Syrah wine is a wonderful wine produced around the world.

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Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is a red grape variety that produces excellent wines. Some of the renowned regions in which it gets grown include California, France, South Africa and Australia, among other areas. The result of the wine production is a spicy, tannic and full wine. As such, it requires some aging before people can enjoy it. Moreover, people enjoy Syrah wine on its own, or as a common component in many wine blends. Furthermore, there are many Syrah Wine varieties on the market, each with their upsides. Ultimately, SecondBottle presents many of our favorite Syrah Wine varieties produced in 2018.

Top Syrah Wine: 2018

Delas Frères 2015 Les Bressards (Hermitage)

If you are looking for a Syrah Wine which features an impeccable balance, this is it. This plump wine offers a granite edge coupled with a muscular ripeness to tease your taste buds. Notable flavors include plum and blackberry which balance out the tannins featured.

This wine is of the Syrah variety and comes from the Hermitage, Rhone Valley appellation in France. The Delas Feres winery surely did an outstanding job with this wine.

Two Vintners 2015 The Waiting List Boushey Vineyard Syrah (Yakima Valley)

The name waiting list in the wine’s name is symbolic, seeing as this is their first syrah wine. For years, people waited for Two Vintners to come up with a red wine of the Syrah variety. When this bottle came out, people could not wait to get their hands on it. As well, the wine is quite outstanding with notes of dried flower, green herbs, mountain blueberries, huckleberries and orange peels to it. Furthermore, adding to its uniqueness and richness are aromas of smoked meat and bacon fat. The lingering Syrah Wine Tastes last a good forty-five seconds upon tasting.

This wine comes from the Two Vintners winery in the Yakima Valley and is of the Syrah variety.

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Furthermore, flavors include plum, blackberries, and raspberries, smoke and crushed rock.

Jean-Luc Colombo 2015 La Louvée (Cornas)

For intense ripeness, look no further than this elegant wine. It features notes of berries and cherries with a long finish. Furthermore, the tannins present are dense and accompanied by slight, balanced acidity.

Moreover, This Syrah Red Wine comes from the Jean-Luc Colombo winery in the Cornas, Rhone Valley appellation.

Domaine Johann Michel 2015 Cornas

This nuanced Syrah features aromas of violet and truffle, and it has a firm finish. Rich flavors in the wine include plum and blackberry, and penetrating tannins are in play.

The Domaine Johann Michel winery located in the Cornas appellation in France is to thank for this fantastic wine.

Cave de Tain 2011 Arènes Sauvages Sélection Parcellaire (Cornas)

Striking acidity, ripe flavors, and a firm finish are some of the words used in describing this fantastic red wine. Aromas of truffle, violet, and smoke gently tease your senses as you sip on this deliciously complex, rich wine.

Entirely of the Syrah variety, this wine comes from the Cave de Tain Winery in Cornas appellation, France.

Jean-Claude et Nicolas Fayolle 2015 Les Dionnières (Hermitage)

Scents of anise and dried herb excite your senses as you take in this ripe wine. Notes include berries and black cherries, and it’s quite plush on the palate. Its persistent tannins add to its youthful side for an impeccable finish.

The Jean-Claude et Nicolas Fayolle winery produces this Syrah Red Wine at the Hermitage in France.

Philippe Pacalet 2014 Cornas

With twelve percent alcohol content, this wine features fresh aromas of herbs and pepper. As well, Its flavors of red cherries and currants increase its edginess for a modern style wine, despite traditional French origins.

Moreover, deep in the heart of the Cornas appellation in France lays the Philippe Pacalet winery, where this wine comes to life.

Meeker 2015 Hone #2 Shimmer Christensen Family Vineyard Syrah (Russian River Valley)

This full-bodied, intense wine has notes of blackberry, raspberry, white pepper and a hint of violet. Furthermore, also featured in the wine are hints dried herbs and complex spices which add to its complexity.

As well, Meeker Winery produces this syrah variety wine in the Russian River Valley appellation in California, USA.

DeLille 2014 Grand Ciel Syrah (Red Mountain)

There are quite some flavors in play when it comes to this rich wine. Furthermore, flavors include plum, blackberries, and raspberries, smoke and crushed rock. Meanwhile, upon sipping this wine, you will notice that cherry and cranberry flavors linger upon the finish.

The Red Mountain in Columbia Valley, Washington, is known for its fantastic syrah varieties of which DeLille makes use.

Ferraton Père et Fils 2015 Calendes (Crozes-Hermitage)

Ripeness and elegance would befit this fantastic wine were its taste to be described by words. Notes of cherries and black plums accompanied by dried herbs and mushrooms take the day with this wine. As well, this full-bodied wine is highly concentrated, and its finish is firm with balanced acidity.

Furthermore, this delightful wine comes from the Ferraton Pere et Fills Winery in the Crozes-Hermitage appellation, Rhone Valley in France.

In Conclusion:

Amazingly, these vintages display just how beautifully Syrah Wine can be. As well, from tastes of black fruits and berries to hints of pepper, truffle, wood, smoke and more; the diversity of flavor is breathtaking.