When one pictures regions of the world that produce wine, they typically do not picture Israeli wines.

Israeli Wines The Best Israeli Wineries dp

However, there are many Israeli wineries and Israeli wines that are more than impressive and worth a try. Israeli wines and wineries range in type and variety just like anywhere else. In fact, in recent years Israeli wine imports totaled over 26.7 million dollars making them a solid contributor.

Israel has many different Israeli wine regions each producing their own highlights in the wine world. Due to the fact that Israel is a long, skinny country means that it has many microclimates. Within these microclimates, it is actually possible to go skiing in one region, and then swimming in another. All within the same day. That is what makes this country so special.

In areas like the Golan Heights, there is a cool and pleasant climate that is ideal for produce production. Fruits like apples, pears, wine grapes are groomed here. Just like the environment, Israel is diverse when it comes to Israeli wines. The official Israeli wine regions were decided a long time ago in the 1960’s. This was quite some time before they actually took off in the wine production arena. All in all, there are five Israeli wine regions. These include Galilee, Shomron, Samson, the Judean Hills, and finally, Negev.

Israeli Wines: The Best Israeli Wineries

Flam Winery

Flam Winery was born in 1998 and is owned and operated by Golan Gilad Flam and his mother Kami. Israeli wineries like this produce world-class Israeli wines and that is the inspiration at Flam Winery. As time passed, more of the family joined the operation, each bringing their own expertise. For example, Kami Flam handles the business end of things.

With a compilation of experience within the family, their knowledge and passion have made for excellent Israeli wines. Located at the heart of the Judean Hills, this winery operates like a European Family Estate. Everything involving the vineyards is done intimately and by hand, ensuring the best produce and wine possible. The same vines are produced year after year, instilling a tradition and consistent wine story.

The chief winemaker here is often regarded as a pioneer of modern winemaking in Israel. His son Golan grew up with the same passion, developing a desire to produce wine early on. As each family member fell in love with winemaking, their excellent Israeli wines were born. Pay Flam Winery a visit and enjoy wines in their cellar. Learn about the wine industry in Israel as well as the winemaking process. Overall, Israeli wineries like this one exude excellence.

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These wines include Petite Sirah, Marselan, and Carignan. While this allows them to stand out among other Israeli wineries, they also nurture the classics.

Recanati Winery

Recanati began not only with a dream of producing wines for Israel but for worldwide distribution as well. Established in 2000, Lenny Recanati and Uri Shaked set out for greatness. This greatness of course was achieved through their high-quality Israeli wines. They have one major goal, and that is to produce quality wines both locally and globally. They want to represent their local terrain and passion.

When it comes to Israeli wineries and quality Israeli wines, make sure to check out this Israeli winery. It is here that you will find winemakers Gil Shatsberg and Kobi Arviv. Not only do they spearhead the winemaking at Recanati, they are responsible for founding various other Israeli wineries. These wineries are in a variety of Israeli wine regions, making for a variation of Israeli wines. Their main passion is the crafting of Mediterranean varieties of Israeli wines.

These wines include Petite Sirah, Marselan, and Carignan. While this allows them to stand out among other Israeli wineries, they also nurture the classics. Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay are among some of the beloved favorites they craft. Pay a visit to this winery to learn about winemaking, tour the vineyards, and try their special reserve. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

Discover Israeli Wine regions

Due to the long thin country that is Israel, there are a lot of microclimates to be found in the country. This makes touring the country a whole lot of fun because you can participate in a wide variety of activities. It is also, of course, ideal for winemaking. With a variety of temperatures and climates, there are different types of vineyards and Israeli wines all over.

From different points of altitude to bodies of water, these cooler climates allows for the best winemaking. It is because this cooler temperature nurture winemaking produces. From apples to pears and grapes, there is a wide variety of Israeli wines to try. Many of which are found worldwide in your local grocery stores. Explore Israeli wine regions for an unforgettable wine tour. Many of which you can enjoy in one day depending on the region. Visit the smaller regions for a look at multiple Israeli wineries, vineyards, and types of Israeli wines. You will not regret it.