Chardonnay wine is extremely popular and sells incredibly well worldwide.

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The first chardonnay grape cultivation took place in the Burgundy appellation of France. Having tasted the excellent wine that came from this grape, other nations were quick to start growing this variety. At the present day, you can find chardonnay wines from New Zealand all the way to the USA. As such, there are many options on the market, making it harder to choose a good bottle by the day. The wide selection comes with a bright side; which is the lowered prices and a downside; the knockoffs. This list will aid you to zero in on some of the best options on the market. Enjoy.

Chardonnay Wine: Top Bottles 2018

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay

Penfolds has time and again come up with fantastic wines, and this Chardonnay is not an exception to the norm. As such, this drink ranks top amongst the best chardonnay wines that you will ever get to sample. It comprises of grapes from varying vineyards, thus combining the best qualities of different grapes. Once fermented, it gets bottled with immediate effect, resulting in a robust wine. Notes include minerals and melons, and it is an excellent choice to pair with white meats.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay

If you are looking for a fruity chardonnay wine, this choice will make your day. It features notes of citrus, apple, oak and some spices to provide an elegant finish. It easily pairs with seafood, and the spicy your food is, the better the pairing experience.

Mirassou California Chardonnay

The grapes in this Chardonnay wine come from the coastal areas of Monterey County. The harvesting takes place at night before the processing begins with techniques such as oak fermentation coming in. Upon the first sip, you get to experience fresh fruity flavors that are pleasant to the palate. Nectarine and peach dominate the scene while melon, pineapple, and pear give off some fruity scents. The wine finishes off with delicious notes of cream and vanilla, thus making it an excellent choice for dessert.

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Furthermore, it offers a delicious experience at a reasonable cost, featuring notes of caramel, butter, melon, and apple.

A to Z Wineworks Chardonnay

This Chardonnay wine is one of the most famous wines in Oregon, owing to its fabulous flavors. It features honeydew, tangerine, and lemon, amongst other fruity notes. Also in play are floral and citrus notes to give it the balance required for that fantastic finish. You can pair this drink with foods such as poultry, salads, seafood and other bright foods.

Benzinger Sonoma County Chardonnay

The Benzinger family winery uses organic processes in its production, resulting in delicious wines. Through methods such as cold fermentation and cluster pressing, the wines produced are out of this world. This Chardonnay, in particular, comprises of ripe pear and apple notes and pairs great with crab cakes, cheese, and chicken.

Herron Hill Classic Chardonnay Unoaked

Herron Hill, renowned for its fantastic wines, operates in upstate New York. Their chardonnay features fruity notes including cantaloupe, lemon, and apple. The result is quite exciting and it pairs easily with nutty cheeses and seafood. What’s more, it is easy on the pocket.

Kendall Jackson’s Reserve Chardonnay

California is bursting with fantastic wineries, one of the notable ones being Kendall Jackson. Their Chardonnay wine has commanded a lot of demand for the past two decades going on three. This popularity is not for naught though. Upon taking a sip of this fantastic Chardonnay, you get to enjoy tropical flavors that are deliciously sweet. As you get to the end, you get a hint of butterscotch that lingers a while on your palate. This wine features grapes from the coastal region in California, and it undergoes a five-month oak aging process before release. It is thus understandable why it continues to mesmerize people to date.

Columbia Crest Horse Haven Hills Chardonnay

The Washington Columbia valley boasts of amazing wines such as this Chardonnay. Furthermore, it offers a delicious experience at a reasonable cost, featuring notes of caramel, butter, melon, and apple. A slight acidity balances out the flavors, and this makes it ideal for pairing with a large selection of foods. Some of the pairings include pasta, porks, chicken and other light meals.

Clos du Bois Chardonnay

At a very agreeable price, you can get to enjoy this fantastic wine alongside some of your favorite meals. The primary flavors in this wine include apple and pear, giving it a fruity finish that lingers long after the sip. Its citrus and spicy oak notes underneath further enhance the taste. It goes well with white meats and is a great everyday white wine.

Arboleda Chardonnay

Chile also has excellent Chardonnay wines such as this delicacy from Arboleda. The Aconcagua Valley provides a suitable climate for the ripening of grapes and thus results in fruity flavored drinks. The sustainable practices in use result in a spicy, citrus wine that has an excellent finish. It is indeed one of the best chardonnay white wines that we have on the market.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a chardonnay wine, you do not have to break the bank to get one. These chardonnay white wines are perfect for all seasons, and they come at an affordable price.