The Ice Wine Canada produces has become increasingly popular over time.

Ice Wine Canada Unique Wines dp

Moreover, as people seek to discover and refine new methods in winemaking and producing, the Ice Wine Canada produces shines in uniqueness.

What Is Ice Wine?

Icewine gets produced when grapes get left to freeze naturally on vines. It requires areas with suitable climates such that there are hot and cold seasons. In the warm atmosphere, the grapes ripen and get left on the vines. Furthermore, when the chilly weather begins to set in, the grapes start to freeze with frost forming on them. Thus, they become suitable for wine production. This practice became popular towards the end of the twentieth century with big players like Ontario coming onto the scene.

The Unique Flavors Of Ice Wine Canada Produces

These wines are quite elegant and they feature notes of ripe tropical fruits. As well, commonly used flavors include papaya, lychee, and pineapple, thus making these wines very sweet. Their foundation lies in their acidity which balances out the intense aromas.

Serving Ice Wine

Owing to its sweetness, many people look to this wine as a dessert wine. As such, you can opt to have it as the dessert or have it accompany a sweet treat. You can use it as a compliment to foods such as blue cheese for a great pairing. As well, you can further use it to add flavor to cocktails or sparkling wines for a great finish.

The common grape varieties used in its production include Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vidal Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Chardonnay.

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As well, the Vidal comprises of apricot and floral notes and has honey and pineapple flavors in play.

Ice Wine Canada

Amazingly, Ice Wine production is quite common in Canada. Here are some of the leading wineries producing amazing Ice Wine.

Peller Estates, Ice Wine Canada


Andrew Peller started this winery in 1927, soon after leaving Hungary and settling in Canada. His vision was to have Canadians embrace high-quality wines as a way to bond with their loved ones. Over time, he expanded his operations from Okanagan Valley to Ontario where he delved into producing many wine varieties. Moreover, as the winery stands now, they are leading in the production of ice wines, amongst their competition.

Varieties Of Ice Wine

This winery boasts of an extensive production technique which ensures that their icewines stand out in the market. All the grapes get hand-picked at -10 degrees Celsius to ensure that they are frozen before the pressing begins. As well, what differentiates them from other dessert wines is that they get to thaw as many as ten times before picking. As such, they have a fantastic balance between acidity and sweetness.

Their icewine selection comprises of Vidal, Riesling, Cabernet France and Oak Aged. Vidal features strong honey flavors accompanied with lemon. It pairs well with soft cheeses and spicy foods. Riesling has a lemon peel finish and features fruity guava flavors. Furthermore, you can pair this wine with cheeses and foie grass. Cabernet Franc, on the other hand, has rich red berry notes and pairs well with fruity desserts and dark chocolate. Oak aged icewines feature honey and peach notes, and they go well with soft cheeses and fruity desserts.

Events & Tastings

At the tastings, you get to learn how to pair the wines with foods as you tour the vineyards. Additionally, the restaurant on site offers a wide range of delicacies. Bookings are available for groups and individuals, and there are tons of events throughout the year.

Pillitteri Estates, Ice Wine Canada


The tale as to how this winery started begins in Sicily where the Pillitteri family thrived in viticulture. In 1948, some of the family members moved to Canada where they began growing vines for wine-making. Later, the rest of the family moved to Canada and together, they developed the winery into what it is today.

Wine Selection

The grape varieties used in ice wine production are Vidal, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling and Cabernet Franc.  The Cabernet Franc features notes of vanilla and fresh rhubarb and has a high acidity coupled with intense sweetness. Furthermore, the Riesling has a great balance with a fantastic finish, featuring notes of lemon and pineapple. You can pair this wine with chocolate and other sweet desserts.  The cabernet sauvignon goes through some oak treatment, resulting in a delicious and flavorful wine with raspberry notes. As well, the Vidal comprises of apricot and floral notes and has honey and pineapple flavors in play.

Events & Tastings

There are two tastings. One takes place on a daily basis for the public, and the other applies to private groups. Due to popularity, prior reservations are necessary for the tastings where guests get to learn how to pair foods and ice wine production. Lots of events take place in the winery through the seasons.

Reif Estate Winery, Ice Wine Canada


This winery boasts of a 125-acre farm in the Niagara River where its founders first planted vines in 1977. The warmth of this region makes it possible for the grapes to ripen, thus resulting in delicious fruity wines.

Ice Wine Varieties

The grape varieties used in production include Cabernet Sauvignon, Vidal, and Riesling. The Sauvignon features scents of rhubarb and strawberry jam and pairs easily with chocolates. As well, with the Riesling, you get to enjoy an elegant finish accompanied by aromas of apricot and raisins. Moreover, the Vidal has peach and honey notes in play, and it goes well with blue cheeses.

Events & Tastings

The tasting bar opens daily, and no prior reservations are necessary. Furthermore, as you enjoy the wines, get to explore the gardens and the vineyard as you pair the drinks with delicacies.

In Conclusion

The amazing quality of Ice Wine Canada produces has gained popularity across the globe, owing to its delicious, sweet fruity nature. Pour drinks from these fantastic wineries into ice wine glasses and enjoy the pure sweetness that stems from unwavering patience.