930’s. The estate’s location is at the interface between Cannubi hill and La Morra’s Brunate. Cantina Francesco Borgogno owns 7 acres of vineyard, planted with Nebbiolo and Barolo grapes. The winery uses its vineyard grapes to produce excellent Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo and Langhe Favorita wine. In fact, the wine produced by the estate has been consistent in winning awards and accolades from top wine critics.

Wine tasting at the estate is a pleasant and authentic Italian wine tour experience. The only thing that can top it is the evident kindness of the Borgogno family. The delicious of Cheese and salami that accompany the wine tasting are fantastic. Although the estate is not as big as the grand Italian wineries in the region in terms of size, its charm is the intimate Italian wine tasting it offers, and the quality of wines.

Piemonte is a magical wine region, with various Italian wineries ranging from the grand castles to the humble family-owned estates. An Italian wine tour to any of the 3 Piemonte wineries will ensure you experience and taste some of the best Italian wine in the region.