Hungarian wineries and Hungarian wines are a huge part of the global wine industry.

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In fact, a little over 100 years ago Hungary was by far one of the most influential wine producers in all of Europe. Within every royal court in Europe, guests filled their glasses with the famous gold Tokaji. Additionally, other rich Hungarian wines received attention from reds to whites.

Unfortunately, the aggressive assault of Phylloxera in the 1880’s in addition to the two world wars limited their wine production greatly. Add this to 40 years of communist collectivization and you begin to understand why Hungary fell behind in wine production. Fast-forward to today, and Hungary is really bouncing back in the wine industry. There are countless estates and Hungarian wineries now where vines are growing and nourished.

Historic Hungarian Wineries

There are a total of 22 wine regions in Hungary, each with their own varieties of grapes and fruits. These newly cultivated European wineries are growing all over the country and they are producing top-notch Hungarian wines. If you are looking to explore Hungarian wineries on a one-day road trip you will need to know their wine regions. Today there are Hungarian wineries in Eger, Tokaj, Villany, and Somlo. Within these regions are many Hungarian wineries that are worth the trip.

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These Hungarian wines are historically accurate to the European wines produced in the 1800’s.

Etyeki Kuria Winery

The premium wines created here aim to impress. The winemakers here have been attempting to deepen the clean and exciting flavor array of the Etyek wine region. Their unique wines perfectly capture the elegance and character of European wines and culture. The stylings of their wines represent the lovely sloping landscapes on which the vineyards are growing. Their goal is to bring in the freshness of the Etyek region, delivering it to wine lovers around the globe.

Etyeki Kuria has a very diverse collection of wines that they consistently produce. Together with old world traditions and modern knowledge, the wines produced here perfectly represent the region. Most importantly, these Hungarian wines are historically accurate to the European wines produced in the 1800’s. Their vast collection of wines include a Chardonnay that ages in both large and small wooden casks. These casks have been in use for over a century, and they more than do their job. In fact, it is thanks to this wooden cask maturation that a lot of the flavors cultivate.

Their main wine and point of pride is their Pinot Noir—and for good reason. This Pinot Noir is partially aged in small wooden barrels, picking up flavors of wood and grain. The Pinot Noir is also a product of the first planting of this noble Burgundian variety of vine. It is a perfect representation of what the Etyek region is capable of. Visit Etyeki Kuria today for a trip through the slopes and vineyards as well as the wine production area. Taste their fine wines and pay a visit to the cellar. It is a real historical treat for the wine lovers out there.

Gal Tibor Winery

Gal Tibor got its start following Tibor Gal’s time working for Egervin as a Winemaking Sector Supervisor. When Marquis Ludovico Antinori visited Egervin he spent three hours tasting the many delectable wines. It was around this time that Marquis Ludovico Antinori invited Tibor Gal to come and work for him at Ornellaia Estate in Tuscany. Luckily, he got his wife’s blessing and began to make his way to Ornellaia. In September the day came where the Ornellaia Winery had its opening. After receiving the title of the new winemaker, Tibor decided to open Gal Tibor Winery. This was around the end of 1992.

In 1997, the very first vines grew as Tibor came around to the idea of producing instead of using bought grapes. Following the planting of grapes at Tibor, Gal Tibor Sr. received the prestigious winemaker of the year award in 1998. As you can see, his knowledge and experience shone through the competition. In 2002, the first vineyard selected Pinot Noir was born. Comprised of Sikhegy, Pajados, and Grover vineyards, it was around this time that over 300,000 bottles of wine were on the market courtesy of Tibor. Visit Gal Tibor Winery today for a look back in time and a tasting of Hungarian wines you will never forget.

Discovering Hungarian wineries and European wines

Hungary has a rich history full of wine. Most notably, they had a very heavy influence on the production and consumption of European wines. These wines ranged through just about every type of wine you can imagine. This is what makes Hungary so special when it comes to the wine industry. Today they are making a comeback, producing Hungarian wines you simply must try. For the ideal one-day road trip, visit these wineries. They present a truly unforgettable experience.