Sweet red wines are popular, as they are easy to drink and highlight the sweet fruitiness in the grapes used to produce them. While many wine enthusiasts steer away from the sweeter reds, they will always have their place in the pantheon of wines.

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The Sweet Red Wines

Brachetto D’Acqui

This red Italian wine is created in the Piedmont Region near Acqui Terme. The grape used in the production of Brachetto D’Acqui is the Brachetto grape. The resulting wine of these grapes can either be a smooth or bubbly experience. Either way, it is highly enjoyable and fruity. This is a light fizzy wine on the sweet red wines scale. The alcohol content is generally between 11% – 12%. Brachetto D’Acqui has achieved Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita DOCG status, and among a select few sweet wines to achieve this status. DOCG status means the winemakers followed strict guidelines in producing the wine, resulting in an excellent, protected product.


Lambrusco uses a red wine grape that has been that has existed since Roman Times. Furthermore, it is often a blend of several grape types. Therefore, Lambrusco has quite the history. The best Lambrusco wines are often described as frothy or frizzante (slightly sparkling). It is also on the light fizzy wine section of the sweet red wines scale. The alcohol content of Lambrusco is typically around 8%. Lambrusco is often described as smooth, with sweet fruity tones such as forest fruit, or plums. These flavor and aromatic notes vary based on the winemaker and winemaking process. Indulge in this wine if you have not before, it is definitely worth it!


First and foremost, this wine has been described as having almost a cotton candy taste. For fans of flavorful sweet red wines, Schiava is a favorite. The alcohol content is generally around 11-12%. Both smooth and of course sweet. Made with the Italian grape Schiava, this grape is not among the best-known grapes worldwide, however, it deserves attention. It is best compared to a much lighter-bodied Pinot Noir. Many Schiava wines have hints of almond in the aroma, and the sweetness pairs beautifully with cold meats.

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The alcohol content of a vintage port is high due to its fortified nature, generally 20% or more.


This is a German/French wine rare within the sweet red wines family. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find outside of the production region. However, once found, it is well worth the investment. This variety of deep-bodied red wine is mainly created in the Rheinhessen and Pfalz regions of France. It features aromas of sweet cherry, blackberry, and a variety of spiced herbs for one of the best sweet red wines available.

Ruby Port

Coming to the world from Portugal, more specifically, the Duoro region, Ruby Port is a unique fortified wine. There are non-port varieties that are similar, however, Ports really are better. The non-ports are often blended with Syrah, Shiraz, and more. No matter which way one goes, Port is a full-bodied wine with added alcohol content, and a concentration of sweetness. Overall, a Ruby Port is one of the best red wine types for fans of sweet wines. The alcohol content in port can reach upward of 20%. Typically a dessert or after-meal wine, Port is however, great anytime!

Rosso Dolce

This irresistible, gently fizzy, and delectably sweet wine is from the Italian region of Lombardy. Dessert wines are best served with sweet desserts or nuts. Rosso Dolce just happens to be one of the best aperitifs. This light-bodied red wine type is simply perfect. The alcohol content tends to rest around 7%, meaning it sits on the lower end of the sweet red wines scale. This makes it perfect anytime, leaving you to feel lighter than drinking other sweet red wines.

Vin Santo Occhio Di Pernice

An artisanal wine with a long history, Vin Santo Occhio Di Pernice is truly a unique wine. It is more often than not created using Sangiovese grapes. This Sangiovese based wine boasts a unique flavor and color profile due to its production method. For example, it is aged only in oak casks. It’s finished amber shade means it is full-bodied, bold in taste, and comforting. Crafted in Tuscany, this wine boasts unique woody flavors, hints of almonds, vanilla, and tree nuts.

Recioto Della Valpolicella

This is by far one of the more unique red wine types on this list. This is true because the winemakers often let the grapes dry out after harvesting. This allows for the removal of water and the concentration of flavor, sugars, and color. For red wine types like this, the grapes are harvested en masse and then transferred to a drying room until completion. This medium-bodied wine boasts valuable tannins and phenolic compounds. The alcohol content of Recioto Della Valpolicella is typically around 12%. Often featuring notes of espresso, raspberries, and dark chocolate; it is a beautiful dark wine.

Vintage Port

Vintage Port is produced from only the highest quality wines of one specific vintage. They are only produced during years that are deemed worthy by the Port Houses. Vintage ports are aged for many years within wooden containers and then bottled for further aging. It is during this time that the tannins and high-alcohol content become the mellow, fragrant Vintage Port that wine enthusiasts pay top dollar for. The alcohol content of a vintage port is high due to its fortified nature, generally 20% or more.

Mavrodaphne Of Patras

This is one of Greece’s best-kept secrets when it comes to sweet red wines. Mavrodaphne Of Patras is a medium-bodied wine that boasts amazing flavors of baked apple, spices, nuts, toffee, and caramel. It is manufactured in the Achaia region of Greece. The delicate flavors in this particular blend are the result of two years of traditional wood barrel aging. Following these two years, this red wine type is then bottled and left to age for a few years to complete. The end result here is both rich and mellow, with fragrant notes that coat the palate wonderfully. The alcohol content is typically 20% or under, being quite strong for a wine.