Quebec Wineries are a great treat for those interested in Canadian wine culture.

Quebec Wineries Explore Quebec - Amazing Downtown Quebec

Quebec, Canada has quickly become an amazing wine hub. Much of their success can be attributed to the beautiful lands within the Canadian province. The amazing French culture and history is another factor in their wine-loving and producing success. Quebec is Canada’s official French province with a vibrant and diverse community. Often referred to as the Europe of North America, Quebec has endless culture and sights to see. Quebec Wineries are a highlight.

Known less officially as “la belle province” (the beautiful province), there are vast areas of lush forests and rolling hills. In addition, Quebec also boasts thousands of different bodies of water. This provides the largest supply of freshwater in all of Canada’s multiple provinces. The official language in Quebec is French. The influence of Francophone and Anglo culture has created an amazing wine culture. If you are looking for a great Quebec wine tour, these are must-visit destinations!

From unique Quebec wineries to authentic Quebec wine tastings, whether you are a novice or an expert, prepare yourself. It is not often that you will find this much scenery, culture, and diversity in one place. If looking for an unforgettable experience, visit Quebec. Below are the top three Quebec wineries you absolutely must visit.

The Quebec Wineries

La Halte des Pelerins

Discover the true beauty and unbelievably delicious wines at La Halte des Pelerins. With three official Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor in 2016, 2017, and 2018, they have quite the reputation. These awards are earned by tourist establishments that have received consistent, excellent reviews over the year. Therefore, you know the reviews are honest because they are collected from true tourists and visitors. Quebec wineries such as La Halte des Pelerins are unforgettable.

This family-owned and operated establishment provides its visitors with both a unique sensory and cultural experience. Agrotourism is growing in popularity. If you are interested in getting involved in this adventure, La Halte des Pelerins is an amazing place to start. As far as Quebec wine tours go, this particular winery much to offer. Enjoy tours such as the indulgence, connoisseur, temptation, or the grape harvest tour.

Each tour opportunity has its own special flair and attraction depending on what you are interested in. Depending upon which season you pay La Halte des Pelerins Quebec winery a visit determines which wines are available. However, there are many wines that remain on the menu year-round, including all of the award-winning favorites. If you find yourself in Quebec and in search of an excellent Quebec wine tasting; look no further.

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Also, in 2014 they earned awards at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, New York.

Vignoble Chapelle Ste Agnes Vineyard

This is by far one of the most beautiful spots anywhere in Canada. The landscape, natural landforms, lush green vegetation, and old architecture combine to create an amazing experience. The likes of which many will never experience. Furthermore, an extremely rich history resides. Discover unreal sights, smells, and flavors that will delight your senses like nothing before.

Per the name of this winery, it is far more than just that. It is a winery and a vineyard with a gorgeous, historic chapel on the grounds. If you find yourself on a Quebec wine tour, this is a destination you truly cannot miss. It is even an excellent location to schedule a big event as they cater to beautiful weddings and other events. Beyond that, you can additionally pay a visit to the cellars and pick up award-winning wines to take home.

The Vineyard is located in the Sutton Mountains and is named after the 13th-century Bohemian saint. Furthermore, It possesses over 7000 individual vines and specializes in the creation of dessert and ice-wines. Officially starting in 1997, the natural beauty and wine here have more than sustained this Quebec winery.

Domaine Des 3 Moulins

Much like the previous winery, at Domaine Des 3 Moulins there is much to see. Beyond Quebec wine tasting, there is a lot of natural beauty to take in as well as a variety of events. The amount of detail put into production reflects on the awards won over the years.

Beginning with the Artisan Award, San Francisco, California 2014, they have also earned the All Canadian Wines Championship: Ontario 2014. Also, in 2014 they earned awards at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, New York. In 2015 awarded the All Canadian Wines Championship: Ontario. As well as awards at the 2015 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, New York.

They offer a vast variety of wines from Moulin à Scie to Moulin à Grain. Therefore, there are many delicious products to bring home with you or enjoy during tastings. Domaine Des 3 Moulins painstakingly age their wines to perfection. Pay Domaine Des 3 Moulins for an unforgettable Quebec wine tasting experience.

Quebec has unbelievable and beautiful wineries. There is much to taste, smell and discover. Ultimately, these Quebec wineries will leave you with unforgettable experiences that you will recall years later.