Champagne is synonymous with success, celebration, and fun. Furthermore, Champagne is a staple for parties and even Champagne Brands are synonymous with luxury.

Champagne Brands 2017 Favorites - DP

Champagne brands worldwide have brought this fun, bubbly wine to the forefront of celebrations for centuries. Now, there are so many Champagne brands and types that it can be hard to choose. Choice breeds competition and these Champagnes rise to the top!

Often, people will cringe at the thought of buying champagne. The best champagne is very expensive, but you don’t necessarily need to break the bank. You don’t need to be rich to drink like a rich person. Champagne is best enjoyed by everybody. Because Champagne is so highly demanded and is restricted to production in its namesake of Champagne, France, you can expect to spend at least $35 on a bottle. This isn’t bad since some of the best champagne brands can sell bottles for hundreds of dollars.

Top Champagne Brands 2017:

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label

This champagne probably has the best marketing campaign in the world. Champagne lovers know this brand, and many of them love it. Competing champagne brands can’t touch Veuve in terms of notoriety and reputation. The taste of crisp apple and light cream makes for an exemplary wine experience, for as little as $60 per bottle.

Bollinger Champagne

From the heart of Champagne, France comes another $60 bottle of delectable champagne. This wine house produces some of the most well-known and best champagnes in the entire region. The simply named Bollinger Champagne contains hints of dark fruit and smoke. This is a rare find in the world of champagne.

Cristal Champagne

Yes, this champagne falls quite a bit higher on the price range than the two above. But you’ve probably heard of Cristal, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s incredible. A rich golden color accented by notes of honey makes Cristal one of the best champagnes in the world. At $199 a bottle, this champagne is best served on the most special of occasions.

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This is the best champagne for those who love fun flavors like the crispness of green apples.

Perrier Jouet Champagne

At just under $40, you can get your hands on a sweet and slightly creamy champagne from Perrier Jouet. This champagne offers a sweeter flavor profile than Veuve Clicquot, and at a price point that can’t be beaten.


Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blend together in this unique champagne to create a unique flavor. Rich and refreshing, Canard-Duchene tastes every bit as good as those hundred-dollar bottles. But at only around $60, it is at a much more reasonable price point than many other brands. This is the best champagne for those who love fun flavors like the crispness of green apples.

Lanson Champagne

The Lanson house in Champagne, France operates on over 500 hectares of vineyard and uses only the best grapes. Only the best plots are harvested for champagne production, so quality remains consistent in every bottle. Lanson is regarded as one of the best champagne brands in the world, frequently ranking on top-10 lists such as this one.

Krug Champagnes

This champagne house has been around since 1843. It is also frequently praised by experts as one of the most top-ranking champagne brands around. Krug creates exceptional champagnes, but the price tag of around $150 makes this champagne best enjoyed in celebration of something special.


The champagne of choice for Marilyn Monroe has got to be one of the best champagne brands around. This champagne house creates a variety of selections, all with rich and distinctive flavors. And for a price range between $50 and $200, there’s a Piper-Heidsieck for every budget and occasion. The brand was founded in Champagne, France in 1785 and has become an incredible success ever since.

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs

Often praised as a more reasonably-priced alternative to Jay-Z’s champagne brand, this selection is sure to please. At around $60, it is less than half the price. Best yet, this champagne has the perfect flavor profile to give the bigger price tag a run for its money. This Chardonnay offers sweet fruity aromas with a touch of maturity; the perfect blend of fun and sophistication.

Champagne Pommery

Since 1858, this champagne house has made an impressive name for itself. For decades, Champagne Pommery has been considered one of the best champagne brands. It’s the seventh-best selling champagne brand worldwide if that gives you any clue.

Champagne is one of those time-honored drinks that have become a part of a tradition. We lift our glasses to toast the great things in our life. As well, we toast our glasses in recognition of these 10 champagne brands now. Don’t think for a second that you have to spend hundreds on a good bottle. Furthermore, many of these brands are not only delicious but extremely affordable! Don’t miss out on excellent flavor and delightful bubbles. Check any of these champagne brands out and you will be thrilled with your selection.