The Cyprus Wine Competition is a distinguished international wine competition. The planning for this event takes the entire year leading up to it.

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The judges and organizers take it very seriously. The sommeliers and experts judge each entry and consider each wine equally and without prejudice. One way to ensure this seamless judging is through a purely blind taste testing method.

For Wineries looking to enter wines, there are some things to keep in mind. For instance, this competition often takes place in April. Therefore, you have a good amount of time to prepare for the Cyprus Wine Competition. This event does not discriminate against white wines, reds or champagne, there are categories for all. Visit the Cyprus Wine Competition and try on your sommelier hat for a unique experience.

The Cyprus Wine Competition

Organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Environment, The Cyprus Wine Competition is an exciting event. The Cyprus Wine Competition is also associated with the Organization of Vine and Wine or the OIV. This competition is different as all red and white wines must meet some guidelines to qualify.

For example, all eligible entries must have a Protected Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication. They can also be of the Varietal Wines category which originated in Cyprus. As one might imagine from the earlier details—the Cyprus Wine Competition takes environmental awareness seriously.

Sommeliers from all over the world meet up here for wine tasting, judging, and accommodations. Some of the more famous sommeliers that are participants include Beatrice Da Ros, Yiannis Karakasis, and Marinos Demetriou. While these names may not ring a bell – they are some of the best, most impartial judges anywhere. Below are some of this years’ winners.

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This white wine features aromas of animal crackers, vanilla, and a variety of white flowers. These smells will fill your nose, tickling your senses, and leaving you ready for another sip.

Past Winners of the Cyprus Wine Competition

The results of the 11th annual Cyprus Wine Competition went announced by each sommelier and given their accommodation. There are many delectable wines on this list whether you prefer white wines, reds, or champagnes.

St. Barnabas Commandaria – Xynisteri – Grand Gold

Formed by Malta and Xynisteri, this sweet red blend is legendary. Referred to often as the world’s oldest wine, this has goes debated, it very well could be. It has been around for quite some time and has concreted itself in its original form.

The history here is quite interesting. King Richard I went on his 3rd crusade and conquered Cyprus. He inevitably settled here with his knights and dubbed the island Commandaria. In the end, the local wine in the area took the same name. History aside, those who have been able to get their hands on this bottle have never gone displeased. This is one of the sweetest red wines you will find, and it is certain to please even the pickiest sommelier. I highly recommend this historical wine, even if white wines go preferred typically. It is quite pleasurable with grape spirits and an oaky aftertaste.

Constantino – Cabernet Sauvignon – Gold

This vintage 2015 is every bit of your Cabernet Sauvignon dreams. Not only is it delicious but quite beautiful in color as well. The color reflected in a wine glass once poured, is that of a bright and dark ruby red. Much like a sommelier would expect from a red such as this.

Once uncorked you will find your sense of smell heightened and delighted with an aromatic array of bouquets. These features include notes from flowers and red mountain fruits. Once it graces the tongue a sommelier gets back to its aristocratic beginnings, lingering flavors, and excellent tannins. Being that it is aged in an oak barrel means it has an oaky finish. This is not the first award won by this delectable treat. In fact, beginning in 2007 it began collecting silver medals every year. Awarded gold in 2009 and 2015, this is worth its weight in gold.

Mosxatos – Muscat of Alexandria – Silver

This, one of the best white wines on the market, is super sweet and succulent with a smooth finish. It went awarded Silver – and for good reason. For instance, the flavor and scent profile are some of the more unique descriptions ever experienced by sommeliers. This white wine features aromas of animal crackers, vanilla, and a variety of white flowers. These smells will fill your nose, tickling your senses, and leaving you ready for another sip. The dominant flavors boast vanilla, smooth acidity, pineapple, and finally, melon.

The Cyprus Wine Festival

Whether you are looking to enter this festival as a sommelier or winemaker, it is a real treat for the nose and taste buds. With affordable options as well as extra marketing and sales help, these festivals are nothing if not helpful and fun. Should a wine win, the producers can count on media and international attention.